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  1. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Cuphead RIG!

    even if it was skibbz face rig, he wouldnt really need credit, it would still be nice, but not a must
  2. if its possible, id recommend just making a topic then posting 9 status updates

  3. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    (Animation) Magic Duel

    i feel like they are to stiff when using the magic stuff
  4. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    The Confession

    i always liked this clip, but i never wanted it to become sorta popular
  5. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Is The Possible?

    What I thought before trying to build it
  6. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Is The Possible?

    So basicly, if you saw my status update, i changed the SCP movie to a L4D Series. right now im in a pinch, im not too good with giant buildings, sooo im kinda stuck with a ugly looking build. im not to desperate, i just wanna save some time on production for the episodes, with the build, you dont have to do the inside, just leave it hallow for me to build inside here are some refrence images for the build from L4D2 Itself
  7. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Mine-imator Community Project?

    I Could Make Schematics, Not The Best Ones, But It Could Work Maybe
  8. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Advanced Bow and Arrow

    why is this in fourm games, i still like the rig tho
  9. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Cinema 4D Theme Related

    so pretty much you redid the interface that people can make without a download, and put it for download?
  10. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Nightmare Hell Zerg

    Here before downvotes
  11. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    new best wallpaper 2k

    I don’t want to have to say this, but ew. First off, the sky is too bright, you should make it a blue or a slightly lighter blue. Second, what are those poses? I’d recommend making them more cartoony or exaggerated. Third, I would recommend not put the words “best” in the title. Thats all I really need to say.
  12. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    video player for imator for me

    when you render a video it shows you the video as it renders or pressing the |> Button
  13. i'm not too upset about this, but i'm changing the SCP: Movie, to the Left 4 Dead Series, based on the SFM's. the reason i'm doing this is because i STILL haven't got a idea for the movie, and i don't want to delay it much longer also, and SCP movie on mine-imator is a bland idea, its been done to death before.

    now, here's a little info, i'm already starting to set up the assets, ill probably release special infected rigs when i make them sooner or later, here's a pic of the group


  14. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    A Lucky Block Render (Literally)

    that looks really well made im early lol
  15. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    Bread rigs

    you should of done the ones from TF2
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