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  1. 2d intro for Lapis (Mine-Imator)

  2. 2d intro for Lapis (Mine-Imator)

  3. Another typical intro, for @Lapis Productions
  4. 2D animation

    It should be already on your pc if you use Windows.
  5. 2D animation

    No, this is Microsoft Excel
  6. 2D animation

    Please ignore the title. I made this a while ago but forgot to post it. Thanks for attention.
  7. Ultimate Attack Collab

    This triggered me for some reasons
  8. 2D intro for Niety

    Believe or not, this is mine-imator, ugh, ye...
  9. Glowing Sword Rig

    The Z-fighting tho...
  10. [4k] A world of color

    No orange sheep? well shet. also i think the way Alex is holding the pickaxe is weird. But whatever, this is amazing
  11. ProjectPlexi (Discord Bot)

  12. New rig I guess...


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Husky Gurl
    3. Minecraftvinnyq


      Hmm...can't tell if that's a really big knife or a really small sword.

    4. ThatSuperSaiyanStar
  13. So, uh, ya'll should know @Dannyboi So... In his latest wallpapers, if you look closer, you can see @BloxxerCreeperDTC... But anyways, we made a "joke" in my discord server (idk if you can call it joke) And i was bored so i made this. "WhatDoesDannyThinkWhenHeMakesWallpapers.png" (does that even makes any sense lol) You can ignore this if you want, thank you. My previous thingy Btw imgur might have made few of them darker again ;-;
  14. Choppa Floppa [4K]

    I see my future right there.
  15. [2K-ish] Simplicity

    Maybe you didn't get the joke. I mean it's noice.
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