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  1. n o b o d y     w a n t s        m e      h e r e

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    2. ThatGuyBrian


      nobody wants anybody anywhere at some point

    3. NotChris
    4. Ghatos


      That's exactly the image I got in mind

  2. Don't worry. I found out everyone here hates FAD the hard way too.

    Not that I like FAD...

    I mean...

    It's alright... I guess..?


    1. zoocomicsx


      Your banner says differently.

      Your not in the bandwagon just yet, your barely hanging on to the side of it.

    2. Emaniplex


      We hate things that have no time or effort put into them and make the community look bad. It just so happens that a lot of those things are Fnesh-related.

      There's good Fnesh content, it's just extremely rare.

  3. Oh so sad, you crashed and burned.

    Left your account's rocks unturned.

    Really sad, that has to hurt.

    Maybe you should study first.

    Community's a lasting thing,

    Bringing smiles and suffering,

    But there's always that one guy...

    Trying to be fly...

  4. New Despicable Me movie villain is McGamerYT.exe

  5. Dewd change your cover photo to this instead.

    My cover photo I made has Mr. Darls funtime rigs and ohhhh it's even edited very well.

    So I recommend my cover photo is better. 



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    2. Lapis Productions

      Lapis Productions

      I recommend adding some lights to those fires.

    3. Lapis Productions

      Lapis Productions

      And this is a kind word to you saying to stop pissing off FAD lovers because they have the things they love.

      Dude i dont care whatcha gonna do next but just dont hate on what their interests are.

    4. BBruce7815


      shameless plug, i would dislike three times more

  6. Happy Birthday Person Who Has VERY VERY Low Rep Because Of F.N.A.F

  7. Despicable me m8


    I really like to see if are becoming gus

  8. Let's see you go down to "Devil Incarnate" rank, b'day boy.

  9. "Hm, i guess it could'

    What does that even mean?


    1. Ethaniel


      The previous one, I believe, is "It couldn't get any worse."

    2. NikoGamer75
    3. NietyFox


      Maybe like that @typhoonithon guy. Who knows?

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