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  1. small minecraft dungeons spoilers, you have to click to move

  2. Screenshot_20200403-104909_YouTube.jpg


    why does the R in the new logo bother me at an unprecedented level 

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    2. __Mine__



    3. Ghatos


      because the bottom of the R is not aligned with the rest of the word?

    4. Slime


      I think it gives the logo style, so i dont see whats so bad about it.

  3. like mojangyang said, there are many overly conflicting styles, like the skins being 16x but the rest being a mix of a bunch of shapes that don't fit. also the smile on the cowboy looks off
  4. extruding is basically making a surface 3d basically take a flat surface of bricks and make the bricks 3D, that's called extruding seriously though how did you not know that
  5. posing looks like he's about to beat up a rock, there's no stairs which means the guy might fall and bleed, the torches and glowstone's glow look very fake (especially with the torch's wood itself being bright) and lighting looks quite bland also is the shirt literally the "The more you know" star
  6. my first ever time seeing a stream, i told the streamer (which was playing portal) that there was a glitch to noclip where you had to jump into the acid and hold E (which obviously does not exist) 

    somehow the streamer saw what i said and decided to try and do it and he was doing it multiple times thinking he was doing it wrong

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      it actually happened, not an april fools joke

    3. Draco63


      no, I mean was it an april fools joke on him?

    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      nope, just me seeing how a stream works

  7. i love how in these forums you can stalk people by seeing where they're looking etc >:)

  8. some lining up issues in the round edges, but i really like this version of the atari
  9. bending looks strange, face on the man looks creepy, the background is very empty/strange looking, the torch's fire looks very lazily edited in, the wood on the torch is glowing even though only the top should be glowing and the snowflakes look very fake
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