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  1. jailrush

    Creeper Issues.

    bruh this is so gud. minecon is garbage without dis.
  2. jailrush

    Backflip test

  3. I was up yesterday watching some Dargan Bawl Zee when I decided to search "minecraft dragon ball animation" on YouTube. I saw "Goku vs. Herobrine" in the results and watched it. It was preeety terrible... I thought to myself and said, "How can I make this better?" So I did! It's kind of like a remake of it. This is my first attempt at making a "short" animation atleast 2 minutes long. Hope you enjoy and be sure to leave feedback!
  4. jailrush


    That's the entire point Never have I ever received this many downvotes XD. All I have to do is post something everybody hates and they go spazamazitron on that downvote button lmao.
  5. jailrush


  6. jailrush

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    I fixed that. Server is now playable for people who aren't OPed. (I see you are using beta textures)
  7. jailrush

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    Oh sorry actually. I actually sleep in alot considering it's the summer and I'm a tween. Right now it's 3:58 PM for me.
  8. jailrush

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    You guys I'm really sorry about that I wasn't online at the time. Please don't join the server when it's the middle of the night for me. Sorry I really am. I am on the server right now to fix any issues you might've had. I'm sorry dude. I'll fix these issues when you join back. I'm on right now.
  9. jailrush

    MUGEN AI Tests

    Creating a New MUGEN character. I think his AI turned out good but it's shabby around the edges. (Can't make it to where he can detect if he's behind his opponent, making it where he teleports back infront of them and gets hit.) He has no official release download link (unless you count the version beta 1.0 from my channel). Tell what you think!
  10. jailrush

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    You guys may also help out if you'd like. Just be trustworthy with OP.
  11. jailrush

    New Unofficial Server [Online Now]

    Oh, I never actually noticed that! Thanks alot! I'll add pictures ASAP. (They might come later than expected, I'm a lazy person. Always trust in Jake!)
  12. Hey guys! I'm back with a passion to make a server! This time, I'm starting smaller. I'm using a low-budget server until I can raise money to support the server on it's own. It might even be Mine-Imator's first official/unofficial server to ever be hosted! IP: mineimator.mcpro.io Max Players: 50 Current RAM: 1GB (A lil better) Plugin: CraftBukkit Installed Plugs: EssentialsX, WorldEdit,Citizens2(+Sentinel +DtlTraders),Vault,iConomy,EnjinDonationCraft,WorldEdit,WorldGuard,PEX Gamemode: SMP If you feel that this server doesn't belong or have feedback, write it in the comments below!
  13. jailrush

    [Test] Hard Work

    Me at my computer everyday completely 110% accurate representation.
  14. jailrush

    Skill Test Animation

    Yet another test animation. I created this in about 3 hours. Any feedback would be appreciated. (I got a little lazy on this one not gonna lie). Credit to @EnderSculptor for his M1911.
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