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  1. Cubic Ralsei

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

    i was joking dewd also this is like 2 years old and is somehow getting bumped still like what
  2. Cubic Ralsei

    Ethan & Ethan

    Ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan & ethan-
  3. Cubic Ralsei


    logically steve would be falling because he's stomping on the zombie's head and the zombie should be collapsing then steve would fall the blue tone on the shadows is a bit too exaggerated but otherwise it's good
  4. Cubic Ralsei

    3D Muzzle Flash RIG

    hello fellow black mesa scientist, you're welcome here
  5. Cubic Ralsei

    Make soundtrack for your animation for FREE

    That's really nice for you to do for others. Even though I make music myself and I don't need help, that is a great thing to do for others.
  6. Cubic Ralsei

    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Thanks for not seeing the date of that reply
  7. Cubic Ralsei

    Watch out

    I guess you should go with alyx. WaTcH oUt!!11!1!!1!
  8. A feature that would automatically skip frames that look exactly the same while rendering would be quite decent, and it would help alot for people who make stop motion animations.
  9. Cubic Ralsei

    Drift 2 [4K cinematic]

    i don't understand how people achieve such fantastic things either way, it's great
  10. For all you survivors, I'll probably separate episode 5 in 2 parts: the first will be a prologue, and the second will be the actual episode.

  11. Cubic Ralsei

    Low-poly DoubleBarrel Shotgun

    that's not comic sans that's a romanic font- oh i'm on mobile chrome and chrome on mobile blocks comic sans also that's not really low poly, it's still more cubic than low poly but its good
  12. Cubic Ralsei

    Test Animation Physic

    i use folders too but it's too difficult for me to understand how to do this]] meh i'll try replicating that
  13. I can't add any more reactions even if yesterday passed? Something's odd.

    1. 9redwoods


      Maybe it means the past 24 hours?

    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei





      oh wait you're right




      computers are still stupid

  14. Cubic Ralsei

    Silla Gamer

    What an unpractical chair for rolling, you'll just end up falling when trying to roll because there's no wheels!
  15. Cubic Ralsei

    Test Animation Physic

    HOW DID YOU.. tell me ur secrets rite nowwww
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