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  1. mutant skeleton next pls
  2. my friends watched one of my videos and said "thats all? Its only 50 seconds"



  4. its thanks to the tips these forum members gave to me. You'll get good. Just listen to their advices although they say it in the wrong way. The forums is to share your ideas to the world. Its fine if they say they dont like it. Just improve and the amount of people that like your animations might increase.
  5. Welcome to the forums Im new too. Just listen to their advice and you'll get better.
  6. 100% my own creation @Dr. Cuto
  7. lol thx
  8. do mine unofficial if you want
  9. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/334958733404798976/336863601065197579/CPS_me.object my human rig. it could transform into a monster already. Turn on monster mode by making the "Body Particles" visible. Make "Fangs" visible Make "Claws" Visible. Head > Left Eye > Turn "Pupil Left 1 and 3" visible Head > Right Eye > Turn "Pupil Right 1 and 2" visible
  10. fight me. i dont mind loosing
  11. Its just a normal blade. I tried making the edges and the extra details. If there's anything I need to improve just lemme know. Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/334958733404798976/336749312924975106/My_Sword.object
  12. ok. i already added the download link. btw the claws are not like fingers that could bend. They are actually swords that looks like claws.
  13. Thx and yeah. I tried to make him prepare for a big swing but it ends up looking like he's just walking with a scythe on his back.
  14. This scythe was crafted from the legendary cubes of Mine-Imator. Nvm that. The rig is cutomizable for color change and it could turn into a spear by rotating the "Sytche Joint" using the X. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/272759689589293057/336521382932381696/Scythe_Rig_top_view.png Further changes other than color change and rotation requires my permission. Pls leave a feedback if the rig needs to be fixed. Enjoy the rig and Thank you for reading Download : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/334958733404798976/336524768155009036/Scythe_Rig.object
  15. you got discord?