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  1. some random wallpapers

    yeah, but i think that blue fire thing is from a game (probably not)from "confess my love" its a free game from steam its pretty good actually it has like 21 endings i think, but im not gonna spoile anything ill let you try it if you want to...
  2. some random wallpapers

    thats pretty cool, and i think i already saw that blue fire thing, idk but still good
  3. From the sky [Collab]

    just to let everyone know that this collab is still active if you want to post something, post it, do whatever you want
  4. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Name: ZGaming Age: 19 Gender: Male. Equipment: A Gun, A Chrome Katana, And a Hidden Blade in his Gloves. Skills: Great at free-running and parkour, a pro at gun fighting and not so good at sword fighting. Appearance: Orange hair, Dark-grey shirt with Red glowy things, some black gloves and Black Pants.
  5. A test animation based on the leap of faith from assassin's creed.... hope you like it....
  6. A new Wallpaper.... Trying to be more realistic see ya..
  7. I have no bloom option!

    the 1.0.6 mine-imator doesnt have a bloom option, if you want it, then you should install mine-imator community edition made by nimi
  8. Another Wallpaper based on one of the best games... GTA San Andreas. yes. its so old, but its still cool.. hope you like it...
  9. MI Wallpaper #1

    A Random Wallpaper... too lazy to edit
  10. ZPhone V1

    thx i will fix that in the V2, btw thx
  11. ZPhone V1

    i can make you one if you want to, but thx thank you man
  12. ZPhone V1

    So i have been inactive for so long, and i just want to say that i dont think i will do that again, so here is a rig that i created.. DOWNLOAD This rig pack includes: ZPhone V1 Black ZPhone V1 Gold ZPhone V1 White Credit me if you used the rig please hope you enjoy...
  13. Dark Iron Set

    well make a rig test with item sheet, just draw the part that you like the front of a thing, then a side of that thing again, just look at tutorials on youtube, i find anxiouscynic's one very useful
  14. Dark Iron Set

    do you have photoshop or paint.net
  15. Dark Iron Set

    i dont like the fact that you just put water and called it a blade, it would be much greater if you just used item sheets
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