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  1. UrBoiHyper

    Add back cinematic camera size

    Too lazy? you have to type in 7-8 numbers, you could've done that in half the amount of time you took to write this post.
  2. I plan to improve this and add on, but this is what I whipped up in one night. Criticize me. First Wallpaper Improved Wallpaper Progress
  3. Don't direct them to Java edition pls kthxbai
  4. The name displayed here is HyperlibraYT. I hate that name, how do I change it. S.O.S send help kthxbai.
  5. UrBoiHyper

    F.t Steve [Enchanted-Mob-Model]

    Because the community focuses on the topic of fad more than the effort, time, and how good the creation looks. I could get negative rep for this. screw it
  6. UrBoiHyper

    SpringTrap Rig

    Not bad in my opinion. But you're reputation will fall because you're posting fad stuff, I don't really give a crap about it, but like 90% of Mine Imator Community does. did it auto correct my word into fad?
  7. UrBoiHyper

    I put It's The Best Day Ever over R E A L I T Y Concept 5

    Why, why does it fit.
  8. UrBoiHyper

    Add It On Collab 2

    I'll go actually, someone else can go, if i do enter i want to get something done before
  9. UrBoiHyper

    Deck The Halls Collab

    I'd like to join
  10. UrBoiHyper

    From the sky [Collab]

    I'm bored. I'll join. (If its still going)
  11. UrBoiHyper

    The Wither Wallpaper

    One of my first wallpapers. I'd love tips to improve and I'm up for criticism like my lighting, which is terrible, posing, camera position, stuff like that would help a lot!
  12. UrBoiHyper

    Add It On Collab

    yup. collab ended long time ago
  13. UrBoiHyper

    This is Halloween Collab parts

    Can I have part 5? Or 10 if someone already has it,
  14. UrBoiHyper

    Add It On Collab

    Newest one, Community Build: 1.0.3 Patch.
  15. UrBoiHyper

    Add It On Collab

    it has been done... Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fdk6524fpap7mef/AddItOnProject.zip Its your turn now..
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