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Introducing the Mine-imator showcase and #MineimatorMonday

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3 minutes ago, __Mine__ said:


Any chance that a "Showcase" tab could be added to the top of the forums page too, for the sake of convenience?

Done 👍

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On 7/26/2019 at 11:01 AM, Nonecares said:

Does the winner receive Pig Rank on the Mine-Imator discord server for a week?

There isnt any winners lmao

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Hey y'all, I made some changes to the showcase and the top animation tweets. :)


  • Users will now get a notification when their creation is featured, you can change your preferences here: Notification Settings
  • Added "Posted ..." displaying the date of the creation.
  • Hidden topics are no longer displayed in the showcase (note: the showcase is still updated weekly).


  • Top 3 weekly animations will now avoid duplicates of previously tweeted animations.
  • Users will now get mentioned in the tweets (@-ed) if they have a Twitter set in their forum profile.
  • If multiple animations have the same rep score they will be tied to the same spot.
  • You will get a notification + email when your animation is featured. Again, this can be changed in the Notification Settings linked above.

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