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Found 274 results

  1. audio is from FFPS by Scott Cawthon
  2. Was originally going to change some things, like the puppet rig and w.bon rig and positions, but when COVID-19 pandemic happened, I couldn't go back to school and fix em. It was really frustrating and sadistic at the same time. Worked on this thing for months, and now that's all I got. Yeah, used school computer since it's really powerful. Made it UHD 4K cinematic before, but covid, so now all I got is the discord one, not even 4k ;( Criticize all you want, the damage is already done. Credits: @Ystijger for Withered Mike @ShotUAnimations for Mangle and old w.bon rig @IAmOnlyMasada for oldest puppet rig. Couldn't find a better one until Yst made a way better one, but covid hit it, now I can't change it. I am probably the unluckiest guy in the MI forums on school computer project thing
  3. This is a pic I made an Animatronic Rig! Click the pic over dere <-- DOWNLOAD edit from 2020- whats up
  4. Made a rig for fad Animatronic, 1 through 4. the new shit and Pizzaria Sim. is still in make (So Sorry)
  5. Here's are some cool wallpapers I made using the Fad rigs I've created in the last two days
  6. Made this render to show my two original gone animatronics, inspired by @Jnick(although he says ew they not gone), I also made Gone C h i c a, but it doesn't fit in this theme. Please put out CC, cause I am having a hard time perfecting renders from these buggy shadows btw if you guys think why i do fad renders today is cause they give me ideas, while non-fad ones are difficult to build together, so yeah
  7. No need to scream, little one. Allow me to send you to a place where all this nightmare never happened. Don't worry, my dear. Everything will be FINE. Vector is the custom animatronic I made for Geo the Animator since he made it in Blender, so I made it as MI version, made it better. Credits goes to some guy for the horror mansion. I don't know the name, hopefully I will find out.
  8. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for skin @Phyre for inspiration(ack i need to stop being inspired ;-;) Dreadbear and Grim Francisco Pizzaro are made by me, and they are private. I had plenty of feedback in Discord, like from Ian, IKEA, and _Mine(no need to ping), and Shot also helped me. CC is much appreciated.
  9. I made another F N A F character: Dreadbear! I made Grim F o x y before, and now I decided to do this one(actually it's still wip, the waist is ongoing)! Credits: @Phyre and her team for their Dreadbear teaser, inspired me. Trainguy for Dreadbear's head. CC is appreciated!
  10. Credit to @ShotUAnimations for the map and credit to @Phyre for making the phantom textures
  11. This is my original animatronic: Nightmare Croc. And no, it's not inspired by Happy Frog. It also can split the jaw into halves. I have posted a giveaway in Hozq's server, but after that, it's private, except for my frens.
  12. This is Non-Nightmare Croc, my original rig. Please credit me when you use it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/865ain1t610b0qn/CROC_NEW.zip/file If you have CC for me, please say it
  13. Grim F o x y by me, inspiration from @Phyre I kinda 'copied' the head compared to Phyre's, but the rest is by me. The textures, even the size too.
  14. Mercury


    "Your Welcome" "Go retrieve" "See you" This is a test of edge glow, and CC please.
  15. Credits: Ahmed(in Discord) made Nightmare la NiƱa and Cupcake, along with the hallway. It's private, and made for our team(no, it's not Phyre Production)
  16. Here is some Renders i did trying to make a moon dark/Moody renders Vanny rig by me and @Phyre Glitchtrap rig by @anima cryses Map by me
  17. @Phyre for tutoring me and being a epic friend!
  18. It was night. The forest steadily groans with rustling bushes and tumbling logs, and the flowers pitched themselves to sleep. The wind soothes the ears of Nick, who's outside by his father's mansion with his cigar, and he patiently walks around. Quiet, he thought. Too quiet. He had been outside here for almost an hour, and his friend hasn't arrived at all. Plucking his IPhone out of his pocket, he dialed his friend's number, and raised it to his left ear. "Yo Max, where you been? I can't keep on standing around much longer, the pizza's get-", and he was cutted by some crackling noise. More like a mechanical snarl. Confused, Nick turned off his phone and stowed away. Gotta get back inside, he thought, something's off, and he entered the mansion, unaware that 100 meters in front of the entrance, there is a unknown figure that's anxious to meet him in person. CC is welcomed god help me i am now f n a f dude
  19. Did a simplistic render testing the new face rig me and frost made.
  20. Credit to @anima cryses for this amazing springtrap rig and @Jnick for the set.
  21. Credit to @anima cryses for the Fr e dbear Model, credit to trainguy for the map and springb o nnie designs.
  22. haya! This thing's kinda olddd, buttt I thought I'd put it on here because why not It's not public on my channel as the map isn't out yet, but I still want to show it off. It doesn't look like the map will be coming out, so I still won't make it public, buuuttt I'll put it here as it's one of my better animations
  23. Credit to @Jnick for B o nn ie rig(original by trainguy), credit to @Mr.Waffle for the set.
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