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  1. Alright alright enough. Looks like @Frost* won the competition! Don't worry, my fren, your wallpaper will come soon, but not soon enough
  2. Xd srry couldn't add you. Forgot about it. Already did a exclusive one for you. Remember the birthday?
  3. Don't tell others to vote for you. That's against the rules in here.
  4. Dunno why. I had the spot light straight to his face.
  5. (Slap forehead) Ay, you guys are 3rd person-viewed.....
  6. Let's see.....who wants this user to have his/her own exclusive wallpaper from me?
  7. You said you would make a new profile pic of me cuz it looks old. Should I try it to me?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MineWallpaper
    3. MineWallpaper


      Can you tip me about Star Wars: The Last Stand? Got a feeling I need a pro wallpaper guy ­čśĽ

    4. Frost*


      Well, I'm not a pro wallpaper guy but I'll try.

  8. Hidrax, you are now behaving in a manner of insolence, disrespect, and immaturity. 

    Shame on you.

    1. Ian_The_One
    2. __Mine__


      You don't need to be so harsh, he was thrown out of glass┬á­čśĹ

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