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  1. you seem quite new to mine imator, are you sure you're not overwhelming yourself with this amount of episodes?
  2. unknown.png 

    time to flex

  3. are you on the main account on your computer or on another one?
  4. let's put some cream on top of 2020, maybe that'll fix it

    1. DragonPixel


      no dude we need FIBRE FIX

  5. for some reason sometimes i act like i don't know about something even though i do 


    am i the only guy who does that?

    1. Gfamleit


      i do that occasionally

    2. Rabbitman
    3. insanehelix7076


      no there are 7 billion people out there so there are definitely more people who do that

  6. we should make a separate forum containing super tall and wide characters instead of chibi gacha life dudes

  7. you can still load things in previous versions, luckily. expect some corruption in the nether though when diong that
  8. it seems like you need to put a bit more distance between the start and end keyframe, i checked it out with a similar keyframe distance to yours and all i had to do was distance the end keyframe.
  9. if you mean convert a rig to a json format, it's impossible. you can use programs like blockbench to make json models though
  10. $25000 irl: wow i can buy myself a luxurious car!

    $25000 in videogames: i'm gonna buy an apple with that

    1. Draco63


      single apple. probably not even ripe.

  11. you mean like reflection as in like, water and stuff, or pose flipping?
  12. Cubic Ralsei

    The Cave

    the mushrooms being unaffected by light is pretty distracting
  13. Cubic Ralsei

    Starting Blocks Rig

    modelbench could be conventional for shapes like this, since there's alot of stretched textures here
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