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  1. Jupiter and Saturn lined up, I had to seize the moment:


  2. Ok, In my subjective point of view, I'm starting to notice that certain users (who are starting to grow) use the comments of a post as if it were a chat; not totally, but it shows a little. Making that there is a pseudo-interaction and that this post appears in "POPULAR CREATIONS".

    An example:
    -User: Wow, I like your wallpaper, well done.
    -Creator of the Post: XD Thanks
    -User: No problem
    -Creator of the Post: * happy face emoji *
    -User: Although you should lower the brightness
    -Creator of the Post: Ok XD
    -User: No problem
    -Creator of the Post: Thanks for the help btw

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      I uh.... used to do that. Sorry😖

    2. Fray


      Either I still do that or I used to do it....

    3. Swift


      Yeah man, that stuff drives me crazy. Especially because it's against the rules.

  3. TecnoGamerJW

    Road pack v2

  4. TecnoGamerJW

    Road pack v2

    Wow, looking cool Joker!
  5. Ok, this is the first time I simulate the stopmotion style (Don't kill me), for the StopMotion Collab 2 by @lifecraft I guess if I make another animation with the StopMotion style it will be better
  6. TecnoGamerJW

    My Rig

    No images... NO CLICK
  7. Hello everyone, I did an animation test of various movements (Scarf, Blinking and Walking) For the movement of the Scarf, I took SharpWind's reference. For the walk I took reference of the fat characters when they walk, in old cartoons. I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  8. TecnoGamerJW

    Render of Fray's

    All universes in one place.
  9. TecnoGamerJW

    a test :P

    Wow, it looks amazing, I love it, and best of all: SMOOTH
  10. I think these tips are more for people who focus on a realistic style (not in its entirety). I mean, I'm focused on the most "cartoon/anime" style, but one or the other tips can help me. Thank you very much for making this video.
  11. TecnoGamerJW

    Reset Episode 2

    It sounds good to me.
  12. TecnoGamerJW

    Medieval Village

    The shadow and the lighting are beautiful. Nice Work!
  13. Hello everyone , I did not publish the pilot of this series last year here, because I forgot. XD But here it is, after a year (2017), this is a pilot to see if the series would be approved, and the support was positive, so I started to develop it. The series will be made in Spanish, but there is a team that will translate it, part of me. I hope you like the pilot [Activate subtitles] Now some information about the series:
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