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I've been taking a lot of screenshots and gifs of something(some of these have already been shown in status updates) I've been making recently, so I thought I would just throw everything into this one topic for convenience. Not everything that's shown, will be in however-- so don't get your hopes up on a couple of things.

(Prepare for a lot of stuff.)






(Don't ask...)








And here's a part of @The Tan James's stream where he got to use some of these hands-on when I asked him to beta-test during his stream.



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48 minutes ago, Nicolasev said:

And that, kids. Is what we call a Genius.

you stole my line from the Status Updates

you bastard

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Just now, Nicolasev said:

;n; y r u so mean

because of my new pp, its more aggressive, dont ya see the burning hatred in patrick's eyes

1 minute ago, Nicolasev said:

you only said he was a genius

darn you got me

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On 7/13/2017 at 7:51 PM, LasseTheLaser said:

waaaant This nooooooow

Web Will it be out

Considering you've been on the forums for this long, have you been living under a rock or something?

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