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  1. Ask the Artist

    (Not a question.) You are awesome by the way! And we need more people like you!
  2. Ask the Artist

    Have you considered being a YouTuber like JaidenAnimations, Domics, Katzun and TheOdd1sOut?
  3. Final Boss

  4. Final Boss

    I spent two days on this. So, please share your thoughts. And you'll probably want to see un-edited: Feel free to use it. just don't claim it as yours, K? Thanks, Bye. Foxtrot, Out.
  5. So, Girly Furry, Blender Render

  6. Cute Slime Tower

  7. So, Girly Furry, Blender Render

    But I wasn't just talking about the last one. Minecraft furry rigs are just a catastrophe no matter what. Boobs or no boobs.
  8. So, Girly Furry, Blender Render

    Oh. My. God. What is this monstrosity?! Everyone knows, Furries and Minecraft don't mix well! Never do this again! And then there are boobs! Minecraft characters should not have boobs! This is just a whole pile of mistakes! And this is coming from another Furry! Don't mix boobs, Minecraft, and Furries. It is a catastrophe. Just... Don't.
  9. Intensity [2K]

    This isn't intense, or intense looking. The posing is really stiff. The lighting is terrible. Camera angle really needs some work. The lightsabers and sphere things clash with the Minecraft style. For short; You still have a long way to call your wallpapers good. Have a nice day!
  10. I already like this new feature to import models, here's a little thing I did for the heck of it.


  11. Halo Animation Short

    It looks nice, but at 1:08... Master Chief is floating away in the background... What?
  12. I guess I'll share this here too. I made a Discord server! Join me and a few others! https://discord.gg/nVpuAjV

  13. Ask Twotorule Anything

    What does that Fox say?
  14. A katana rig

    I love it, I am a huge fan of Katanas, and this? This is bang on! +1!
  15. Boy,

    I see... I wish you luck!
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