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  1. friend:creep-

    me:no just no

  2. i enjoy reading this keep it up
  3. this what it looks like when minecraft makes teleporting to the end or nether realistic
  4. thanks for letting me know that v.2 is better
  5. the knight in the middle is that the energy sword from halo?
  6. its been a long time not being here kinda miss the forums v.1 of wallpaper v.2 of wallpaper (just in case if the 1st one is too dark)
  7. its been a while eh i edit 2: icomepletely forgot cc is appreciated edit:i had to find the original image for this
  8. well ive been working on the dragon rig for about 4 months now and the shadows on this wallpaper look a bit broken on my perspective also CC is appreciated also if you are about to wonder why is the dragons head like that, its beacause it has no eyes technically it has eyes but they are very small
  9. honestly this thing is barely even nearing completion at all is still 21%
  10. okay so we have a 7$ budget hulk a wizard a buissness man and a guy that look like a vampire
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