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[RESULTS] Mine-imator Forums Survey April 2019

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Hello again! This survey had 47 responses, that's 7 more than last time! Progress! It's time to review the results of the April 2019 survey! Some interesting comparisons to the previous survey, I'd love to hear what you guys think. New organization system that looks and feels much nicer than the previous survey btw.

Section 1: The Basics


When did you join the forums?



Pretty even split! You should check out the July 2018 survey too, interesting comparison.

Do you feel like a newbie?





Surprising amount of newbies that don't feel like newbies <3

I'm just kidding, but it is interesting.













2014 and below




Section 2: Discovery and Purpose


How did you find Mine-imator?



The options were as follows:

  • Searched up Minecraft animation software
  • Searched up animation programs, didn't care if it was Minecraft or not
  • YouTuber made a video about it and you were interested
  • Friend told you about it

The entries people put in "other":

  • Most of the above, actually
  • Someone mentioned it in a comment section
  • Friend came over and downloaded it for me (2013)
  • I told my brother to make it 
  • YouTuber mentioned it
  • Extra-curricular summer activity

How did you find out about the forums?



Do you actually use Mine-imator?



What do you use Mine-imator for?



'Make wallpapers, animations, and rigs" You know you can click multiple boxes right? Click all of them! By the way, most of the ones you can't see are things like "all of the above" or "all of them except this one". YOU CAN CHECK MULTIPLE BOXES! :D

How do you make music in Mine-imator? Oooo

What do you use the forums for?



The fourth one down says "Used to share creations, now I just hang around" Another one that got squished says "I both share animations and look at other animations" YOU  CAN CHECK MULTIPLE BOXES :DD

Kind of obnoxious how Google Forms cuts off the ends of a lot of them and doesn't let me see them. Still better than SurveyHero I suppose which didn't even allow "Other" options.

Do you use Modelbench?




Section 3: Outside Interaction


Do you keep in touch with people from the forums outside of the forums?



Are you a member of the official Mine-imator Discord server?




Section 4: Mindset


Low quality, not offensive. Downvote?



Made well, but from a game you dislike. Downvote?



Do you find that downvotes and upvotes help you as a creator?



Would you prefer if people told you what's wrong, or just ignore it if they don't like it?



A unanimous "tell me". If it's 100% maybe it's a dumb question. Expected at least a little "Ignore it" because of the "IGNORE IF YOU DON'T LIKE FAD" titles.

Do you believe "hate" is something that exists on the forums?



Do you believe there is a difference between "constructive criticism" and normal criticism?



This one really interests me, I don't know about you guys.


Section 5: Miscellaneous Questions


Do you enjoy participating in collabs? (collaborations)



Do you wish it was easier to find collabs to join?



David, hmu about that Clubs idea I brought up a while back ;)

Is there anything you're tired of seeing on the forums, besides things like fad?

  • Tired of people giving newbies so much hate for posting something of low quality. Tell him how to improve it, don't just downvote and leave. Everyone was in their shoes at one point.
  • Animation memes
  • Ganging up on other users.
  • Drama between users, and the dreaded MONSTER SCHOOL
  • conversations on topics, because pee and poo bum, pee pee poo bum!
  • people who only post minecraft gameplay videos
  • Face rigs. FACE RIGS. J U S T G O D D A M N E D F A C E R I G S .
  • People complaining about downvotes, asking stupid/overasked questions, and children acting like they know what they are doing.
  • f u r r i e s
  • Mini wars. Excuse me, but nothing will even come close to the epic feud between FSP and Kiepocu >:(
  • im tired of seeing people arguring in a project
  • libtards
  • Arguments mostly
  • Monster school
  • "cc"
  • I'm sick of seeing retards on the forums give criticism to others not by offering feedback or simply telling a person what their strengths or weakness might be, but instead by telling them exactly what they should do and how they should do it. Mother ****ers seriously be out here telling people how to make their own stuff. I don't even make content anymore, but seeing people do this annoys me so much. When someone has created something that has flaws or has areas in need of improvement, point it out or tell the creator how you felt or thought while seeing it. Don't just blindly tell them to do something. Contrary to popular belief, telling someone to "stop using linear animation," isn't really helpful. Instead someone could try saying something like "the character movement could use some improving on," or "I feel like the character animation in this is pretty unrealistic, even for the style that you seem to be going for." If the person then asks you to give them advice on how they could change that, then you can tell them something along the lines of "stop using linear animation." People can solve problems on their own, if someone replies saying that their character animation isn't very good and they honestly care about improving their character animation then they will most likely practice or do the research required to fix that. Bad criticism is a huge problem on the forums. If someone gets a bad batch of feedback and they start lashing out then it's a problem for everyone. But the more common thing that happens is that someone will receive awful feedback, and they don't do anything about it because they either don't want to ruin their reputation by being seen as the person who "can't take criticism," or they don't want to start conflict or instigate a confrontation. This is just as bad as when a person lashes out against criticism, because when someone is passive against poorly made criticism it makes them resentful against the person who gave the criticism. Eventually the resentment builds up and a conflict is eventually created between two users. And if conflict isn't created then you might as well sit in silent terror, waiting for it to eventually happen. Even if you think you're a person who takes this type of criticism on the chin, chances are that you still have some kind of anger that has slowly built up and you just don't realize it. This is the main reason why you should give passive feedback instead of unhelpful criticism, because the hate that you create because of it will make a silent enemy which is one the worst things that can happen to you if you're a part of such a tightly knit community like the Mine-Imator forums. What many users think is "constructive criticism" is actually just a bunch of useless suggestions that unintentionally insult the creator in a passive way. I pose a better alternative to the typical Mine-Imator forum's idea of "constructive criticism," and instead I say we use "constructive feedback." Constructive feedback is when you offer a creator your thoughts and opinions on what is good and bad about a piece. You're not focusing on the work when you're giving constructive feedback, you're focusing on you, the viewer, and your ideas and feelings when experiencing their artwork. Instead of saying "you need to do this and this to your thing," you're saying "In my opinion, this specific thing looks bad. I would also like to point out how I noticed this thing." When you give constructive feedback you're allowing the creator to come up with own solutions, ask their own questions, and really start thinking about their piece, since that they now don't have anymore useless suggestions they have genuine feedback which is really what you want if you're an artist. Honestly, constructive feedback is pretty much constructive criticism, only I feel I should make the title that way because when you say "constructive criticism" on the Mine-Imator forums you instantly make people think about some idiot telling someone to stop using linear animation. Constructive feedback is when you tell the person specific things you find wrong with their artwork, and things that you think could be improved. Typical Mine-Imator constructive criticism is when you state what you think is wrong as fact, and tell someone the technical things they should do with their artwork. Writing constructive feedback is as easy as translating your real life reaction to something in the form of text. Let me give a full example just to drive my point home. Say that there is a wallpaper on the forums, and it's just a simple background with a creeper making a funny face. If you were to use typical Mine-Imator constructive criticism then you would say things like "Use DOF. Also this could use some better lighting. And the creeper looks bad, maybe use a rig." This is not helpful as you just essential gave someone a grocery list of things to do without any rhyme nor reason. Now If you were to use constructive feedback you would say things like "The background makes it hard for me to focus on the creeper. I feel like there is nothing interesting about the creeper, he's just kinda standing there making a face, in my opinion. Also the lighting looks really boring, it's just like normal Minecraft's lighting." If we say that now the original poster knows exactly what we are trying to say, and he can pick apart what he thinks he can improve on or what was supposed to be part of his artwork and was just disliked by the person. If they want specific advice they can ask. In constructive feedback you're also criticizing, telling someone a specific thing about their work that is bad or good. However you're not just saying "in my opinion, this is a piece of ****." Another example is if someone posted a narrative animation that was supposed to be funny and someone post "this isn't funny, make it funnier next time." Then that isn't helpful. However if you post "when this happened, I didn't really laugh." Merely changing the way you say something drastically changes the effectiveness and friendliness of criticism. This is essentially what constructive feedback is meant to be. You're really saying the same thing as before but in a way that is actually useful and doesn't start conflict with someone unless they have a poor personality in which case you shouldn't have to worry since people with the wrong types of personalities either change or are cast out by the members of the forums. It's a rather harsh reality but it's true, most forums don't consciously decide to persecute members who are disturbing the peace, it's a subconscious thing. The masses are more likely to get angry at and find ways of persecuting someone if they are toxic, especially in the Mine-Imator forums because it's so small and tightly knit as I said before. It's sort of like the forum's immune system fighting against a virus. But that's beside the point (sorry I just got off track). Constructive feedback, when criticizing something, should be as specific as possible. Even saying "the animation is bad" is enough to stir up conflict. You should be very specific when criticizing, for example you should try saying "the animation isn't very fluid" instead. You know how I said that just telling someone to stop using linear animation is bad and isn't what constructive feedback is about, well I technically lied. In some situations saying that could be helpful, but you have to say it right. Say you see an animation and it's all linear movements. The person who made it is fairly new and you know if you just let them know that transitions merely exist you can help them a lot. You should tell them that but you should also let them know why. For example "the character movement isn't very fluid and doesn't flow nicely together. Maybe try using transitions other than linear." When resorting to giving someone a suggestion they should do always let them know why you're telling them that. Well, I explained this as much as I'm willing to do. I'm sure someone else has thought of this concept before me and looking up something like "how to give feedback" on google will help if you want know more about this stuff. Also, I'm not going to let people know who I am, because the idea that I'm talking about in this thing might actually be really stupid and I won't be risking my reputation if that's the case. If people love this idea then I still won't tell. I'd also like to say that I am not trying to call out anyone one specific person for doing this, because ALMOST ALL OF YOU PEOPLE DO THIS ****. Well I'm done with this unnecessarily long wall of text. I know that if this works then it work really make everyone on the forums start doing constructive feedback but if this method does click with atleast a few people than we can make the forums atleast 5% better and that's really something y'know. This is really just an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a while now and I felt like posting it here. I know a lot of you reading this are really passionate about the forums and this community and would like me to elaborate or maybe even start a discussion with someone about this, but unfortunately I won't be because as I said before, I won't risk my reputation if what I'm saying sounds really stupid to everyone. Sorry, I guess. There is also the chance that no one really cares about what I'm saying, which would honestly be terrible in my opinion because that would mean there would be no hope for the issue I'm discussing. Because mark my words, there is an issue somewhere in all this. It might be a small one but still. This has negatively effected the forums for a while as I said before. My main hope is that this wall of text either inspires people to start doing what I think is better for the forums and start using constructive feedback, or atleast get some kind of conversation going about the topic I'm discussing. That's all I got to say about this. I hope it gets read. Peace. Note from Rollo: I censored 3 naughty words if you're wondering what the asterisks are about. Great submission.
  • Hate, but i know it's really hard and complicated to do anything against hate, that's how life goes.
  • 9redwoods
  • Ethan's toxicity, people downvoting content out of hatred for the creator themselves, and people generally hating on others' content in general. I haven't posted a render on the forums in over three months and I have literally zero self-confidence. I just want all the hate to stop so I can actually feel comfortable posting content here...
  • Wallpapers. It's not that they're bad, it's just that there are rarely any other sort of animations.
  • More facial rigs, since they're already many of those. Just use Skibbz rig, it's already nice.
  • yes
  • monster school
  • i am getting tired of the communist
  • Negative comment's towards people that are less "skilled" than others
  • Nope. I don’t mind fads.
  • Well, low quality thing and FURRY!!

If you use Mine-imator, why do you use it instead of Blender, Cinema4D, etc?

  • Much easier to use, I'm already comfortable with the interface.
  • I use Blender, but I find Mine-Imator a fun program to use for a lot of things. And it's just cool to watch it constantly progress as a community and as a program
  • More enjoyable to use, so far
  • It's easy and Im too lazy to learn the others.
  • It's incredibly fun to use.
  • I find mineimator easier to use, and C4d is to expencive
  • I'm to lazy to learn any other program. And futuristic hub doesn't use Mine-Imator so that's a +
  • because it's easy to use and plenty versatile, not to mention it's fun to push it to its' limits.
  • basically just lazy and i'm familiar with it. i do use sfm a bit tho
  • Nah i don't use alternatives i like mine imator!
  • Because blender just takes up all my CPU and forces me to suffer with no tutorials for me to understand perfectly. Same thing for C4D but the other reason is it’s too expensive.
  • its easier to use
  • Cause it’s easier than most other programs, and i’d like to see how far I can go with it.
  • I just suck
  • Because it fits the low resources of my system, in addition to its ease when using it. Soon I will use blender.
  • Because my pc cant handle blender/ C4D
  • Unable to run more taxing programs on laptop.
  • Too busy with my series
  • i find mine imator easy cus im not used to use C4D
  • I use Mine-Imator more for nostalgia, but i am in the process of moving on to blender
  • its easy to use
  • I haven't really gotten into lender yet, but would like to. I also use Mine-Imator for the community. There's some things that you can't see anybody else do with another program. Sometimes it's absolutely hilarious.
  • I use it because its much more simpler then Blender and C4D... and its free
  • Cuz it's simple.
  • Because it's a good starting point, easy to use etc. I'll be moving to blender in the future but i'll stick with Mine-Imator for now.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Free, I love using Modelbench, I am very used to it (I also use C4D)
  • Very easy to use; very intuitive
  • It's much easier to use than the other programs, and it's free.
  • This is more easy to use and it's more easy on my computer's graphics card and performance.
  • to mush for my computer
  • because they suck and only wizards can use it
  • mymator is easier and gooder result can appear
  • Ease, familiarity
  • It's simple to use, and it's fun to find creative ways to make it look somewhat like Blender or C4d
  • I kind of just mess around with it, but I use blender as my main animation software for 3D stuff
  • Easier UI and Interactions
  • It's easy and fun.
  • My laptop can’t handle anything else
  • Because mine imator is a lot easier to use!
  • It's easier first of all, (and doesn't cost anything, yes I know blender doesn't cost.... but)
  • It's easy. I can make clean looking, nice animations without the hassle of learning a complicated program.

Do you actually play Minecraft?



Do you think of anyone differently based on how much rep they have? If so, how?


I don't know.

No, he is still the same person as when he was few rep points.

no, i dont think about thinking anyone differently based on how much rep they have wont be a person you always think of. (sorry if it doesn't make sense for you)

Half the time I never even glance at their rep counter, so no. I usually don't think that way. I'll just be more cautious if a user has an overall negative rep count, as there's typically reasons as to why they have so much negative rep.

alot of creative things, tell jokes in a project just like ethanial

Reputation is a direct quantification of community dedication and activity, more of which yields higher social capital. In other words, yes.

More rep usually means they are a Veteran MI user. Now i know this isnt the case some times, but its a sign that they know what they are doing most of the time!

A bit. If someone has negative rep, they're probably either a newbie or a toxic person.

Yes, but it depends if he is new or not.

I don't think if people differently just because of rep, but also their join date.

I do, but not negatively, more like they are just starting and I feel like I could help them.

It's kind of a first impression for me.

I feel intimidated by all of the people with really high Rep, and I feel like I'll never achieve their level of skill.

If they have negative rep, I'll watch them a bit more closely than the latter.

i dont know


if the high rep then they good if not then they bad

Although not entirely, rep is a way of knowing how useful said member's content is.

Maybe. Depends on how long ago they joined.

Not really

Nope, everyone should be treated the same, nobody is supirior

If they have more rep, I tend to think that they must be fairly liked by the community, and make good content.

Sort of. If someone with high rep gives cc, I usually listen more, unless the other user is either A. Giving good cc or B. Seem knowledgeable

Well if someone have more rep than the other that he have many good thing or quality thing!

Kind of, if you have low rep, im going to try and get you up on rep.... If you have high rep, im most likley going to congratulate you/ try to do something based on your image/animation.

Yeah, anybody with negative rep I view that they are bad, but could be doing better if they just listened to peoples advice. But alas human stupidity is unimaginably stupid.

There are also just 12 plain "No" which I compacted into this message for convenience.


Section 6: Ratings


Why do you still visit the forums?

  • Too many friends made their to just up and leave. Huge portion of my life right there.
  • To keep up to date with the community, find some creative people and make friends really. And to share my creations occasionally.
  • Oddly, status updates
  • It's a bit of a habit.
  • It's cool to hang around and see what is up with the people, just interested of seeing where things are going.
  • Its an all around good time
  • To see how they screwed up this time
  • because i have nothing better to do
  • Mostly the community, and because I don't have many other places to share stuff I make.
  • I'm finding some other collabs to join.
  • Because I have nothing better to do than to visit a toxic website full of children who have a problem with eachother
  • yes
  • Sharing creations and interacting with other MI users.
  • I dunno, I just keep gravitating back to it
  • To share and see other creations, in addition to participating in collab.
  • I want to look at their creation and learn to animate, render, etc., by criticism
  • To see friends' creations
  • Occasionally
  • yes indeed i go to the forums very often
  • Only twice a year, I've pretty much forgotten the forums exist.
  • Yes
  • I still post my creations
  • I had to get to this survey somehow. Yes.
  • Because its fun to see creations and show my own.
  • Because it's fun
  • For see the new content and for publish my creations.
  • Because I share my creations there.
  • It's another website that I check everyday like reddit and twitter.
  • To talk with people, to see creations, to see drama, to see what other specific members are up to, and mostly boredom.
  • Post models and reply to comments on my models
  • I still use it to view other's creations, and share my own.
  • To look at others' creations and maybe post a render if I actually manage to get one done.
  • To post status updates and give criticism.
  • I am a user who was recently unbanned this year, so I am visiting more often again.
  • take information, and collabs
  • because it's good
  • i am doing the moderaton and i have to
  • To post my creations, and to look at others' creations.
  • To share content and make friends.
  • To post rigs, look at rigs, and catch up on whats happening with MI(meaning, check for updates, basically)
  • Just to browse I guess
  • I don't want it to die, plus I like seeing peoples creations
  • I like to see other's creations, and see how they improve.
  • To share creations and check out other creations.
  • Of Coure!
  • I like seeing new wallpapers, or seeing new members.
  • To look at other people's creations, and get inspiration for my own

How inviting to newcomers would you say the forums are?



AVERAGE: 2.96/5

How comfortable do you feel on the forums?



AVERAGE: 4.17/5

How much would you say the forums like you personally?



AVERAGE: 3.97/5

How good do you think the forums are for sharing and looking at creations?



AVERAGE: 7.81/10

How good do you think the official Discord is for talking and sharing creations?



AVERAGE: 6.34/10

Is there anything the official Discord server could improve on?

  • Not really, I'd have to think about it further.
  • Probably, but none that I can think of.
  • I think it's fine as it is.
  • Making multiple general chats and creation tabs
  • be gone, bring back the forum chat
  • no, it's more a matter of the people there. mine-imator appeals to a broad audience and as such there can be serious language barriers, cultural barriers, and a general lack of maturity due to the sheer variety in ages, nationalities, and cultures. unfortunately that also leads to a lack of identity and order, and typically whatever sticks out and makes it into some semblance of the internet public eye is responsible for mine-imator's negative stigma.
  • accidentially hit the button on the previous question and can't remove it. oops
  • Nah I'm a member of discord server but no nothing.
  • Moderation and proper rules.
  • Add dedicated ranks, for example, if someone develops more in the area of "rigs", the "rigs" rank is placed
  • Not off the top of my head
  • discussion on how mine imator should evolve idk
  • nothing really, its just hell there lmao
  • Not really.
  • Not really
  • There's some retardation there, but it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be
  • Idk I'm not very active on the Discord
  • No, I personally don't think so.
  • Nope, it's about as **** as every other Discord server on the planet.
  • I'm perfectly okay with how the Server is right now.
  • More moderators.
  • some people just can't take criticism
  • everting it is big hole of turd
  • Uh maybe more Bot to help?


Section 7: Final Thoughts


How much did you like the survey?




Thank you :)

Anything you'd like to say about the survey? Or anything in general?

  • Less yes and no answers or at least an 'indifferent' option. Good note, I'll add an "indifferent" option next time and try to spice up those questions.
  • Good survey. It may not be as needed as before since things are a lot more calm as of now, but even so it's a good way to keep track of where things are going.
  • "It was pretty epic gamer moment" - MikTRF (i know you arent supposed to know who wrote this :D)
  • I'm probably depressed
  • my name is that guy brian and i approve this message
  • good riddance 1 word questions. i hope the 1-word questions are burning in heccin friccin heck
  • Nah nothing.
  • This is very helpful for me to get stuff off my chest.
  • This servey was pretty good. -Anonymous
  • Rollo still reads erotic fanfic of the bible 
  • I love you...and StickyMations too...lol I love StickyMations too <3 
  • thanks for the survey ;]
  • Eggs 😔  Omg wtf :omegachamp:
  • good
  • Right on fam
  • hi mom I'm on the internet
  • It was fun -Fray
  • I don't understand why the earliest year is "2014 or before", wouldn't the results be more accurate if 2012 and 2013 were included? Also, the question about how people found Mine-imator should be more generalized. I'll take note of both of those.
  • I like it, it shows what people really think about the Mine-Imator community.
  • I feel like some of the questions were trying to get specific answers out of me to make me think a certain way. Too lazy to elaborate, sorry. Just keep it up man, I love these surveys, you deserve way more appreciation that you get, Rollo. Thanke my friend, I'll keep note of that as well.
  • Thanks for creating this Rollo! <3
  • (Esoppus I eman ruoy yas uoy sselnu) Suomynona llits tub, egap stluser s'yevrus eht no derahs eb osla lliw eseht.
  • Lareneg ni gnihtyna ro? Yevrus eht tuoba yas ot ekil d'uoy gnihtyna?
  • give this topic an upvote before I start pronouncing the "p" in "raspberry"
  • nope
  • this is the being very good survey please continue making of them
  • Sup to pewds, and iZestyYT <3 Love you all! <3<3
  • I can't say for everyone, but for me it skipped from page 2 to 7... dunno if that's a fluke or not. Don't worry, that's supposed to happen. When it asks whether or not you feel like a newbie it's specific to the year you joined that you set. I can't do fancy stuff like that without making individual pages, and telling it to skip the ones that don't apply to you based on your answer to the join date question.
  • This is a great idea. Keep doing this!
  • Good, I understand everything!



That's all, folks! I'll keep your feedback in mind and make sure the next survey in September is as good as it can be. Hopefully some of the results of this survey can help us fix some problems, get a better understanding of each other, all that jazz. Stay tuned!



Edited by Rollo
Tidied it up a little

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If you got a problem with me, Im here to talk. No need to be upset with me and never resolve the issue. 
I wont be able to fix anything if you dont tell me what's up.

Edited by Ethanial

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This was interesting to read, thanks Rollo.

edit: also who the hell thinks ethan is toxic

Edited by crustyjpeg

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ok why do people hate ethan and 9redwoods they're both nice guys and furries are nice guys too except if they're the deviantart cancer type furry which nobody on this forum is and there's many face rigs because some people don't like some specific things about face rigs so they make their own

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15 minutes ago, Cubic Ralsei said:

ok why do people hate ethan and 9redwoods they're both nice guys and furries are nice guys too except if they're the deviantart cancer type furry which nobody on this forum is and there's many face rigs because some people don't like some specific things about face rigs so they make their own

Im not a furry. You might want to work on your punctuation.

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34 minutes ago, 9redwoods said:



If only I took the survery there would've been 2 answers saying 9redwoods in there.



Anyways, interesting thread I'm surprised there are still people answering these despite the forum being in a bad shape lately.

Also I get what the person's saying about Ethan, believe me I've thought that he was also an ugly piece of shit that does nothing but hate on people, but that was back in 2017 when I didn't realize what criticism is, He's kinda cool guy. I'm guessing the one who answered that is a new guy in the forums.

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I’m not that bad of a furry... am I?

It was kinda sad to see people hate on Ethan and 9redwoods, they aren’t bad people and I honestly don’t see why people dislike them. As for the survey, it was pretty fun to go through and answer as well as seeing the end results. Glad I could participate in this one!!

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10 hours ago, Ethanial said:

If you got a problem with me, Im here to talk. No need to be upset with me and never resolve the issue. 
I wont be able to fix anything if you dont tell me what's up.

I think it's maybe cuz sometimes you downvote but nobody understand why.

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I didn’t even know this was a thing. Anyways, I enjoyed reading that... very long comment, because I feel like it’s something we should all do. Whenever I hear constructive criticism, to me it just feels like hate. Whenever I (try to .-.) give constructive criticism, I try to at least make it sound nice. I don’t even want to come across mean to somebody, unless I am purposely doing that. I don’t feel like I’m liked on the Forums at all, my content is pretty sh*tty. Also, no clue about Ethan, but 9redwoods isn’t a bad guy. Sure, I used to hate him, but that was a long time ago, we started talking on Discord and I realized he is better than he seems. It’s pretty stupid to see people hate on them. This is a really cool idea, the survey. I’m not sure how to do this next time it happens, or even when it does.


Cya 😂

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21 hours ago, Rollo said:
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Anything you'd like to say about the survey? Or anything in general?

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  • Sup to pewds, and iZestyYT <3 Love you all! <3<3 

Section 7: Final Thoughts


Pssttttt, sub to iZestyYT:)  Serious note though, i enjoyed being part of this survey ty @Rollo

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On 4/3/2019 at 3:50 PM, Rollo said:

Mini wars. Excuse me, but nothing will even come close to the epic feud between FSP and Kiepocu >:(

Well, that was a repressed memory that I had to remember today

On topic:

@Rollo This was a very insightful and super useful survey, please continue to make these!

I'd also like to say that I read the text wall and I really liked all the points made there. I totally agree with everything that user said. I will be asking for constructive feedback on my creations from now on.

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