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Age: 16 (Adult Stallion)
Name: Alan Farlay (Also Known as: Vespur)
Skills: Can Talk (Doesn't talk often), Can Interact with objects, Use Items, Ect.
Gender: Male Stallion
Random Fact: His Mane Smells like apple
Biggest Fear: Very Deep Water
Personality: Mostly Polite but has a temper sometimes, Very Patient
Alan Is a Supernatural Horse that can talk and interact with items
He Was Born in a Starmintaurus, Somewhere in Minecraftia, He was Born with his supernaturaltality
The Farmer Named Him Alan, The Horse was very Talented and was a great friend to other horses alike, although there was something different about him.
When he was a 4 year old Colt, he wanted attention from the farmer, then he picked up an apple with his hoof
Nobody knows how Vespur can pick up items or talk like a human, well he doesn't talk much.
His Biggest Fear is Very Deep Water although he loves swimming.
He can Breathe underwater too Unlike other horses, but not for very long.
He Loves Apples in fact he thinks of them as a treat!
Alan's Nickname "Vespur" was awarded to him when he rode an Electric Scooter downhill when he was a 6 year old Stallion. He did fall off at the end and fell into a Pond, He was okay though
Alan's Mane and Tail will smell like Apple no matter what happens to him, He could be swimming or rolling in the mud and it won't effect the scent.


He Doesn't Like Killing people at all
He Doesn't like being picked on
Alan Fears Deep Water
Alan Wants to be a Kind and Polite Horse, when he isn't he feels like a jerk

Generally he is talented, mostly polite, patient and considerate but he has a terrible temper issues
And yes before I continue you guys may call his mane "Spaghetti" but I tried my best :S
Criticism is welcome and appreciated, although don't be too harsh, he is My Character :P

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