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  1. Robot rig

    This is not bad at all. It's actually good.
  2. (NEW!) Glowing Sword

    You put it on "Rigs" so it is automatically classified as a rig. Keep in mind that schematic rigs are inferior
  3. A Paper Photo

    There is a section to post wallpapers. This section is to post resources with downloads
  4. Modelbench Q&A

    I asked an innocent question and you stained it with your sins lmao
  5. Modelbench Q&A

    We can add a part sticking out of Steve, and how will that work?
  6. Modelbench Q&A

    Can you change the color of a pixel you add onto a character? Will each pixel be color-customizable?
  7. Dab Jean Pierre

    D - Destroy A - And B - Bomb it I'm dead serious
  8. built in modelbench rigging system?

    This is not a bad idea actually.
  9. 3rd wallapaper

    It needs to have a meaning behind it. Every good character-focused wallpaper has a meaning. Take this one by @Menace for example: It's about a creature called the Leshen in the forest encountering a parrot, making friends with it.
  10. 3rd wallapaper

    Just a constructive criticism. It looks bland, it has no lighting, and has flatlands. What's the story behind this wallpaper? Fix the lighting, use a schematic and make a scene with a meaning behind it.
  11. TNT Launcher

    Rising standards for newbie rigs, hm?
  12. Simple Slenderman Rig

    Shameless advertising
  13. Cobalt 4.0

    You improved, man. Kudos.
  14. Splatroller

    Lookin' good. Expecting more good rigs from you
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