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    "Send out the signal and I'll fly low, If it means the death of me, I won't let goAnd if I'm lost in the worlds shadows, I'll use the light that comes to meFrom your halo" I won't let go...
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    Random stuff pack 3

    yay more random stuff and stuff 1. Elgur 2. pikachu 3. The idk what it is 4. 3d painting (i was lazy so i made only one) 5. Teacup 6.flower pot 7. pencil 8. Marker holder 9.tabel 10.books 1 together 2 separated 11. cap (not so visible in pic sorry) 12.Chair (tiny) 13. Bench 14. Alex with robo arm (idk y dnt ask) 15. Nether knight (based off on mob d.hehe) About: Nether Knight The Nether Knight is a mini boss that occasionally spawns in Nether biomes. Their four shields provide strong protection against many kinds of attacks. Be careful when fighting these knights, they have the ability to summon reinforcements when they take damage! Their shields can also sometimes cause fire damage when they block an attack. When defeated, the knight can drop some Blaze Rods. You also have a possibility for them to drop one of their shields.(i tried) Download no need to credit if used even tho it would be nice.
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    -Dimension shift effect

    Starts shift effect shift end effect
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    MD Rigpack renders spoiler! (there's one mob you maybe haven't seen even from the game trailer, so I think it counts as spoiler) I post these render on twitter one render perday from last wednesday... (I know no one cares lol, just saying) what do you think about my renders?iv widget
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    ItsAlz Creation

    RedCreeper Chan [4K]

    Just go to the point
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    Not buying an Xbox Series X unless they come in translucent purple plastic
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    i dont think i wanna know
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    Looks like colored cubes poorly rigged together. Something like this may be fun to create. I may take you up on that.
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    I made this wallpaper a couple of minutes agon, and thought I could maybe post it here. I feel proud of it and I'd like to hear your opinions I apologize for not being Minecraft related ! http://fav.me/ddw5vtt
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    Hey guys! I know I haven't posted a new ACM in a while. Before the new Modelbench I couldn't add or change anything, and after the new Modelbench basically everyone was able to make fully extruded rigs/models. But I still kept saving ideas on how to make a better ACM than the previous one (v3) and I recently felt like I had enough features and ideas to make the next ACM. This one is special to me, because I made it using the techniques I use on my own characters' models So, here it is, the Advanced Character Model: Special (ACM:S) ! Important stuff ! - Import the .miproject file! (Called "ACMS Steve.miproject" and "ACMS Alex.miproject") - No credit needed, but would be appreciated. - To show fingers, toggle the visibility of Right/Left Fingers and Right/Left Wrist 4. Pros and Cons (relative to v3): Pros: - Bends are now limited and not sensitive - The model is not laggy in unrendered mode (still somewhat laggy in rendered mode) - Realistic ankles - Alex fingers have 2 bend points instead of 1 - Removed controllers for easier use Cons: - It's pretty much the same as v3, except not as laggy so I guess no cons? Images: Overview: Body straight and bent: Ankle bend (These are the ankles that I usually use): Fingers (Here you can see the alex fingers having 2 bends): Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gcywb927xcesp9l/ACMS.zip/file
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    SoundsDotZip Facial Rig Version 1 Hey guys, I made a new facial rig and this is my best one so far! It works similarly to other facial rigs, with some additions. Pros: - Smooth curved mouth (easy to use) - Smooth eyelids - Organised - Easy recolouring Cons: - Stuff can clip if used incorrectly - It looks best on flat shaded skin colours Important: When scaling the base model up with the face on it, select whatever you need to select on the base + the "Top/Bottom Teeth Origin" parts. They have inherit scale off, this way the teeth look better when opening the mouth. Some facial expressions made with them A tutorial video on how to use the rig Things that changed after the video: - Parts that should not be used are locked now - Some areas have been tweaked to look better - Pupils are brighter for more accurate colours - Mouth inside part is not locked at a red colour, it can be changed now Credit is not needed when used in an animation or render, but you must credit me when making a public rig! Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8q5kzprksu8i0o6/SoundsDotZip_Facial_Rig_V.1.zip/file
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    Recreation near the mountains

    Please rate the art
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    A Tribute to Rick May

    "That was a Hell of a Campaign son"
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    RedCreeper Chan [4K]

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    You ever just have ideas for stuff but no drive or motivation for it?
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    Realistic Scenery Rig Pack 1.3

    Anyone can use this. ANYONE. I don't even care if you don't provide credit. This is to help people. Custom particles and Realistic scenery can be requested just through a PM. NEW WITH 1.3 Realistic rain Rain splashes Realistic explosion Hello. Many of you asked for a 'tutorial' on what I did in so I ma here to release a rig pack that will help you make your scenery more realistic, instead of that boring 'nothings happening' scenery. Here is a demonstration. sony rays not included, done in vegas pro 12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJej9qwKugc&feature=youtu.be What's included in this pack? Ground Textures (E.g. Fallen leaves, sticks, paper etc) Objects Particles Sky Textures DOWNLOAD 1.96MB (Version 1.3 | 8 Dec. 2014) Happy Customers: IGN- 10/10- Oh wait, it's not COD? 6/10 Polygon- 10/10 The Man- 10/10 (Don't argue with me) Bob- 10/10 Ocelot - Meow/10 AwesomeShah- 11/10 TS2833- *enough to use this for every animation*/10 Avalon- 6/5 jerkboi2001- Mayo/42 Animator_Of_Awesmeness- 11/Mine-imator 1.0.0 Stevenrobson- 99999/10 GasCreeper- Bacon/10 Oddities- 2.0.0/1.0.0
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    Sharing is caring

    https://imgur.com/9RT7lHE anyways, I started blasting
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    Steve Ascendance

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    Hope you guys like it.
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    Fantasy house [wallpaper 4K]

    Credit: texture: Conquest reforged, Dokucraft and dokuStash Insect: @Milix_Dr3AM[FR]
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    "look at this rig that i made!"
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    morning call

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