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  1. Stolderan

    rainy night

    I don't know how to make a better rain with
  2. Stolderan

    rainy night

    It's a wallpaper to show my new skin and OC. criticism are appreciated. unedited edited credits: endersculptor for the gun and the dodge dakota hozk for the facial rig PhiliP for the longfellow
  3. Stolderan

    The last gladiator

    unedited edited edited in credits: Hozq for the facial rig
  4. Stolderan

    Armor "Gladiator"

    I like yhe style of this face model Thanks Thanks
  5. Stolderan

    Remnant of the past

    You found the reference It's an armor and you can donload it here
  6. Stolderan

    Remnant of the past

    credits: @Hozq for the facial rig @EnderSculptor for weapons
  7. Stolderan

    Armor "Gladiator"

    Gladiator -scalable -can chage the skin -not easy to recolor credits: @Hozq for his facial rig download: don't forget to credit
  8. an animated version of this wallpaper
  9. I'm too bored to finish this wallpaperg2HWn88.jpg

  10. Stolderan

    fire camp

    I've make this wallpaper and some peoples on the discord help me to make it better. unedited edited credits: Endersculptor and piegon99 for most of the rigs map used: Phobos
  11. Can you make a famas ?
  12. Stolderan

    Kettenkrad rig

    I haven't rigged something since a moment and I rig a vehicle for the first time. I hope you like it and don't forget to credit. Download:
  13. Stolderan

    Through the bars

    credits: @Mike for the backpack @Private Cole Man for the Lebel rifle Hman for the facial rig
  14. Stolderan

    Black kepi rig

    It's a WW2's reference. Who is Jojo ?
  15. Stolderan

    Black kepi rig

    I don't have post rigs in the forum since a moment,I hope I don't have lost my experience in rigging. DOWNLOAD Don't forget to give credit.
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