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  1. Ok wow, i didnt expect to ever hit 700 rep, adding the fact i once had -86 rep.

    1. Prismatic Spirit

      Prismatic Spirit

      -86 rep?! What a hero.

  2. Ok, thank you for clarifying that. i just got ticked off because once i found out the eli posted a similar wallpaper to the one i was making, i always had the thought in my head someone was gonna call it a rip, so i had that whole speech in my head ready to state to anyone trying to pull that wallpaper into this
  3. He doesnt own the idea of going camping with friends.
  4. God damn it i knew it was gonna come to this, I DIDN'T RIPOFF YOUR WALLPAPER ELIPHAZ. I started making the wallpaper, then i posted a WIP, Frost was telling me about your wallpaper which i had never seen, thinking i ripped it, when i was just making a camp setting to give a gift to all my great friends. Just because you made a wallpaper that had something to do with camping does NOT mean i copied you. You can try to prove me wrong all the ways, but i didn't steal your idea. Here are some points to disprove any specific things in the wallpaper 1. Guitars are relaxing, i thought it would fit the setting. 2. Most people sing songs at camp sites. 3. Camping is relaxing to me, so again i thought that would fit the setting. You don't own the idea, so just because i made something similar doesn't mean i ripped you
  5. i'm almost always open to talk, you can just DM me on discord: [REDACTED]
  6. Because its based on a Discord group i own with these friends thats called "A Blursed Land"
  7. "Its nice to go out for a camp with friends." Thank @Frost* For his amazing campfire rig Everything else i made myself All the people in the render: Fray, Slasher, Ant9757, Frost*, a windows boi, Cubic Ralsei, Crafting_Ninja27, TheEmberWing, Me, FlamingFox, And JDButter Animations Thank you all for being amazing friends
  8. Kids Festive Foof Look On
  9. @SinnfulAl Your reply has nothing to do with the post at all.
  10. this was originally made a month ago, i just didnt come around to rendering it till now, i probably should of fixed it
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