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  1. EthanForeverAlone

    Anime In Mine-Imator (WIP)

    This is just Japanese lip syncing. Nothing about this is anime.
  2. EthanForeverAlone


    The unedited look better.
  3. EthanForeverAlone


    I dont see a ship.
  4. EthanForeverAlone


    Here I made the video 10x better.
  5. EthanForeverAlone


    I feel like the scenery should had been a mineshaft of some kind and not a rollercoaster but that's just me. That was neat, Im curious why you have such low rep. Oh well, keep doing this and Im sure it's going to be on the rise.
  6. What an amazing mod!


    1. MYSELF3200


      I remember goofing off with Rails of War a few times.

      Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in awhile, but it's still fun to build a railroad through a city.

    2. KrisFirebolt


      And where is the infamous thomas the tank engine?

  7. Trains eh? Sit down kiddos.



    One of the big reasons the north won the civil war against the south was because they had more railroads.

    Railroads are a big reason why America expanded so fast. The Continental railroad was built and many cities were built along tracks because of the easy and fast transportation.

    Many people think that the conductor drives the train and they are wrong. The engineer drives the train while the conductor makes sure they have the right cars, are on the right track, and proper paper work.

    My favorite locomotive is the EMD SD40-2 which was built in the 1970s, although it is still used they are starting to replace them with bigger and stronger locomotives.

    Slang for a member of railroad police is cinder ****.

    A hotbox is when friction causes the wheel to catch fire.

    The connection points between cars is called a coupler.

    In some railroad yards they have remote control trains.

    Engineers and conductors are on call 24/7 all year, even holidays. Once they are called they have to be to where the train in going to be in within two hours and they only get 8 hours off the job.

    There you go boys. Feel free to ask me anything about trains because trains are amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Rollo


      don't need to aim to drop boms plus helicopters can't hold as many bombos

    3. EnderSculptor



      but what about machine guns

    4. Rollo
  8. EthanForeverAlone

    Mine Imator Intro Template

    Try again. Be more original.
  9. EthanForeverAlone

    How do I make a Female rig

    1.Go to fourm search bar. 2. Left click it. 3. Type "female rig" 4. Left click search 5. Profit
  10. Hotel California is a great song.

    1. OzFalcon


      Welcome to the Hotel California!

      Such a lovely place, such a lovely face

      Plenty of room at the Hotel California!

      Any time of year you can find it here

  11. EthanForeverAlone

    I Need Help Of Five night at freddys SL Animation

    First you find the project. Delete it and come back with something more original.
  12. EthanForeverAlone

    RUNNERS - Action animation

    Man those skins look so generic.
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