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  1. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    well aware, i was just trying to provide a counterargument to those discouraging you or telling you to hold off until a later date. back on topic: while this isn't really a rock song, i think everybody's rooftop run would be a decent candidate for a collab.
  2. What kind of song for a Minecraft Multi Animator Project?.?

    hiendeip does have a valid point, your reputation generally affects the amount of people that would want to join your map/musical collab. ethan, also does have somewhat of a point. it's a good idea to make original content instead of making something derivative, but this is a forum for a minecraft themed animation program so you're already making something derivative by default. however, i don't believe that originality or reputation should stop you from hosting or making said collab if you really wish to do so. it could be a good lesson in managing such a project or recruiting animators to join said project. you just have to make sure you (and the team you've assembled) push out a quality product.
  3. Ask Sky anything

    is the answer to this question no
  4. How To sky night is moon in C4D?

    an upcoming project related to mine-imator. i simply decided to mention it because a pre-release will be available soon
  5. How To sky night is moon in C4D?
  6. How To sky night is moon in C4D?

    you can use whatever program you want, however this is the mine-imator support forums, not the cinema 4d support forums. if you want to share whatever you've made in cinema 4d, fine. but we don't provide support for people who don't use mine-imator or modelbench.
  7. How To sky night is moon in C4D?

    we don't use cinema 4d 'round here best look somewhere else kid
  8. "Feel Warm"

    i don't feel very warm
  9. Mini Outdoor Pool

    das a good pool right there
  10. probably the weirdest animation ever

    0/10 not weird enough
  11. Look at this graph

    when i say go be ready to throw
  12. Look at this graph

    Every time I do it makes me graph.
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