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  1. I thought the land is a whale for a sec. Nice wallpaper tho
  2. This is actually pretty cool I like it
  3. Why is it shaking Dont kill me pls
  4. I don't really know why i made this


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jovan0896
    3. Emaniplex


      Wait wait wait wait wait, it's... smooth??

      Where do I invest?!

    4. Enchantek
  5. Alright, but i don't think they will ever end.
  6. Probably, i mean yeah. But i don't promise that i will make it (cuz i already have a lot of requests)
  7. I love how that guy hidded his comments lmao
  8. I don't really like gaining subs like that. I'd like to have subscribers that enjoy (or just are interested) my content, not the ones that have subscribed only because i made them intro. Cuz, who knows, maybe you will unsubscribe after i make you an intro, or just stay inactive. But, if i will have time, i might. (i have 26 requests atm, so i'm not sure.)
  9. Another intro... (for @phoenixbasher) pls laik and subskreb
  10. Only the sky color might make me think it's not MI. But.. it does...
  11. That... Hurts... My feelings.. (i hate the door)
  12. Talking to the wall everyday... Jup that's me!
  13. What the heck dude, so to give critism you gotta be better than the creator? I think that's bit.... ya know....
  14. Why do you use cubes to make the rig, i mean... use alpha glich or make a holes in the skin and fill them with cubes and other stuff. You are just putting blocks on it's face, that's not how you should rig. But okay...
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