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  1. tditdatdwt

    Forum updating live

    Well, there used to be a forum chat, but the forum software discontinued it
  2. I think that people should stop being pretentious fools over the critique they've given, and that people should stop having absurd reactions to critique they've received

  3. ther panda in minecraft

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Well, they are in Minecraft, but they'll soon be in Minecraft: Java Edition.

    2. DuallyElemental
  4. Why did "constructive criticism" become like sort of a fad on here, with people constantly using an abbreviated form of the phrase ("CC") on odd posts requesting or giving it

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    2. KaryuGraphics


      idek.. most people on here cant even handle good criticism anyways.

    3. HeYoNia


      People tend to ask for cc but after getting one they'd freak out and try to defend their creation



      Believe me I've seen lots of those

    4. tditdatdwt


      What's with the "CC" term though, why not just say critique, opinions, thoughts, anything else really

  5. hello people

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    2. DuallyElemental
    3. hiendiep55
    4. MikTRF


      its Wednesday Saturday my dudes. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!1!!1!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!1!1!!one

  6. Imagine if the forums had a chat

    1. Swift


      Those days are long gone.

    2. hiendiep55


      That's 2-3 years ago

    3. Skjold


      My last warning point was for spamming in the chat. Good times.

  7. you need it

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    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      I need my dad back it’s been 5 months

    3. BaconSandwich


      i don't need it...

      i don't need it...

    4. MikTRF


      I need that fringe glitch?

  8. tditdatdwt

    toyota car

    There's no rig, this is a request topic
  9. It's nice that the forum community is alive again

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    2. DuallyElemental


      The community is only visible when there’s drama

    3. Mineshaft Animation
    4. TheJeweledWolf


      Or someone actually posts good content for once.

  10. tditdatdwt

    Death [Wallpaper plus Timelapse]

    I don't think you should have the main point of a video only be 10% of it
  11. tditdatdwt

    Appeals & Name Changes

    With Emunator's departure, I'll be taking over warning point appeals and name changes. Regarding appeals: If you'd like to appeal a warning point you have, go ahead and send me a PM with the subject "Appeal" and use the form below: Date: <The date you recieved the warning> Reason: <What you were warned for> Points: <How many points you recieved from said warning> Moderator: <Name of the moderator who warned you> Comment: <Explain and convince me WHY you think the warning should be removed, your answer may or may not affect the appeal> This form is also flexible, if you feel the need to add additional information, please do not hesitate to do so. (evidence, previous appeals, etc.) Things that may affect your chances are not limited to but include: The time that's passed since your warning. Your comment explaining why it should be removed. Severity of your warning. Recent warnings (if any). Previous appeals you've made. If accepted: The points for said warning will be removed, although the warning will remain for logging purposes. You will then receive an appeal notice on your profile (in the form of a 0 point warning), once again just to keep logs. Thank you, and good luck! Regarding name changes: If you'd like to change your display name on the forums, send me a PM with the subject "Name change" and tell me which name you'd like to have. Your name may be rejected if it's offensive, used to impersonate another member or if you've changed your name too recently. So please be careful with what you choose.
  12. tditdatdwt

    A traitor's end

    Locked. You turned a wallpaper topic into a three page argument simply because you disagreed on things and went after others for it. You could've easily just left it alone, there was no need for any of this. If you'd really like to debate whatever this was you can do it in a PM or something.
  13. tditdatdwt

    Jake’s pixel art dump...??

    You should make a gif for that walking sequence
  14. tditdatdwt


    It's incredible how he can make the skateboard move just by stepping on it
  15. Happy Birthday to me

  16. heppi bird day!

    1. WAZZL3


      holy what the hecc, why do u do this every year?

    2. jakubg1


      He's not even visiting this forum anymore...

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      wow....goes back as far as 2014. The heppi bird days I mean

  17. THE GLORIOUS-NESS CONTINUES EVEN FURTHER NOW THAN BEFORE YES INDEED! Read the previous ones before this: #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: #6: #7: Here's the comic:
  18. Pff, we missed the 6 year forum anniversary 

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    2. TheJeweledWolf



      There's always the 7th year aniversery!

    3. DuallyElemental


      We aren't late to celebrating the 6 year forum anniversary

      we're just really early for the 7 year forum anniversary

    4. 9redwoods
  19. Why is there a "ForeverAlone" in your name?

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    2. HeYoNia


      Because his family left him when he was a child




      No im joking dont kill me with your shovel

    3. Rollo



      So there won't be a dot in it

      Only the OGs will understand ??

    4. YoshiHunter


      "So there won't be a dot in it"

      Could someone explain this to those uninitiated?

  20. tditdatdwt

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    There's no virus, I just checked on VirusTotal
  21. tditdatdwt

    Requesting Skins

  22. tditdatdwt

    My cover of "Take Back The Night"

    I was expecting some singing, MajesticBudderBro
  23. STAY SHARP!!!!

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      heads up, stay sharp

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