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  2. I love looking at the stupid sh*t I did as a 12 year old. Why did any of you put up with me again?

  3. A temporary and very brief welcome back, my friend.

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    2. Dannyboi


      That's what I said. Look at me now.

    3. BAC0NB0Y


      bruh why say welcome back when im literally doing nothing

    4. Dannyboi


      Because why not?

  4. this is why i L.E.F.T.E. the forums xd. just kidding, i opened the site for the first time in forever and saw this thread in the top of my notifications and decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. this looks pretty nice. i like how you actually tried to keep the voxelized minecraft style.
  5. Got bored so I thought I'd pop in for a second or two. How is everyone?

  6. You aren't the bacon person, you are just a dirty imposter.

  7. If this update is awesome enough (I'm sure it will be) and manages to bring our community back to an acceptable amount of activity I'm already regretting leaving the forums.
  8. Alright, this time it's for real.

    I'm leaving the forums. Jumping on the train. This place isn't the same and it never will be the same. I miss the old forums, but they aren't coming back. And neither am I. I wish you all luck with your careers, time to prepare for mine.

    Goodbye forums, I had some great times and met some great people. I'll always appreciate what you all have done for me, but that's over now, so what's the point of staying.

    I wish you luck, newbies. You're a whole new generation of aspiring animators and you'll evolve into something even better one day.

    Well, I've reached an anti-climactic end. That sucks. Well bye.

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    2. Dannyboi


      bubai my frned pls dont hav bad lief

    3. Kwazedilla


      Another one bites the dust.

    4. Ethaniel


      Would have been better if you just left and didnt say anything, that way if you do come back, they cant say "BUT YOU SAID YOU LEFT."


  9. It's probably known by now that Sonic Unleashed is my favorite game.

    Sadly, my 360 is broke. So I've been posting this link everywhere to be able to play this game again.


    Do me a favor and vote if you can! xD

    1. jailrush


      Lol that's my fav too. Same with my PS3. 

  10. A friend of mine made this and it sounds absolutely amazing, go check it out.

    seriously its great

  11. :regional_indicator_l: :regional_indicator_i: :regional_indicator_t: :fire:

    I figured out how to change the size so here it is lel.

  12. This isn't my video, but I thought I'd share it. Here: It is very accurate.
  13. The basic animation is great, just try to tone down the linear movements. I also like the rig.
  14. Riperoni in peroperoni

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    2. BAC0NB0Y


      I got it appealed. Hi guys.

    3. Rollo
    4. BAC0NB0Y


      I'll change my profile picture to something else once I get my dog off of me but right now I'm stuck. :(

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