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  1. Hello everyone , Well, I wanted to do this dance to Tecno Robot because I enjoy it (Tecno Robot is already a beloved character on my channel ), not because I like fortnite, I was inspired by @mbandersI hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  2. TecnoGamerJW

    Humanized Female Dragon Rig

    Is an anime of Maid Dragons
  3. TecnoGamerJW

    Humanized Female Dragon Rig

    New Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon character confirmed.
  4. TecnoGamerJW

    Confession [Animation] [REMAKE]

    Subtitles added! My work has been finished.
  5. TecnoGamerJW

    Morning!...on the bed :|

  6. TecnoGamerJW

    Mine-imator Community Project?

    I like the idea, but I can only wish you success, since doing this is very difficult. It sounds like it's Toei Animation. Good Luck!
  7. Every year in the forum I remember it by an event.
    2016: no f.a.d
    2017: Many Collabs
    2018: The fight between @Swift and @9redwoods:popcorn:
    I wonder what 2019 will be.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MikTRF


      Oh! I got it! 2019 will be the shipping year! (Please don't kill me for that joke)

    3. Swift


      @MikTRF I hope not, I have seen enough shipping in discord already.

    4. Twotorule


      2019 - The year when people stop complaining about how bad Mine-Imator lighting is because by that time it will actually be good

  8. TecnoGamerJW

    Goku V Herobrine Preview

  9. Today is the deadline for the collab, the total entries have been 16, thank you very much everyone for participating. (Well, the missing ones can still send their entries until i finish editing the collab)


    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      If it isn't too long then tell me, I'll send another entry

    2. TecnoGamerJW


      @JB AnimationsGenerally the animations and this type of things I edit them in a week.

  10. TecnoGamerJW

    Basic F N A F 1 Animatronics V1

    Para las imágenes puede usar "Google Drive", "Dropbox" o "Servimg"
  11. TecnoGamerJW

    Dolphin(Free Willie)

  12. Hello everyone , today I present you a "Teaser" style video where I show my new Face Rig and announcing new ideas and improvements. (A whole day to animated this, lol) I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  13. TecnoGamerJW

    Super Human Models

    Yes, I know it's your first post, but I didn't give you a downvote to your post because it seems good to be the first time, I gave it a downvote to the comment. Please, let's not mess up the subject.
  14. TecnoGamerJW

    Super Human Models

    For something there is the downvote button, because I didn't like what he said.
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