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  1. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    This topic is dead.
  2. Hey guys! I started my own server at rushgames.mcserv.me! Come and join!

    (1.12.2 CraftBukkit Factions Server with Multiverse)


  3. monster fight test

    Just to let you know, if you were try to join earlier, the server's back up now. If you wanna know everything about it go to this thread.
  4. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    Server's back online! Come and play!
  5. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    Sure, just please don't abuse.
  6. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    The server is a 1.12.2 Spigot Factions server. It's mainly just a way for me to connect to people in Minecraft.
  7. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    Ok... Not the best reply I was looking for but ok...
  8. monster fight test

    lol since your here I'm extremely lonely, join my minecraft server You don't have to at rushgames.mcserv.me or I'll assassinate you. Not really.
  9. My NEW Server! [BACK ONLINE!]

    Lol. I actually paid for this. So join if ya want to!
  10. Hey guys! I got a new server started up! If you wanna play, come and play! [Version: 1.12.2 CraftBukkit] Keep in mind that this is a WIP server and is not finished! IP: rushgames.mcserv.me
  11. Hey guys! I'm back! This time I bring you an interactive animation where your goal is to escape! Keep in mind that this is a WIP and not finished! (I had to use cards cause Annotations were removed. Cri. ) [New Server! rushgames.mcserv.me]
  12. monster fight test

    O mi god this is so epic! Nice job!
  13. Hey guys! Sorry for my absence in MI. Here's a fresh new animation just for you! Any feedback or criticism in the comments is appreciated!
  14. Another Test Animation

    Wut? Sorry my brain hasn't the power to process. Mind being more specific?
  15. Face Rig

    You did! Thanks!
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