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  1. @Cubic actually what I mean is that the first block is... what it is. The second block could be some kind of subtraction from the first block, so if you have a scenery where you place in a cube wall, then you took this imaginary "subtraction cube" that cube would take over the first cube and remove (subtract) whatever basic geometrical object it comes in contact with. So when you look thru this hole, you see what is on the other side. I do not know if the Alpha glitch can do that (I have to study on the topic) @Foxtrot Something like that if that is possible to do the whole way thru? I have not spent time with Roblox though, so I did not know it was possible, ... //Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Hello (again) So I have played with Mine Imator a short time. One suggestion I have, is to have a set of the same basic geometry objects you have already in Mine-Imator, but... ehhm I try to explain. Let's say you place a Cube (a very simple house) and you color it, then you figure out you wish to have some kind of window in it, it would be so easy to just take another cube with extruding/exclusion functionality, place it in the wall of the first Cube and voila there would be a see thru hole, or if you wanted a round hole in your Cube? It might be tricky with blocks/geometry figures with textures perhaps... but it would be nice for solid color objects I think... //Thank you, for letting me spread my Ideas.
  3. @Nimi thanks for the clarification! That is sad, as what I can tell from the Game Makers studio marketplace, there seems to be scripting support, but it comes with a price.... Money! @9redwoods Thanks for your input, however I can't seem to read anything? perhaps a browser error?
  4. Now I ned to stress that I am in no way a "Game maker Studio" expert, however I read somewhere that there was a function called script_execute(scr, arg0, arg1, arg2, ...); Could that not be used as an external scripting mechanism? [object = object or folder] lets say that the animator has the opportunity to ID certain objects and set an object flag scriptable (just like the flag glow and the like) and is called at every keyframe of the object if set. If the flag is set and the ID also is set perhaps a custom script could be called (actually preloaded befored called) let say the script is called id<_of_the_object>.gml and is called with arg0 containing the current time location in the animation, I assuming the script loaded have full access to the "engine" Mine Imator is using when loaded, and therfore could manipulate the animation in realtime, for example create custom move cycle, or custom explode thing or what not.... The reason for a argumented timelocator is so the script could select between multiple timelocators in the script anyway, just a suggestion, the implementation idea might be completely wrong...
  5. Is this project halted? Tried it out, and what is there seems to work. But... There are a few issues I would like to adress keyboard::Backdel, when editing names or for that matter values to an object. The backdel deletes the whole object and not only the name and/or value itself, So you suddenly have removed a couple of hours of work. Solution:: Only the active/focused control or object should receive keyboard input control (set an active flag when selected and clear all other), if the focused control recive a tab or shift tab it should jump to the next control and set active/focus on that, operations should only be allowed on controls/objects with the active flag set. Future suggestion I am sure you already are thinking about: Support for othe Mine imator objects like: cylinder, cone, ... //Just a small feedback and thanks for the awesome application.
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