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    Mine-Imator RTX ON.

    Welcome Users! It's Me! LacaMenDRY. Today I'm going to show you guys about my RTX Effects on Mine-Imator. Well How I get it? Well I get it from My future version of myself 2027. I give myself a Mine-Imator 1.5.6 Versions to my presents version. After that,I tried some Renders,And What makes me Satisfied is This! Nah Just Kidding. It's My self from present days. I Actually Boring,and dono what todo so I trying A Random stuff,And here I got it. RTX Versions: Well I'm Serious. This was On Mine-Imator. Not Blender. How cool is that? Just imagine if MI get better,and better,What would it looks like? BTW here it is: I hope you guys Enjoyed,And Inspired you to make more renders. You Know? Just STAY CREATIVE!
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    Fazbear & Friends

    Fazbear & Friends This is something I've been working on for the past couple days, decided to post publicly after like not posting anything for months. When importing, make sure to open the "IMPORT.miobject" Credit goes to @JDButter Animations For the cool face rig Download Here
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    Little Turtle


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    Ancient Chinese Girl Model Showcase

    Character model made by Yei yu Hair thing, Facial rig and Parasol made by me
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    Dont Mine At Night Remake

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    This error is coming from the engine Mine-imator uses.(GameMaker Studio 2) There's nothing I can do with Mine-imator to fix this as this is likely a graphical issue stemming from possibly outdated drivers. I don't have much advice outside of asking to update your graphics drivers and see if it fixes the issue.
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    YM's Minecraft Letters Model

    idk if the title right or not, but I don't care... Hello, I'm Yanuar Mohendra a.k.a ShinyGHATTear (can't change the username). And this is Minecraft letters model(s). So, I made this for about a week, can't find a way to make it simpler. Just take a look for it. ~shuffle text preview : ~textures preview : I forgot to tell you guys if you can rotate the "A" letter to get the creeper face on it, and you can rotate the up/bottom side of it for fix the gradient : next to do : MC sub letters, minecraft five font. if there's a problem with the model, please tell me. I'll glad to hear that. update: - Added some feature preview on the post - Fixed "T" letter
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    (4K) Procrastinate

    Okay this is an improvement over the last post Made with MineImator Rendered using ReShade Composition using Photoshop Credits: Original map created by ACROZI qUINT FX by Marty Behind the scenes:
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    How to import Extract file to Mine-imator/Data/Minecraft Open mine imator. Go setting and change Minecraft Version to "1.17 Test (21w14a)". After that Close the Program and Reopen Mine imator *** (You can replace file in %appdata%\Mine_imator\Minecraft_unzip ) *** Additions ______________________________________________________ Blocks Light block Items Raw metal If you find some bugs. Please Report Download Version 21w14a Here : https://www.mediafire.com/file/qic4irwwjbcnivv/MI_1.17_Update_Test%2821w14a%29_by_MCPA_Team.zip/file
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    You say they're fishing, but there's only ice... something doesn't add up here.
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    Modelbench bending problem

    Use pivot offset instead of position to move objects around.
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    Mine-Imator RTX ON.

    most interesting thing you made
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    is tiny.
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    last render

    Just wondering, are you unfamiliar with the concept of April Fools Day?
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    I have barely started watching this and I already love it. I especially love how the snickers image is on one of those fake transparent backgrounds XD
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    Oh no, you didn't need to ask. I posted it on the forums for a reason, crediting me is enough.
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    Ford Crown Victoria LTD More pixel consistent (except the grill) Added slopes to the roof, so that they look better when seen in the front side Added a sheriff version Pickup truck More pixel consistent Changed lights, bumpers and grill Now you can paint it in 2 colors http://www.mediafire.com/file/h34c7t1m7jvlow3/pickupremasterdpartii_%283%29.zip/file + pickupremasteredpartii (3).zip fixed the texture since the door was darker than the body hole in the roof is gone And both folders has .miobject files, so that you guys can color it easily. + Victoria LTD (4).zip Added luggage rack to wagon version http://www.mediafire.com/file/4fsz1aszzw70xd4/Victoria_LTD_%284%29.zip/file
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    public class Robot Rig by Daffa the One { this rig created with mapped texture block } for mine imator 1.2.0 or Higher now with FHINGERSS Created in Modelbench Code: {13 5 12 1 14 3 8 9} "this number is alphabet like 1 is A or 2 is B" Texture Size: 128x x2048bit sys } } }init (2)"n0t 1nclud3 sw0rd" <1>end Download the Rig: >>bOT.ZIP<< *call me if the rig is error*
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    general hux mc134

    this softwre is useless

    this softwre is useless
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    Admin Rig!

    Still Working on this, cause i had to get a new pc, but every time i try to download paint.net it gives me a fatal error... gonna have to pause the progress but it's at 10%
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