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  1. Aurora [4k]

    I actually did use this method but I think I pressed them together a bit too much, Went ahead and added a fixed version
  2. Aurora [4k]

    "I can't just explain it, You have to see it with your own eyes. Only then can you understand the beauty of the northern lights." More Volume: { Credits } Texterpack used: Conquest
  3. Just outside the window [2k collection]

    The Texture pack I used is called: Conquest - 32x32 It can be found here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/conquest-32x32/
  4. I don't usually have the time ( Or patience ) to make a background for my wallpapers, so I just use a surface and a well placed screenshot Cutting corners has never been so fun!
  5. Snowing Outside [WP]

    Wow Nice job! Now I want to do something like this
  6. Wanted to do something simple. Day Night I really have to learn how to use photoshop. { Credits } Skeleton Rig by @Astro Animations Volumetric Clouds by @Keep on Chucking
  7. The Cabin [ Ver 1.1.0 ]

    Thanks guys!
  8. The Cabin [ Ver 1.1.0 ]

    The Cabin "Winter is on its way, Time to prepare, And the most important part of surviving the cold is a roof over your head. Built with sturdy spruce wood, Strong cut stone, and filled with hand-crafted furniture this cabin will serve you well as both home and shelter." { Includes } - Furniture - Torches - Various small details - Changeable Potted plants - Interior Lighting - Scene surfaces for windows ( For exterior scene screenshots when inside ) DOWNLOAD [ 1.1.0 ]: { WARNING: Large amount of assets - May cause crash } https://drive.google.com/open?id=15BL86-vdBFQMbdQgE4fQ9Pc84MAHNyBZ Interior View More In-depth Screenshots here: { Credits }
  9. Dusk [4k]

    Why thank you
  10. Lightsaber Varieties

    Great work on these sabers! I love the details on them! I'm such a huge starwars fan
  11. Dusk [4k]

    Playing around with graphical settings and I got this. Enjoy Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! { Credits } Texturepack: Conquest Volumetric clouds by @Keep on Chucking
  12. The Cabin [ Showcase ]

    And thank you for the inspiration
  13. The Cabin [ Showcase ]

    Thanks! That's the feel I was hoping for when making this project
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