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  2. Pixel_Lime

    What is in the Cave? (Animation)

    This is a prologue, the animation itself begins after the character fell to the ground and woke up. You can fantasize what happened in the prologue, there are no images, but there are sounds. I do not know if it was a good idea ... But this was my idea!
  3. In the animation there is a bit of glitches, is a failure when rendering, sorry.
  4. Pixel_Lime

    Team Madbox

    I can join?
  5. Pixel_Lime

    Run//EE (Minecraft Art)

    DeviantArt: https://jorydit.deviantart.com/art/Run-EE-Minecraft-Art-721739823
  6. I watched your videos and tried to replicate something, i also put your Walk Cycle, it helped me a lot in creating animation.
  7. My first big animation, before that I had animations for 15 seconds. I do not want to do a long description, just watch this video.
  8. Pixel_Lime

    Automatic Gunshot Particles

    Over 9000 facepalm (about animation).
  9. Pixel_Lime

    A Random Christmas Render

    This light too blue
  10. I decided to just remove the glass from the world and re-create schematic, and then manually put blocks of glass, this is too long, but it fixes my problem.
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