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  1. Ender Dragon Breath

    Ah. Well like I said in the tut, you can adjust the Initial, Add, and Multiply values to change the speed. You can also go into the Particle "timeline properties" window and adjust the Force of the Attractor.
  2. Ender Dragon Breath

    What you mean? Probably not the next one.
  3. The only method I could figure, for the time being, of creating an acceptable "Ender Dragon breath" effect in Mine-imator.
  4. Halo Animation Short

    As others have said, the character animation needs some work; doesn't have to be perfect, just a bit more sensible movements (imo). Overall I liked it, though! Was a fan of Halo back in da day, and have always considered doing some kind of animation of it; so it's cool to see someone try to bring it to life in Minecraft, especially with the space scenes and Warthog, etc. Keep it up.
  5. Creeper vs Zombie Rap Battle

    Haha. Thanks!
  6. Creeper vs Zombie Rap Battle

    I honestly thought it would turn out worse. I wrote this "rap battle" somewhere around 2 years ago, but due to my inability to rap, never did anything with it. Well, I recently worked up the courage to throw caution to the wind and just give it a try, knowing full-well it'd be cringey; but sometimes you just gotta try different things. Like I said above, it actually turned out better than I would have expected, but I don't know if that's saying much. Lol. Phat beats are from Epidemic Sound.
  7. Tale of the Enderman - Halloween story time!

    Thanks, guys!
  8. Tale of the Enderman - Halloween story time!

    Because he's mythical!
  9. Something I threw together today. Was fun, lil bit!
  10. Hi:D,AnxiousCynic! I like your Mine Imator :logo: Tutorial on Youtube. It help me a lot:thumbsup:. Thanks!:steve_joyous:

    1. AnxiousCynic


      Awesome! Glad it helped!

  11. Hello Anxious Cynic! So is it possible to do an intro course. Compilation because I have an intro I would love to show you and Dont know how to put a video on the forums. xD write back if you think this is a good idea. 

    1. AnxiousCynic


      Thanks for the suggestion. I added it to my notes. ;)

    2. Pilotdestroyer6420
  12. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    That's the plan!
  13. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Yey! Updatez!
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