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  1. AnxiousCynic

    A Christmas Order

    Nice work! Funny, funny stuff.
  2. when Food Fight Minecraft Challenge Uploaded? my entry is done.

  3. AnxiousCynic

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Well deserved move, David. Thanks for your dedication to this project, and I look forward to your future work.
  4. AnxiousCynic

    Paranormal activity

    Better than I expected. Nice work.
  5. AnxiousCynic

    "Mars" - Sci fi Horror

    I'm running a horror themed animation challenge on my channel, so I decided to throw one of my own together by finishing this project I started a couple years ago - when Community Build was all the rage.
  6. AnxiousCynic

    Wolf Life opening Scene Test Animation!

    Make what you want to make, and don't worry about what people think. Basic animations like this are good practice, anyway.
  7. AnxiousCynic

    Fish Life - Minecraft Animation

    Lol. Nice work.
  8. AnxiousCynic

    Low quality content

    Tanks Yesh
  9. AnxiousCynic

    Low quality content

    Made this a couple weeks ago. Grandma wants milk.
  10. AnxiousCynic

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

    Agree with everyone else. Impressive work, for sure!
  11. AnxiousCynic

    How do I fix these shadows?

    Gonna have to increase the Shadow Blur quality/size values. Reducing Sunlight range to 400 may be helpful (but you said you already have it set to lowest). Otherwise you'll have to change the sun's position to cast the shadow from a more optimal angle, or add a Point Light to to hide the shadow.
  12. A lil while ago I completed a full beginner's guide for the latest version of Mine-imator (1.1.2), so here is the playlist containing all parts of the series. If you're new to Mine-imator, this series should go a long way to answering any of the initial questions you may have.
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