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  1. AnxiousCynic

    "Mars" - Sci fi Horror

    I'm running a horror themed animation challenge on my channel, so I decided to throw one of my own together by finishing this project I started a couple years ago - when Community Build was all the rage.
  2. AnxiousCynic

    Wolf Life opening Scene Test Animation!

    Make what you want to make, and don't worry about what people think. Basic animations like this are good practice, anyway.
  3. AnxiousCynic

    Fish Life - Minecraft Animation

    Lol. Nice work.
  4. AnxiousCynic

    Low quality content

    Tanks Yesh
  5. AnxiousCynic

    Low quality content

    Made this a couple weeks ago. Grandma wants milk.
  6. AnxiousCynic

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

    Agree with everyone else. Impressive work, for sure!
  7. AnxiousCynic

    Tips and Advice for New Forumers

    Nice work!
  8. AnxiousCynic

    How do I fix these shadows?

    Gonna have to increase the Shadow Blur quality/size values. Reducing Sunlight range to 400 may be helpful (but you said you already have it set to lowest). Otherwise you'll have to change the sun's position to cast the shadow from a more optimal angle, or add a Point Light to to hide the shadow.
  9. A lil while ago I completed a full beginner's guide for the latest version of Mine-imator (1.1.2), so here is the playlist containing all parts of the series. If you're new to Mine-imator, this series should go a long way to answering any of the initial questions you may have.
  10. AnxiousCynic

    Wolf Life 4

    Thanks for the feedback, and the reasoned take on these types of animations. The series has an intentionally simplified animation style. It's meant to be a "Minecrafty" style of animation, so that's why I chose to make their movements simpler.
  11. Just went through the series, and have to say I applaud the effort here, especially for making a cohesive storyline across multiple episodes. The effort you're putting in to create a more fleshed out universe isn't something seen much in the MC animation community, so it's always refreshing to come across the few who do. Technically speaking, the animation style/quality is very basic and could use a lot of improvement, but I think you're adding just enough detail in the right ways to pull off what you're trying to convey, so overall I'd say it's serviceable. There's something to be said about making episodic content and the time it takes to animate, so going for more basic movements, etc. is understandable. The "diary writing" bits happen a bit too fast to be read while watching, so if you don't want viewers to skip over the story you're writing, I'd recommend extending those shots (don't expect many will pause to read). Typically, it's recommended to leave text on screen for the duration that it takes you to read it 3 times, but you can probably get away with a little less time than that. Credits are way too long for the run time of each episode, > 30 seconds for a 2.5 minute video is a poor ratio. Instead of scrolling credits, maybe just static credits on screen that stay up for a couple seconds per page; or, little/no credits in video, and just add them to the description. I'd recommend using the end card feature to add the next episode at the end of each video, and/or adding a link to the next episode in the description, because YouTube doesn't always recommend them, which makes it a much more cumbersome experience for viewers who watch an episode and want to continue through. Hopefully there's something helpful in there, but anyway, keep up the good work!
  12. AnxiousCynic

    Wolf Life 4

    Much appreciated! Thankies. Perhaps! We'll have to wait and see.
  13. AnxiousCynic

    Wolf Life 4

    Clap accepted.
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