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  1. that one who hates minecraft on the linus tech tips site should learn that other types of characters are extremely complicated to animate, and yes that guy really looks like he does not understand animations, but he also looks like he doesn't know how criticism works either. also the linus tech tips site is really not a site for mine imator animations
  2. me before:

    hey anyone want some milk?

    me now:

    hey anyone want some poms or whatever it's called, that soft drink that tastes like apple and that looks like champaigne?

  3. Hiding things under shadows could be a pretty cool thing. It could kinda make people able to imitate the normal map effect using a custom texture on a surface, making it repeat, and enabling the hide under shadows thing. I don't think it'd be that useful but it would be kinda cool to experiment with.
  4. Wait, that's illager (oh god i make the most terrible puns in the world)
  5. Do you really think anyone is gonna use any other vehicle than the tractor? Sheesh.
  6. can you make a photorealistic despacito spider rig
  7. this is how i think people could make bendable extrusions (without acm): 


    use a highres default texture

    make a cube on each surface and UV map it to each pixel of the extrusion (every single cube for every single pixel)

    and that's the only way i can think of it other than item sheets

    1. Rawami


      Normally in the 1.0 of ModelBench it'll be fixed.

  8. Stairs... Stairs... Stairs. What are they? This building has them, this one has them. This thing? Too many. Bad to go upstairs. This? It might have them. We just don't know. Stairs are mysterious like that. Whats this big stair? Is it for very big people? Scientists are working night and day to find the answer. Stairs are also... Spooky. They can sometimes be too high and will make you be scared of heights. And they should never ever collapse when you walk on them. If yours ever do, don't hesitate to call your local fire deparment. Stairs! Heres a fun experiment you can do at home: Pull on a wish stair with your friend or a love one. When it breaks, who ever gets the bigger fall gets to make a wish. I suggest wishing for knowledge... About stairs. You can then drop off your findings at your local stairs chapel. With your help, perhaps we can uncover the mystery of what these dumb things really are.
  9. (it's an edited version so he's kinda right) also nice model btw, now i can recreate the high ground!
  10. all the characters have that beginner like pose and as @Mineshaft Animation said, herobrine isn't that cool, relevant or original anymore. the lighting is also apparently just a point light somehow not making shadows on certain objects? but hey at least it doesn't look that bad
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