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  1. Which is better? Opposing force or Blue shift

    Opposing Force is definitely better in my opinion. Better story, new enemies and weapons, and just more fun. But Blue Shift is still good.
  2. haha today i just trolleyed some loser's discord 8D8D they thought i was being stupid but it was all irony xDxDxD 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NathanAlwaysSingle


      no no no sir im being an idiot on purpose

    3. CatOnCaffeine


      Point still stands, Im guessing you're being an idiot on purpose out of some petty argument or something.

    4. Jovan0896


      This is pretty funny but I agree with CatOnCaffeine. Kinda taking it far.

  3. U mad bro?

    1. NathanAlwaysSingle


      stop trying to start drama

    2. BBruce7815


      After you, sir.

  4. hey guys i have a different opinion am i cool yet

    1. Peachfig


      yes!!! you deserve all my rep, not because your content is good but because i'm your friend!!

    2. Skjold
    3. HeYoNia
  5. Red/White Scarf

    OwO scarf
  6. A Mexican Standoff

    oh hey im in this and im mexican good job
  7. AMA (100% Horse related) (CLOSED)

    why are people still using the horse meat joke i made at this point you are literally beating a dead horse
  8. Ask Trouble! (Now With 50% Fluffy Space Alpacas!)

    Hey there! I'm closing down my AMA! (Finally) So if you couldn't tell, I'm not being very active on the forums. I don't really wanna do this AMA anymore and I'm doing other stuff so yeah. It was fun answering your questions! Sorry if I haven't answered your question, it's a bit too late for that lol. Thank you all for the laughs on here! (no im not leaving the forums or anything)
  9. Fighting Scene

    Wow, you definitely have some potential! Not sure exactly how you could improve, other than maybe experiment with other transitions more~!
  10. x3Sq7nx.png

    this is kind of depressing

    1. CarlHeadCrashed


      crippling depression


    2. Caeden117


      >110 guests

    3. Jovan0896


      The forum is dying D:

  11. join my discord lol

  12. oh wow you are back


    and you are still my bae

    1. CarlHeadCrashed


      Been through a lot, but now I'm back. I can start doing crap again.

    2. NathanAlwaysSingle


      welcome back

      i almost filed for divorce so im glad you came back in time

  13. Ask Trouble! (Now With 50% Fluffy Space Alpacas!)

  14. y o   y o   w h a d d u p

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MachineGunInc


      o h s h i t w h a d d u p

    3. Joon


      a n o t h e r  o n e  b i t e s  t h e  d u s t

    4. OfficialCUYT


      o s h i t i t s d a t b o i

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