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  1. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Gogeta vs Broly

    Gogeta or Broly? Who will win? Threw this one up in a lil' bit. Criticism is appreciated (lord knows i need it).
  2. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    The Demon King

    "You fools could never defeat me. And do you know why? Because I was born to be king! (Criticism is welcome.)
  3. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Fusion Reborn

    "I am not Goku or Vegeta, I am Gogeta! It's over Janemba, I've come for you!" (Criticism welcome)
  4. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Creeper=YAH YEET

    lighting could use lots of work
  5. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Car rig Requests

    Mazda RX-7 FD3S.
  6. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    My pp and skin

    ..nnice title
  7. 021ttsL.png

    I need a few tips on posing ?

    1. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Learning stuff about weight is a good start in my opinion, as well as looking up references to people doing the poses you are looking for.

      Like for those poses, look up references to soldiers. Like different shooting stances, how they could stand in idle or at full attention. That's what I have for you, hope it helps.

  8. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Skins Needed for Community Project

    Username's right there
  9. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    First Look at The New Logo and Title Card for ROTE

    Tfw it's gone
  10. i just found out if you click on the picture at the top of someone's profile it expands. wow.

    1. DuallyElemental


      Ikr, that’s how I reacted lol

      mindboggling right?

    2. SKIBBZ


      Do not click mine

  11. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Dr. Facilier's Shadow Test

  12. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    .rar files

    Extract it using a program like 7zip or Winrar, then import to MI.
  13. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Flip Phone Model

    The madman..
  14. XxEmeraldSquidxX

    Road turn WIP

    Yes! More Initial D wallpapers! HAHAHAHAHHAHA
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