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  1. Sup. So, Lou3d and I haven't really used Mine-imator Forums for so long haha, I know. But I guess I found a "bug"? Not sure if this is a bug but I am trying to help the forums... Lol. Okay, so this "bug" I found is something with the use of Shift with Mine-imator (refering to 1.1.4). (Imgur was being a ***** and wouldn't let me post my record.) Explanation: Within the first few beginning of the GIF, as you can see when I move the camera, the mouse cursor disappears. But when I move the camera and pressed SHIFT it automatically moves by itself and the cursor reappears, and I have full navigation of the cursor but the camera automatically moves not unless I left/right click it. https://gyazo.com/d12fd4acdeb8f1f716ec8d8ea2e99b21?token=d1316ffe8fe3ea16451e8ab9df230cf3.gif The second one is a different story; when I click the "Name Box" and type non-capitalized letters, I can continuously type. After typing a capital letter (or after typing a letter with a SHIFT) the cursor changes back to its normal symbol and I can no longer continue typing. Keep in mind that the cursor changes into a " I " which means I can type, when it turns back to the arrow symbol it means I have lost full control of the name box. https://gyazo.com/3baf1de91aea82add5b03c11e6945afe.gif OKAY, I FOUND OUT SOMETHING. https://gyazo.com/c1ccac7662c6dec8741fbcb378eb520d.gif In this gif, I made the "Slow" (Which is from SHIFT to Q) [You can see the changes the Q Descends and Slows the Camera). When I press Q and release it, nothing is wrong at all. But when I press SHIFT; weird, it was still binded to the "Slow" for the camera and it gets stuck. NO STICKY KEYS, DIDN'T CHANGED ANYTHING IN THE MINE-IMATOR SETTINGS (but I forgot; and I didn't touch em) Sorry about the rush; the GYAZO gif only had like 7 secs to record. If ever, there is any solution you guys have; or anything that can help me, you can ask extra information that I can give to you. Can someone else out there try it out please? If it is ever the Mine-imator or just my Keyboard and Mouse binding problem... Thanks. May I also ask for the Mine-imator 1.1.3 though? -Lou3d
  2. Just tested out the new release of MI, it seemed to reduce a lot of lag for a schematic than before.

    Also, can't wait for Model Bench! :D

  3. Amazing! But I hope Mine-imator would still be stable. Not laggy at all, compatible.
  4. Wew, but I can see that @Swift is trying to put some visual logic in the wallpaper, I don't really see anything wrong with it. Except that it's too blur; and it gave a lost of focus with the raindrop. Yeah, that's likely it.
  5. lou3d

    Lip Sync

    So far, my rig is constantly updating so its starting to fade, but no offense though. Still, the 3d Hair you made is still on the rig, so I guess its a yes/no. Ah thanks! Noted as usual.
  6. lou3d

    Lip Sync

    Hey guys! So it's been awhile, but I really need your help. I've been animating for a few months now; and I seem to be doing great but so far I'm having difficulty with making lip sync. I know some would say that; "Hey, that's what animating is, find the lip sync basics by yourself." but so far as I tried to making a "Good" lip sync all seems to fail. That's why I need your help, I was wondering if someone who is good or knows the basics of lip syncing could make a project file or picture of a lip sync from the one and only Mine-imator. If you didn't get what I meant, I was wondering if someone could make a lip sync list like this but in Mine-imator style; Or, I am much more appreciated if it was in a boxy style of mouth lip sync; like this. That's it, thanks!
  7. lou3d

    SandWich Rig

    thats one thick burger!
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