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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to mbanders in The Apartment Collab   
    The Apartment Collab!
    Thank you for your participation.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to napatgolf in M4 Carbine rig   
    1.1:fixed sight and made trigger into folder
    first rig not much detail like gun barral and mag eject ehhhhh
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    ZephyrAnimations got a reaction from Dark_Elytra in 3D Sun and Moon (Textures By Me)   
    Topic bumpers.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Skjold in Yoshi Hunter Animations Intro   
    I've got just the thing for this!
    At least it didn't have dubstep.
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    ZephyrAnimations got a reaction from RiggedPixels11 in An Outdoor Christmas Party   
    Nice wallpaper. Would give upvote if it weren't for the reputation thing.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Twotorule in R E A L I T Y - Concept 6 Poster   
    You should wait to start until the new bending comes out. Then you can do twists and stuff.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Voxy in Dev update #12 part 2: A bright future and Modelbench news   
    (I had to work with a buggy, laggy build to make this header, you guys should better appreciate it.)
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Nimi in Dev update #12 part 2: A bright future and Modelbench news   
    Hello fellow creators! 
    As many of you may know by now, I'm now a Mine-imator developer. Now to kick things off, I've been planning a big update since I discontinued the Community Build mod. And now since I stopped a (rather popular) mod of Mine-imator, I didn't want to leave its features hanging and to never be seen by the world again, so I've decided to put them aside for the next major update.
    Now that's not all I have planned, due to a ton of requests for better graphics in Mine-imator, I've decided to make the next update themed(at face value) around just that. Some things to expect in the next major update:
    Bloom effect for the camera.(Remade completely, look at image above by @Voxy.) Glow effect option for various objects. And other various unnamed post processing effects coming to the camera.  There are some other things I have planned, but that should be enough to reveal about the next major update for now. There is currently no ETA for the next major update as it has not entered development yet. The next major update will begin development once David is finished with 1.1.5 and Modelbench has been released to the public.
    Now about Modelbench, it will not be released this month. It'll be released sometime after 1.1.3 so it will contain the new bending mechanics as David revealed in part 1 of this dev update.
    So in a nutshell, an update with Community Build features and new graphics is planned and Modelbench will be released sometime after Mine-imator 1.1.3. This update will take awhile due to having to wait till it can be started, and how long it'll take to make so until then, happy animating and happy holidays!
    < Part 1
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Red in Dev update #12 part 1: 2017 in a nutshell and flexible Steves   
    So we're stuck with the pinch bending? Why not add that in as another option, like sharp and smooth joint bending is?
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to david in Dev update #12 part 1: 2017 in a nutshell and flexible Steves   
    Greetings animators!
    Now that 2017 is starting to wrap up, I’d say it’s a good time to look back at the journey Mine-imator has taken throughout the year and what lies ahead.
    First and foremost, I’ve been mentoring @Nimi about the technicalities and responsibilities of Mine-imator development, and I’d say that at this point he’s ready to take over the role of bringing you all better experience using Mine-imator onwards. He’s got some very exciting things lined up for Mine-imator next year, which are teased further in part 2 of this dev update.
    After being in development since spring and a series of somewhat buggy pre-releases, the 1.1.0 update finally arrived, bringing major changes to how Minecraft assets are stored and used by the program. Some improvements were also made to the scenery, blocks and mobs to speed up workflow, and a few other neat bonuses like 3D text and model importing added an extra spark to animations. Thank you all for checking out the pre-releases and your help with bug squashing!
    Now, as a final parting gift before Nimi takes the wheel of future updates, I have gone through the effort of completely re-inventing the bending mechanic that Mine-imator uses for various body parts. This means that in the near future, body parts will have a more proper bending effect (with pinching and texture stretching) and actually be able to bend in more directions at once!
    See it in action below!
    These features will be available in the upcoming 1.1.3 patch, which will arrive shortly after Minecraft’s 1.13 update (estimated release early mid 2018), and of course support the new Minecraft map format and blocks as well.
    Last but not least, happy holidays! Now let’s get hyped for 2018!
    PS. Happy 5th birthday forums! 
    Part 2 >
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Sticknub in The Dab Situation   
    So, this is a submission for Anxious Cynic's weekly compilation. His theme was, "cringey", so I did a very cliche plot because I was rushed to do it in under two hours. Moral: Never procrastinate, ever.
     Anyways, here's the video.
    I realized some flaws in terms of realistic movement, sorry about that.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to AnimateTHIS in The Dab Situation   
    oof. That is some cringe right there
    But remember D.A.B stands for Destroy.All.Bacteria
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to -StickyMations- in Suggestion, will help YouTubers.   
    Use this, it tells you where to put stuff in the banner:
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Ninja Dino in Christmas Chaos Collab | By Ninja Dino   
    The Christmas Chaos Collab
    Welcome to the Christmas Chaos collab. The objective is simple, you must make an animation of a present entering Steve's house and showing all the wacky stuff he got for Christmas this year. Anything can happen.

    How to join:
    -Comment saying that you're joining
    -Download THIS FILE and animate it (Or download THIS for the object form)
    -PM the finished result to me in the form of a YouTube Video or media fire download
    -Extremely bad entries, or entries that don't make sense will not be added to the collab
    The due date is December 20th
    Feel free to ask me any questions down below.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Rollo in Add It On Collab 2   
    @Sticknub Since I was last in line you're supposed to use the download link on my post, which is near the middle of this page of the thread. Then you add something small to it, that doesn't cover up anything anyone else did (which is kinda hard if you're trying to put what you want in the foreground). You don't change camera position or lighting, or anything anyone else made. Then you post a reply to the topic with a download link for a zip file of the new project file, and also add the picture itself, which you know how to do.
    Finally, since @ZephyrAnimations is next, I would tag him at the end of your post.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to MicroPon3YT Animations in Anthro Wolf Rig V2 [PREVIEW]   
    The body will be working on once Modelbench has been released
    The V2 of my anthro rig which the V1 anyone has been complaining about the face and disproportionate bodies
    so decided to improve it
    Welp here it is, what it looks like:

    Criticism and suggestions are appreciated

    *Still flat faced*
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    ZephyrAnimations got a reaction from Twelvie in R E A L I T Y - Concept 5   
    very offtopic VV
    Back to on-topic.
    Anyways, again, great work Cade. Best work so far, keep it up, obviously. As always, your work in Mine-imator always amazes me. insert  spam here
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to StarFX in R E A L I T Y - Concept 5   
    i know i'm late but
    Skibbz Fans be like
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Craftman780 in Rick And Morty Portal Gun Rig (Mineimator) With Download   
    Despite only seeing one episode of the show Rick And Morty a while back, I have decided to make the portal gun from the show. I am very happy with how it turned out!
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6hzewjyfc7os6mk/Rick_and_Morty_Portal_Gun_Rig.zip
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Nimi in [4k] Nostalgia   
    I was bored so I remade the beta screenshot of Mine-imator in 1.1.2.

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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to ILatentKitsuneI in R E A L I T Y - Concept 5   
    just a prank bro
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Tomas1O1 in R E A L I T Y - Concept 5   
    R E A L I T Y 5 in a nutshell:
    Sitting on a road
    A Person walking
    Chasing a person
    falls over
    a tree
    more trees
    sad guy
    crying guy
    More explosions
    Eye lost
    Not really
    Elmo guy killing guy
    Sad edgy person
    A bunch of losers on a poster
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to fearlessDreamer in Testing SKIBBZ's Lightroom (4K)   
    Really nothing much, just some posing practice to get me back into M-I.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to david in [CLOSED] BUG: MI 1.1.0 & 1.1.1: Watermark is not working   
    Thanks, it is infact being rendered, but outside the screen!  I'll fix this...
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Rollo in Samsung Galaxy s8 Rig   
    The texture of the Samsung logo has transparency on the edges and it looks weird, but alright rig overall.
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