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  1. I will never dance. I am a horrible one.
  2. Oi, Hozq’s upper body is floating in the darkness. Upvote engages.
  3. You maintained your promise, my friend. Now to put this rig in the list for horror menus.
  4. Well, I am too lazy to animate ANTLERS.

    But I am making another horror menu.

  5. I am the creator of my own polls. Is there a rule that says a creator cannot vote on his/her own creation?
  6. When I will be done with my ANTLERS horror animation, I will work forward another weapon rig, but this will be community-decided. Please be aware before clicking any of the choices.
  7. Alright, the winners of the Skullcrusher giveaway are:





    Congratulation, winners! Expect your prize soon! 

  8. so dark or should i say... so dank
  9. I got a BONE to pick with you, little human...

    Bone GUN to pick with you, little human being....

  10. But not me i am not special edit: how did you and others use his rigs?
  11. You may be the only person to use Jnick's rigs, so that means.... you are a special person
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