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  1. Quick question: why is it that so many people dislike bedrock edition? its just i dont understand and the only reason i got was because of bugs that don't exist. (no i'm not talking about the store with minecoins, i'm talking about vanilla minecraft single player on bedrock

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    2. Swift


      Java servers are just as much as a cash grab as the Bedrock Marketplace is.

      The graphics look just about equal to Java if you have everything on high, plus Bedrock is getting a new render engine.(I am talking about vanilla Minecraft, I know on Java you can get shaders, but you have to externally download them.) 

      Command blocks aren't as powerful as on Java, but seriously when are you gonna have to make Minecraft in a chest like sethbling did, the command blocks aren't very limiting too casual players on Bedrock at all.

      You can turn off GUI animations and it feels just as fast as Java. I can agree with the menu's looking clunky though, but you have to keep in mind it's made for multiple platforms.

      On Bedrock you can play with friends and family even if they are on different platforms, I have always wanted to be able to play with my friends without purchasing a server.

    3. Ghatos


      I tried bedrock a few years ago on a PS3, and I didn't liked it just because I was using a controller on a FPS game (I was used and still used to use a keyboard and a mouse), but I haven't played it enough to see everything 😕

      So yeah I don't like it for a dumb reason, I guess

    4. MojangYang



      with it’s awesome operating system and its xbox

      And its support for MI

      And It’s hate for Notch and Java edition

      And with bill gates away from Microsoft


      Maybe I should use Mac,

      then no MI for me.

      (I have a feeling that I will get downvotes for even considering the good things about Microsoft.

      Meh. Most of us here are windows users)

  2. something id like in this new version is a tab in the program where you can upload an image for a reference so you don't need to go back and forth in tabs
  3. its a mask wore by somebody, eyes dont move in the game, right? i personally want to keep it as close to the game as possible, a crappy looking suit with a creepy mask, rather than a $3500 dollar yellow bunny fursuit
  4. G1DrsTy.png

    T r i p p i n

    1. Ethanial


      That's not very cool of you.

    2. ThatRobloxerGamerYT


      the idea popped up when i was drawing and thought "he looks high af"

  5. theres no audio dumb me had my headphones off
  6. (sorry im kinda late)
  7. Jesus can we talk about the post! who cares if she did something wrong awhile ago! ive done wrong stuff, but i dont get harassed (Atleast not on here.) The rig is very nice! the textures and proportions a well made. the only thing i would fix is eyebrows, you can really just place a cube and put it on the rig's head.
  8. other than that its a nice wallpaper
  9. not 1000% made by you, the face rig and skin you didnt make like you said
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