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  1. Wallpaper Remake

    First ever wallpaper remade Hey Shark here, I have remade my first ever wallpaper I made using mine-imator,I felt like remaking it because i wanted to remake it with my new style of making wallpapers and lighting.I don't think lighting is good (because i suck at that T^T) Feed back is well needed :3 . New (Unedited Old Edited Its blurry
  2. Ask the Artist

    What yah fav color :3
  3. Happy b-day to me mygA6kz.png

    1. Skjold


      How can a bird eat cake? That gotta get messy.

  4. This is Halloween Collab parts

    Hey, Can you remove me from the collab i am really busy this October so i can't do the collab sorry
  5. This is Halloween Collab parts

    So do we just make it then upload it here
  6. This is Halloween Collab parts

    Ill take part 7 plz or 4
  7. YA been SpookeduDkEQff.png

  8. Lighting testing <Dr. Shark>

    *Looks at background and sees that there no fog* NOOOOOOOOO
  9. Testing lighting So I was bored and wanted to work on my lighting so I just made a quick wallpaper so can work better on making better wallpapers <criticism is well needed here>
  10. Relaxing during madness

    Rawr Hey, I haven't made a wallpaper in a longgggg time so I have kinda lost my touch because I started animating more than making wallpapers, BUT NO MADDER because mine-Imaotr 1.10 pre-release came out and i wanted to make a wallpaper to try out the new mods and etc and try and make wallpapers again, To be honest I think this is one of my worst wallpapers (but feel free to see if I have improved.) Anyway Thanks for reading and heres the wallpaper
  11. people say that my old rig is better than the new one,And that my old wallpapers are better than the new ones

    If you think that your stupid 

  12. NzShark6 V2.2 (Show Off)

    I Should of considered the name change XD
  13. NzShark6 V2.2 (Show Off)

    I have finally mad a new rig to replace my other OC rig that I use to use in my wallpapers. Features BUTT TAIL Fingers Face Rig Beak/3D Hat
  14. BATIM Sammy Lawrence Rig + Axe

    The rig could use a bit more work on the mask and overalls could use more details but beside that its a really good rig I love the axe 1+uprep
  15. Yeah I have it a couple of hours I'll try it now
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