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Found 196 results

  1. It's been too long. Here you go. Clickbait Speed Art:
  2. If you remember rock bands from the early 2000s, you'd understand the title without needing an explanation. Corner Street was a band name I came up with when I was talking with an old friend. =P Guitar and Drums by @CoLahaust, rubble by @SKIBBZ, ACM 3.0 by @SoundsDotZip. Feat. @Hagus (I hope I tagged those right goodnight)
  3. This is the first ever wallpaper I've actually put effort into! Feedback is appriciated! Credit for Ghatos for Detailed Sedan + Low Detail Car Pack Credit to Ethan + Ghatos for skins used too!
  4. Here the puddle isnt good but i tried my best. dont look too hard at it and it wont ruin the wallpaper for you. Unedited: Criticism is appreciated. I'll see you all later!
  5. So, i have quit realism for a year and cuz im a boy who like nostalgia i came back doing realism for the nostalgia, eventhough im not the best at realism, it was really fun while making this. k bye
  6. Hello everybody! I have a wallpaper, so here you go. I honestly don't know if its 2K or 4K but whatever. Unedited: Speed art: If you haven't subscribed already, it would be great if you did. It really means a lot to me. Criticism is appreciated, and I will see you all later! Bye!
  7. Hello Apparently, this was worthy of posting here, so enjoy! Criticism is welcome. Edited: Unedited: Inspiration: Have a great day!
  8. FULL 2K IMAGE HERE: https://imgur.com/l1xY3kB No external edits made. 100% MI Based off Imagine Dragons' Night Visions album cover I suggest listening to this song when looking at this (which I actually did, and it is part of the album Night Visions) I will see you all later! Have a good night.
  9. Hello,another wallpaper another post So i been working on my project a lot (i done like 4 minute of the scene) so i thought i take a break and make a wallpaper (and also a speedart video,cuz who doesn't love those?) Here is the wallpaper: The Speedart: i have no description,bye...
  10. Hey guys! So today is my birthday (I'm 15 now) and I wanted to make something for this occasion. Merry Christmas everyone! Programs Used: - Mine-Imator -Paint.net Criticism is welcomed and appreciated!
  11. Hi everybody here my new version of Winter (edited) : New Edited : Unedited : Old Edited ( It's ugly ) : Credits : Facial rig by Skibbz Special thanks to Fray and 9redwoods for their very useful advice . I hope you like it ! Bye !
  12. Hi everyone I'm here for show you my first good wallaper intitued "Winter" enjoy ! ? Edited with paint.net : Unedited : Credits : Facial rig by Skibbz Bye.
  13. Hello! long time no see i have overshot thedecoration a bit lol bye
  14. map/charactor by @Batman4014 1.2, non-edit
  15. hello so im back (kinda) and i made this wallpaper this wallpaper is just me practicing my compositing skill bye
  16. I did an art trade for Ratchet55, he requested his skin to be at a modern-themed war, I tried my best, I'm still not sure if I did well... I don't know if I have permissions to post said art-trade yet, so depending on his liking I might have to remove later this post. I'm only sharing because I could really use some feedback, it was my first art-trade and I'm still not confident if I did well, at least compared to his works x-x I also made an alternative version, and 2 additional ones that have no flash lights, just to be sure.
  17. This is a wallpaper I made that takes place in a mysterious void after Herobrine (the only skin I could think of l o l) teleports here. Made in 2~ hours Edited in Paintdotnet I would appreciate any and all criticism! This is my first render after not using mineimator for definitely over 2 years so, idk how it turned out lol.
  18. Hello.. it been awhile xP so i was browsing the other day and i saw a website called www.minecraft-schematics.com and it's help me a lot when trying to make a new idea (and i don't have to browse for a maps) anyway,here is my new wallpaper: thx for watching bye
  19. I got so inspired by the Aquatic Update that I couldn't help myself but do a render of it! Made within 3h using MI and Photoshop. As a fun side note: Here's a "behind the scenes", It looks so goofy I thought it was worth sharing how I did this render: P.S: After several years of doing Photoshop, for the first time the Filter feature in PS came in handy.
  20. I made a render a few weeks ago with me and friends, decided to tweak it a bit and share it here! It's not really intended to be a wallpaper, since it uses personal skins/characters, but I made it 2k just in case. I wanted to make it look like they're struggling and being forced to make ground and take a defensive approach to the situation. Let me know what you think!
  21. Hello as always because there is some people who made isometric Render (a lot of people) i decided to make another because why the heck not? (fun fact:my laptop crash once,because there is too many object lmao) Here is the wallpaper: Timelapse Is Coming Soon Credit: @Progio For the Clock Rig @Zelin For the Laptop Rig (Texture edited by me) thanks for clicking BYE i regret making that text colorized
  22. hello as always when i was making this wallpaper,i realize that mojang made a new style for their promo art it a shiny plasticy style (that how describe it),and...it not easy for me anyway,here the wallpaper Style,that im trying to imitate: also this wallpaper is kinda a mini series,so...expect a sequel from this wallpaper thx for clicking bye..
  23. hello as always i was making a wallpaper for the wallpaper series i mention in the last topic and,it suppose to be everything that player do in survival minecraft and then today,i wanted to make a cave scene and i didn't had an idea what it will look like,because every cave in world is bassicly just normal small cave so then i had a random idea to take the cave template from the MI schematic folders (since the bottom is not cover up) and then put the overworld to the bottom of that cave so,i guess this series become "survival minecraft with strange thing (sometime)" also i tried soo hard to imitate mojang looks and it hard for me,then i give up and decided "you know what? i am gonna use my own style (only for this one) because it hard to imitate the mojang style,i am ready for that hate" and this wallpaper mostly the main focus is the editing so... yeah,plz don't hate meh here the wallpaper Edited: un-edited : Check out the last wallpaper from this series : thanks for clicking k bye
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