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  1. "Star Wars: The Fall of the Jedi" Wallpaper

    It's So beautiful.
  2. Automatic Gunshot Particles

    Over 9000 facepalm (about animation).
  3. A Random Christmas Render

    This light too blue
  4. I decided to just remove the glass from the world and re-create schematic, and then manually put blocks of glass, this is too long, but it fixes my problem.
  5. I cannot fix this in any way, always when i rendering at night timeset, through the glass sky is white.
  6. Customizable Alex Rig

    Make the Sheep's looks like as in the Bedrock Edition.
  7. Rise Again (GIF)

    I do not understand.
  8. Snowing Outside [WP]

    Without photoshop looks more beautiful.
  9. Just outside the window [2k collection]

    I hate HD textures, but this textures so cool! What is the name of this Resource Pack?
  10. The Night | 2K Wallpaper

    Not bad.
  11. [Wallpaper] Nothing Special Really

    Too bad rendering.
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