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    I make advanced rigs.
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  1. very nice! i really like how the barbed wire looks.
  2. I decided to take a look at the MI Community again... and possibly make a Gundam rig.

  3. There's a whole new wave of low quality fad rigs incoming. B R A C E F O R I M P A C T
  4. There are so many Springtrap rigs on this site that I think we do not need more
  5. Pretty epic my dude. Good joob
  6. He kno de wae He kno de wae but most importantly... he kno de WAE
  7. Now I can get rid of that unwanted apartment building that everyone's been protesting about.
  8. Cube Productions

    BFG-50 Rig

    My favourite sniper. Good job on recreating it on MI
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