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  1. Modelbench Q&A

    sound great
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    to use this program you need to have a good pc?
  3. Hello everyone, many people in my channel have asked me to do part 3 of the animations of Hello Neighbor in Minecraft, as I want to make part 3 when the final game comes out, then I'll wait, however, I did an expansion of the 2 animations, that's why I call this animation 1.5. It took me three months to finish the animation Many Sony Vegas Stop Working Is an expansion of the previous animations of Hello Neighbor in Minecraft I Put some Easter Eggs, so good luck if you can find them all XD. (In all my animations there is a hidden Markiplier) Note: I hope you like the animation
  4. Pre-release loading problem

  5. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    What...? why...?
  6. Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

    This is going to be super amazing
  7. Yeah I'll be aware when the next update comes out.
  8. As there were no answers in the last 24 I will have to delete the collab and post it another time :( 

    1. CatOnCaffeine


      Didnt fit the requirements to join, sorry D:

    2. TecnoGamerJW


      @CatOnCaffeine No problem, well, does not matter, basicly the collab was mostly to make known the history of various animators of the community and of the world of minecraft animations, and it is also my fault to have made a collab in this holiday season and people Is more busy spending time with her family, having fun, relaxing or doing other animations, maybe re-post in October. ;)

  9. Hello everyone, here is an animation about a Journey Through The animations of my channel, from 2015 to the present, 2017, well, thanks to all those who have supported me since I started animating, I've been in the world of Minecraft animations for 2 years. Very thanks to everyone, subscribers, friends and users of the Mine-imator community. VERY THANKS
  10. Well, I do not understand why I can not get into the Mine-Imator discord group, it says I'm locked, but I've never entered T.T

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Emunator


      Whats your discord name?

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      You don't even want to join, you'll be fine.

    4. TecnoGamerJW


      Well, never mind, I'm happy here :V

  11. Hello everyone, like last year I uploaded an animation about my birthday, today I wanted to do the same, a short animation and here it is, I hope you like it.
  12. Quitting animating, bye!

    I hope you do well, friend, I have always liked your animations and, I'm sorry to sound repetitive, I hope you do well with the programming of video games, I will miss you.
  13. Next Animation :3 [Teaser] DDg1sJoXYAAb4NH.jpg

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