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  1. KeepOnChuckingThingsOutTheWindow

  2. Well... The movements are stiff, the text is difficult to read, the music doesn't fit, the audio isn't mixed correctly, the DOF blur size is enormous, the scenery is bland, there's little to no story arc or character development/backstory, there's things clipping all over the place, the skin styles are all different, there's video game characters in the background for no particular reason, and you're telling everyone to subscribe and like regardless of if they like your content... Other than that, it's the greatest animation that has ever been created.
  3. Yes, that is what you're doing. Having the torches lit would have made for a more effective showcase.
  4. *ahem* no
  5. You could scale the apple down to 0. Either smoothly, which might look good, or use an instant transition to make it disapear instantly.
  6. What's the point of that? All you're really doing is missing out on a possibility for some subtle and visually appealing lighting.
  7. 0/10 nobody stole a mountain.
  8. Last I checked, this was the only cave schematic.
  9. @Keep on Chucking You need to try this again after you get your laptop. And then let me play.
  10. Not so much overedited, it's a much more distinct style as opposed to ridiculous glow. I like it.
  11. There is no rank system. Unless you mean the blurb under your rep count. That's just what Frossa does in his spare time.
  12. springbonnie

    This has been said time and time again. Even if it had nothing to do with fad, this would still be a poor rig.
  13. No sound, too many jaggies... Concept is good, if overused.
  14. That rapid zoom gave me motion sickness.
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