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  1. in case you missed it because it was at 11:00 pm (maybe later)


    1. jakubg1


      That hasn't gone from the "Recent topics" card, also beware for those who want to check that topic out - gore warning :)

    2. ThatRobloxerGamerYT
    3. jakubg1


      What is that then?

  2. Note: I have improved greatly on this song
  3. it was based of the image, so we kinda replicated it (and it was a competition, so we tried to make a better version than each other.)
  4. Hello, so a today my friend, @Crafting_Ninja27 , was making a wallpaper based on a SuperHOT Promo image, and we somehow started working on our own versions, all we got from eachother were particles, the pistol, and the schematic. Original: Ninja27's Wallpaper: My Wallpaper:
  5. I can’t get on discord due to school WiFi, but @9redwoods stop calling me and the group when some of us are in school, wait till like 4:30 to do a call

  6. the positive: the idea is something thats never been done from what ive seen the negitive: the animation feels kinda stiff, try using transitions more and make the blur less intense
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