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    One day I will rebuild the forums like how it used to be.
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  1. "Cube Guy//Your idea Collab 2"

    Whos the host? Cool animation btw
  2. teach me pls may I request a wallpaper? @ponlawatgaming
  3. Jump Preset

    i want a critic too
  4. The Hard Level Collab [ By Aramator ]

    still open m8 @Crush3r has not been on for a while now. Join us
  5. Customizable Furry/Anthro Rig [Wolf] (WIP)

  6. 62000 total topics!

    now I know what's an ear rape. thank you. gonna go to the ear doctor now. congrats on being the 62000th topic. and congrats for 100 reps. I am the 100th rep. My first milestone
  7. Minecraft Animation Welcome Home

    good moral, smooth animation, nice audio, clear story. Slamacow confirmed Even If you won't become slamacow. Be who you are. Cuz you're you.
  8. "Mine exploration"

    do tutorials like this please
  9. Hasty

    so smooth nice. +1
  10. Sword Practice

    make a zombie charge you but you jumped and kicked him (in the air) to the ground. Make 2 or 3 zombies charge you from different directions and you spin around with your sword and slice them.
  11. AMA (100% Horse related) (CLOSED)

    Is that me behind the red couch?
  12. Ask Twotorule Anything

    does eating books make you smart?
  13. AMA (100% Horse related) (CLOSED)

    Do you guys know me?
  14. Ask Twotorule Anything

    Can you make me in there?
  15. Pain Walk Test

    he struck his blade to the ground. I am trying to make it realistic. Does it looks bad for the animation?
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