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  1. i actually did not think about that when i made it lol
  2. thought you'd get it but oh well, was referencing gd's practice mode because that's where i know the video's music from
  3. folders really help with doing stuff like this. also applies for other situations like character movement and such
  4. you can use the builtin translations, the ones others have created and ones that you can create. there's sadly no chinese translation for modelbench currently though (searched for them, though you can correct me if i'm wrong), so you could try making it yourself, use something like google translate or wait for someone to make a chinese translation.
  5. you scare me

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i'll take that as a                   

  6. some inconsistencies with the resolution, but this looks really good, keep it up
  7. the amount of people who are illiterate on twitter is unbelievable

    1. Draco63


      the amount of people who are illiterate on the internet is unbelievable

  8. just found out when you press windows + (number), it'll open the app of that number on the taskbar

    1. Draco63



      yet another interesting and helpful fact that I'll probably never use

  9. Cubic Ralsei


    go to your settings, go in the interface section and change the color scheme
  10. there's alot of shadow glitches that caught my attention before the scene itself did. banding and shadow lines mostly, try redoing the lighting or something
  11. and many clashing texture resolutions
  12. disable the SSAO, make the shadow quality higher, lower the blur on the shadows and for the edge glow, i'd recommend making a gradient texture to put on the edges of the character's body parts. nice wallpaper though! the posing is a bit stiff and the camera angle looks a bit off, but this is still good!
  13. this happened to me on my good PC, but for some reason this doesn't happen at all on the trash pc that i'm currently using. might be another one of these "works on that computer but doesn't work on the other" type situations that mostly happen on indie games/programs
  14. you mean the alpha glitch? simply turn up render depth. camera effects may not show up in there though, but it works
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