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Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-release 4 (Phase 1)

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On 5/30/2022 at 11:47 AM, david said:




Good news! The first pre-release of the legendary 2.0 Anniversary Update is here for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms! This update is in fact so grand that it has been split into two phases that will be revealed over the next few months as pre-releases:

Phase 1 (May 30th): Multi-platform support, performance improvements, new world importer and multi-monitor support by @david
Phase 2 (Late August(?)): New user interface, logo, rendering and animation capabilities by @Nimi, also includes all features in Phase 1

Since these builds will contain many features and be built on an entirely new C++ engine, expect bugs to appear! As usual, please report them in the Issues and Bugs subforum with as much information as possible included in your topic and project files if possible.
Now, without further delays...


Get for Windows

Get for Windows (.zip)

Get for Mac

Get for Ubuntu/Debian

(Stay tuned for Arch/Fedora support...)



2.0 Pre-release 1 (2022-05-30), changes:


  • Mac OS support
  • Linux support (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Drag-n-drop mode when adding objects from the workbench after clicking “Create”
    • Objects are locked to the mouse and snaps to the world until released
    • Hold Shift while clicking “Create” to spawn at 0,0,0
    • Hold Shift while dragging to toggle position grid (modify size in keyframes, default is 16)
  • New world importer
    • 3D interface integrated into software
      • Left click: Rotate/Create selection
      • Middle click: Pan
      • Right click: Fly (+WASDQE)
      • Mouse wheel: Zoom towards/away from cursor
      • Shift: Ignore selection
    • Increased performance and stability improvements
    • Shortcut button in toolbar
    • After importing from a world, clicking the “Reload” option under “Resources” will update the block changes from the world (if still present on the disk)
  • Multi-monitor support
    • Drag the timeline or secondary view out of the window to detach as a new window
    • Alternatively, click the new “Pop out”/”Reset” buttons
    • Monitor setup is saved when re-opening Mine-imator
  • “Cancel” option when exiting the software via “X”
  • Assets and files can be dropped into the software from the system file explorer


  • Overall software performance improved by x3-5
  • Particle performance improved by roughly x10
  • Audio loading is now instant
  • Scenery/.schematic importing up to x10 times faster, depending on CPU cores
  • Optimized memory usage for 3D meshes, meaning bigger scenery can be imported
  • Generated scenery 3D models are cached in the project folder, allowing instant loading (will generate in the background, may take a minute to appear)
  • Project/resource loading stability improvements
  • Program now runs in x64 mode using C++


  • “Sunlight Strength” is now 100% by default (this setting may be removed in the future)
  • Removed “Spawn near work camera” option (replaced by the drag-n-drop mode which achieves the same thing)
  • New error message popup with direct links to log file and Mine-imator forums
  • Log file moved to application folder



Windows: Run the installer executable or extract the .zip archive before running.
Mac: Open the disk file (.dmg) and drag the Mine-imator icon to your Applications.
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian): Either double click the .deb file to run the Software Installer or run the following command in the folder:

sudo apt install ./Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-release 1.deb

Mine-imator can then be found in your Applications menu.


We hope you enjoy the 2.0 update, also please consider donating to help the project if you can!


Donate to Mine-imator development

($5+ one-time or recurring)



"impossible to start the programm beacause api-ms-win-core-winrt-l1-1-0.dll its not present in the computer. for resolve the problem, try to reinstall the programm"

this is what i get after the update when i try to open mine-imator

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