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  1. Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

    Have all my yes's.
  2. Where is your map for the final battle animation. I've been dying to do a skywars animation :)

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Pilotdestroyer6420


      OH OK. If I get annoying just ask because I feel bad for asking you so much


      Just a question but can mineimator even open Level data

    3. AnxiousCynic


      I really have no idea how it operates, just that it brings in scenery/builds, etc.

    4. Pilotdestroyer6420


      I found Out how to do it and am looking forward to sending the finished copy to you, if of  course you would not mind critiquing it. And I promise last set of questions because I feel guilty for asking so much. Can you make an Item like a sword reflective or is that not possible yet?

      never mind let me test something first


  3. The Heist [Minecraft Animation]

    Definitely give props for the ambitious length and scope of this animation. The opening scene was done well, and with a fair amount of detail that's not often seen in Mine-imator projects. My suggestions for the future would be to improve the walk cycles a bit, use Depth of Field, and maybe up the Buffer size for the lighting (or maybe the sunlight range was to blame?) for better shadows. Either way, this shows a lot of promise, so keep it up!
  4. Thought it was pretty well done, for the most part. However, I would say a bit more visual flare would've added to it. For instance, the "poisonous steak" part, if you had a steak pop up on the screen as a sort of artwork subtitle, it would've added some more punch to the punchline of the verbal flub. Things like that at appropriate times can really enhance, and bring more to the video than just an animated interpretation of the events.
  5. Wolf Life: Zombie Invasion!

    Tanks! Much appreciated. Thanks. Lol. Creative liberties!
  6. Wolf Life: Zombie Invasion!

    Third installment to this story arc. Personally quite liked how certain aspects of this one came out. Did I forget to post the second part of this series...? Anyway, I'm enjoying the simple animation style of these animations, allowing for more focus on the story/plot and emotions of the scenes. Good times!
  7. Gun Shot (Experimental Animation Test)

    It-a look cool.
  8. Always amazed at your dedication to keeping Mine-imator going, David! Congrats on the success, and still looking forward to the other projects you're working on.
  9. The Ruins (2k)

    Liked. Interested to see morez.
  10. Iron Golem

    Very nice. I really like the overall look and feel of this.
  11. Fishing Troubles - Mine-imator Animation

    Could use some additional polish, like some of the things SteampunkSkeleton mentioned; otherwise, it wasn't bad. Funny concept, pretty efficiently executed.
  12. MCPD - Minecraft Animation Re-Enactment

    Nice work! This was really well done, and enjoyable to watch. My main critique is a pretty small detail (but can have an impact), which is the camera's focal length in certain shots. Some of the shots seemed slightly too wide, and didn't put as much focus on the subject as maybe they should. Just a degree or two can make a noticeable difference when composing a shot.
  13. Wolf Pups Life: A New Family

    Whoops. Forgot to reply. I use a variety of transitions, depending on the movement I want.
  14. Ender Pearl

    Very nice! I liked this a lot. If I had to critique anything, I'd say that a common issue I've noticed with "smooth" animations made with Mine-imator is they have a bit too much of a "floaty" feel, and things tend to move just slightly too slowly. Increasing/varying the speed of certain movements would help to give it a more lively feel.
  15. Wolf Pups Life: A New Family

    I may be working on these more over time to get them just how I want them, but the style is deliberately made to mimic the basic animations in Minecraft.
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