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  1. I did an art trade for Ratchet55, he requested his skin to be at a modern-themed war, I tried my best, I'm still not sure if I did well... I don't know if I have permissions to post said art-trade yet, so depending on his liking I might have to remove later this post. I'm only sharing because I could really use some feedback, it was my first art-trade and I'm still not confident if I did well, at least compared to his works x-x I also made an alternative version, and 2 additional ones that have no flash lights, just to be sure.
  2. I didn't edit that in, MI takes translucence in skins and converts it to reflections I suppose, I left it in because ot looks pretty, but if you meant what's up with him, its a red visor, like the one in DBZ, helps with aiming!
  3. I made a render a few weeks ago with me and friends, decided to tweak it a bit and share it here! It's not really intended to be a wallpaper, since it uses personal skins/characters, but I made it 2k just in case. I wanted to make it look like they're struggling and being forced to make ground and take a defensive approach to the situation. Let me know what you think!
  4. I never found an use to that Filter, when I finally thought it was useful, it disappointed me But that has to do with how I used it, I was afraid to make it too distorted to the point where you can't see what's going on, but not making it so distorted makes it look rather dirty, sorry about that
  5. It does... I tweaked it to make it look less submerged, hopefully it looks more like its afloat, thanks for the feedback!
  6. I got so inspired by the Aquatic Update that I couldn't help myself but do a render of it! Made within 3h using MI and Photoshop. As a fun side note: Here's a "behind the scenes", It looks so goofy I thought it was worth sharing how I did this render: P.S: After several years of doing Photoshop, for the first time the Filter feature in PS came in handy.
  7. Thanks for noticing! I tend to give detail to wallpapers so most of them feel like they have some sort of story behind it, in this case, the Queen Returned and is taking back the crown (by force). If you also notice, there's a story around it, she first took down the archer with one of his arrows, used him to take down the engineer with arrows before he activated the TNT, and finished off the warrior with a shovel :3 On terms of the camera, I do agree that I could've improved more, but I recall having issues with lowering the camera because that would make it difficult for you to see the
  8. Thank you! I also disliked the use of Quartz, cause I took this throne room from a build of mine waaay back and in that build the usage of quartz made sense, but in this wallpaper it was supposed to feel more like a rustic throne room, so Logs would do a way better job than Quartz. I didn't update the build cause I extracted it from a world at first, so it would be a pain to build the throne room from scratch again and try to position it perfectly with the current one that was loaded into MI.
  9. I took an old poster save of mine and decided to tweak/update it a little bit, this is the end result: Made in MI, edited in Photoshop. Things to note that I dislike about this poster: The original wallpaper is old, I only tweaked some small details, this whole wallpaper is 2 years old by now The building could've been better detailed There could've been more props around (corpses, weaponry, etc) The characters involved could've made more sense, the engineer was a joke but it feels out of place. I could've worked more around lighting, I didn't because I wan
  10. Astonishing! The only thing that I think could make it even better was if the other side of the portal would match with the platform that herobrine is standing in; Like the other side displaying a bunch of fallen warriors in a dungeon-styled place, this could add a little of story to the image itself, as if people tried to stop Him from getting to the void and such, astonishing regardless, loved the detail on the portal!
  11. I actually made 2 versions of this Render, one where I went on and edited the clipping grass, and the other was after I updated the skins textures and, because I was using wind on MI to give the grass this effect, I'd need to edit from scratch again, and I didn't cause I actually forgot about it Thank you for the feedback regardless!
  12. Following from yesterday's post, which I shared an old render, this time I'll share a render that I made a month ago, I also added some context below if people need/want it. Context: As of late, one of my best inspirations for making Renders is this group of 4 adventurers that I made to tribute some childhood memories I have of me and my friends in this game, I know no one cares, I just wanted to explain why they look so "distinct" from one to another, each one represents a real person and their designs tend to reflect their favorite game/genre/minecraft category. I also have 2 more rende
  13. Hi, I'm new around, and I've been doing a lot of Mine-Imator on my spare time by now, I recently found out about this forums and thought I'd share some of my works, this one I originally uploaded to my deviantart around 1 year ago, and while the concept is simple, its a pretty neat wallpaper (or at least I hope it is).
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