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  1. *jaws theme starts playing*
  2. isnt that skibbz's katana rig or whatever?
  3. lighting could use some work wait sauron doesnt have flaming eyes...at leasts thats how i remember him one of celebrimbor's after images are not emitting any light like the 1st and the 3rd afterimage also the edge of the map can be seen so try to hide it
  4. i was to lazy to place the skins that i was suppose to place so i just made it really simplistic
  5. CC is greatly appreciated edit:okay so i changed the guys in black to have skins now and added 3 more people added a bunny fixed the pose
  6. well its the best i got because im all out of ideas on what to make for a gud wallpaper...also cc is appreciated *even though theres not a whole lot of things going on also credits to hozq for his fixed glowing blocks models
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