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Found 240 results

  1. Before you ask, Yes this is mine, It took a week to make, I might make a release soon so be on the look out.
  2. This Is My HandyUnit Rig. (Also My First) ---------------------------------------------------------------- PICTURES OF RIG: (None Yet) ---------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0zjx71br61fc40/fad+Sister+Location+HandyUnit+Rig.zip
  3. Well here i am with another fad rig! Withered Clyde: Now before you download, you need to know that i kinda screwed up with the left leg (the broken one). When you grab the lower half of the leg and rotate it, it will rotate from the wrong direction. So you're gonna have to move it everytime you rotate it. Man, lotsa "it" 's Anyway here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v7w2reuxtrg1cjf/withered+Clyde+rig.rar Bye! And i really hope to see some wallpapers, animations and pictures with my rig if you make em then you can post them here
  4. Hello to everyone, now I come with a new animation, I think it was difficult to think what animate, but while Iwas doing the animation I was thinking new ideas , So here is ,I hope you like it Dont forget to put a like comment and suscribe to my channel if you liked it tell me your opinions (: By bye my friends n_n
  5. Disclaimer: All of the textures that these models use are made by the glorious Fnāf universe mod team. (sorry for not crediting before) Check out some other stuff that the people on that team have participated in. (it's pretty cool!!!) Sorry to @XxxTheRedrocker95xxX and everybody else on the team for not crediting before. Hey everybody! So a day or two ago I uploaded a golden frēddy model. Now that I've made that I've kinda gotten into a mood and can't stop making Fnāf models, so... Here you go. This pack includes: Frēddy, Golden frēddy(standing up), Ignited frēddy, Spring bōnnie, and Springtrap. Images: Note: In the image of springtrap, the holes in his suit are outlined in white. This goes away when he is put into video/when put into an image, and is replaced with a black fade, which is more appeasing to the eye and does not at all look out of place. My guess is that this is a problem with inserting images into the forum. Here is what it actually looks like: Downloads: Frēddy: Here! Golden Frēddy (standing up): Here! Ignited Frēddy: Here! Spring Bōnnie: Here! Springtrap: Here! And as always, have a nice day!
  6. The F.N.a.F. Crew - Rigs, models, and map made by me.
  7. A little animation of fad without visual screamer. Five night at Mike's animation
  8. fad rigs http://www.mediafire.com/folder/vcvrcirhecp1w/fad_3_rigs hold up let me upload the umage
  9. Five Nights At Dank Pls No Hate I used After Effects And Hitfilm Pro To Perfect This wallpaper ? sorry for the title its mispelled ?
  10. Made last year, haven't made fad models since.
  11. Download pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8b305au9sd3dyyf/V5_Pack.rar/file
  12. Anybody have an B A L L O R A rig I can use? Please? ;-;
  13. The ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT MAP Is Here! Picture From Supah.exe And a Video From Me ? Here The RIG "DOWNLOAD" I Hope u Like It
  14. Fray

    SpringTrap Rig Beta

    SpringTrap.....My First Rig.....BETA. Hello this is my very first rig i made myself, I wanna give credit to The Crazy riger because he made one and i got the idea but just made it better. Anyways Hope you enjoy!!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/2apgjhas619oo8o/SpringTrap.miobject also this rig has purple guys head CLICK THE IMGUR LINK FOR THE PIC
  15. Hello Guys Here the F.t Steve v2 Update!!! Picture of Updated Rig ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This Rig can use in Mine-imator New/Old[Fixed] Here The Rig link --------------- http://www.mediafire.com/file/cgynip8ok234l2b/F.t Steve[Template] (Enchanted Mob Model) By JohnTRM14.rarZ Enjoy!
  16. Okay, so this is one of the first rigs that I've made in a while. I made this in two days. Images: Here's a download for you: Download Have a nice day!
  17. https://imgur.com/a/Gxoo4XC try and try again lol
  18. Should I animate this into a series or just keep this like...well...this... Edited Picture (Just In-case I put this on youtube) Thumbnail:
  19. Alright This Topic will be about UPDATES to my test rig IMAGES: Added 3D Teeth Added Button to the Chest (bow tie Coming Soon) Added Ears Added Bigger Pupils MORE COMING SOON I'LL POST IT ON HERE TO SHOW YOU GUYS I Might also Update the rig's costume itself
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