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  1. Nate133

    Lonely Hovel

  2. Nate133

    Hunters Beware

    "I dare not go back into those woods, He is merciful at first meeting, But if his warnings go unheeded. . . He will know." Tried timing myself to make a quick render, This is what I came up with. { Credits }
  3. Nate133

    Lonely Hovel

    Thanks! Hes been the star of a couple of my wallpapers before, also works well as a background
  4. Nate133

    Lonely Hovel

    { Credits }
  5. Nate133

    Poly action doll

    What have I done... Awesome rig! Cue the music!
  6. Nate133

    Furnished Medieval style Bedroom [ Interior Only ]

  7. Nate133

    A quiet reading [4k]

    This Medieval bedroom rig is now available to download for Ver 1.1.2 of MI!
  8. Nate133

    Furnished Medieval style Bedroom [ Interior Only ]

    Yeah, Wish It could be compatible with CB If you want something similar I think my older rig "Adventurers Lounge" might still work with CB
  9. Took about a day to make this Cozy little room, Made it for a couple Cinematic screenshots. Now I want to share it with everyone! Reminder: This is just an Interior build, Not much to look at from the outside. [ For Version 1.1.2 of Mine-Imator ] DOWNLOAD Includes Interior lighting and Changeable Window "Greenscreens" { Credits } Be sure to credit me for the rig if you use it!
  10. Nate133

    A quiet reading [4k]

  11. Nate133

    A quiet reading [4k]

    "Nothing beats a good book after a long day of exploring" { Credits }
  12. Thanks! Also added a better example of how it would work.
  13. Nate133

    Rite of passage.

    "For those of who rejected the End and it's pull. . . A test of strength, Endurance, and courage is arranged. . . To climb the mountain and carve one's name upon the rock-face that reaches the clouds. . ." I made this wallpaper mainly as a test, I like trying to stretch the limits of mine-imator's render distance ( Despite many crashes ). Added a little obscure backstory to it, Hope everyone enjoys!
  14. I'm not a programmer so I'm not certain how hard this would be to make happen.. But I would like to suggest adding an option slider for resource packs with blocks that have multiple textures. Example of metadata: In the recent 1.1.0 version A similar change was added for Mobs and their secondary textures, Such as being able to choose between different horse textures when added a mob model. So what I would suggest is a similar system for blocks which have multiple textures, Maybe have a system that scans the .zip for extra textures and then adds them as options via a dropdown menu/slider.
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