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Cubic Ralsei

Send your skins/rigs here (or DM) for an animation (again)

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(no, this ain't gonna be codename survival this time) 

Hello there! I'm making an animation called 200F: A Minecraft Catastrophe which is set in a sci-fi world in which a big group of people found a strange underground facility. (i'm not going to spoil the whole thing tho).  You can choose if you're a character in the group, a background person or misc.


Current people:



@Cubic Ralsei (myself)






@Paul FoxAnimator











My brother (obviously.)



@JB Animations



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18 minutes ago, ThatRobloxerGamerYT said:

i would send my rig or skin but i dont have either, but you could just make a steve and put the text "Robloxer" on its face


wait i didnt really mean that lmao


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