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  1. Could use some additional polish, like some of the things SteampunkSkeleton mentioned; otherwise, it wasn't bad. Funny concept, pretty efficiently executed.
  2. Nice work! This was really well done, and enjoyable to watch. My main critique is a pretty small detail (but can have an impact), which is the camera's focal length in certain shots. Some of the shots seemed slightly too wide, and didn't put as much focus on the subject as maybe they should. Just a degree or two can make a noticeable difference when composing a shot.
  3. Whoops. Forgot to reply. I use a variety of transitions, depending on the movement I want.
  4. Very nice! I liked this a lot. If I had to critique anything, I'd say that a common issue I've noticed with "smooth" animations made with Mine-imator is they have a bit too much of a "floaty" feel, and things tend to move just slightly too slowly. Increasing/varying the speed of certain movements would help to give it a more lively feel.
  5. I may be working on these more over time to get them just how I want them, but the style is deliberately made to mimic the basic animations in Minecraft.
  6. Yay! Thanks! Lol!
  7. D:
  8. The life journey of a wolf pup begins! Continuing the exploration of more trendy animation subjects, I find it difficult to not inject my own style. For better or worse.
  9. If you want it to look exactly like Dragon wings, you can simply spawn in a body part, pick the Dragon wings, and parent them to your character's body.
  10. Much thank. Thanks! What kind of wings, because I did do an Elytra rig/tutorial. Its troo!
  11. So I recently decided to make a new channel specifically for animations, since my main channel varies quite a bit. To kick it off, I remastered a couple of my first animations. The first one uploaded was originally "The Gift: Birth of the Ender Dragon". Not sure if anyone here remembers the original, but here is the remastered version. I made some small improvements and tweaks, re-rendered in Mine-imator Community Build, and spruced up a couple of the visual effects! With this new channel, I am doing some things to try and enhance the SEO and discover-ability of the videos, etc.; hence the name change of this animation, and the likelihood of such similarities in future uploads.
  12. Nice! Feels like all the right elements are in place here.
  13. plz watch its actually pretty guud

    Just now saw this, and was thoroughly impressed by many aspects of it. Love the ambitious storytelling and animation, and overall quality of the film making. My main two critiques would be: The "twinning" in animation. In some shots, the character's are sharing the same walk cycle (which is fine), but they're also synchronized; varying the timing of the keyframes a bit would go a long way to making the duplicate walk cycle less noticeable. Sound design. While good and clearly effort went into it, some scenes (like the slow-mo arrow hit) could've used some more "punch" to give weight to the events. Again, quite enjoyed this and admire the effort that went into it - especially considering it was a Mine-imator project. Keep up the good work!
  14. Nice work!
  15. Increasing the fog would help sell it a bit, and maybe give a hint of color correction. ;D
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