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  1. Second entry by Jminerbot: https://www.mediafire.com/file/475n6mtyvs7eqdk/The_Action_Crossover_Collab.rar/file
  2. You could try using some easing (transitions). You could also try making your own walk cycle.
  3. Bees, there's a lot of bees everywhere

  4. Minecraft's so-called "upcoming" "RTX" looks pretty faked. The movement in the gameplay video looks like it's from another game and the graphics don't even look like raytracing that much, it looks more like lowres cubemaps, goldsrc shadows and some sunrays slapped on.

    1. crustyjpeg


      honestly it just looks bad


      t's too dark in shaded aareas and the sunlight is this awful grey-yellow color

      all the more reason to play java, where you can have good-looking rtx with optifine/shaders

    2. Voxy


      The thing is, while RTX can be used to calculate many behaviors of light, developers usually don't implement them all to improve performance.

      In Minecraft's case, RTX is used for global illumination, volumetrics and reflections, and gameplay footage shows that it's actually updating in real-time and thus, is not baked. In fact, there are a lot of temporal artifacts still, so it's clearly a work in progress.

      I do agree it looks bad, but that's probably bad artistic decisions, with dull colors and ugly materials. But since custom textures are fully supported (in fact, some footage of the game running such textures actually looks pretty great), and players will be able to build their own RTX-powered shaders, this is promising nonetheless. Hell, maybe by the time it actually ships, they will take the time to polish the default shaders.

  5. there are some songs that use text to speech robotic sounds and it's so wonderful

  6. me: knows the entirety of english:

    spelling bee: welcome to the spellygne bii, our furst word is a underwotter animoal. how do you spell "wall"?

  7. oh lord i just can't say any feedback
  8. You could resize the window down and see the results maybe, it probably happens because of your resolution
  9. a tragomedy happened in the action crossover collab discord server

  10. It's been a very very big while since there has ever been a MI collab so i decided to host this collab. The theme is fairly obvious: Action. The date is the 20th of September of 2020. We stormed Area 51 but we did not find them aliens; instead we only found them planes. Some guy called Jex (also known as Cubic Ralsei) decided to storm "White Mesa", a random facility that seemingly has them aliens we were looking for apparently. The concept of this collab is different from other collabs: Instead of using a project and making an animation on it and then the host makes a compilation video, it's actually people passing each other the link of the project they have made and add their own entries after each other, similar to wallpaper collabs. Entries all follow the same story but in different perspectives. Rules: Do not edit previous entries without the permission of whoever owns the entry they did. Editing lighting, adding detail, scenery and others is completely allowed! The lighting on the collab was quite rushed. Your entries must have something to do with action/stealth (obviously). Music and sound effects are allowed You are allowed to take characters from other entries and use it in yours (except if the owner of the entry does not accept it) Max entries per person: 5 You can't have an entry just after your own entry Max time for an entry: 1 minute Max characters per entry: 3 Deadline: Not planned (yet) Q&A: "What do I do if my rig/model is private and I don't want do share it?" Make your entry without the rig and DM me the rig that is private. If the rig is not based around an existing model in MI (or the model is private too and uses completely different body part names), I actually don't know what to do, I'll try a solution maybe. Preview of the first entry (intro entry): Credits: Me: Resource pack and main map layout @Ian_The_One for building things like the vault door and also detailing some parts of the map Whoever participates David and the devs for making this possible Discord server: https://discord.gg/SR5mf8R Download (second entry) project by Jminerbot
  11. foosball is my favorite sport
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