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  1. Zeno

    Ayyy, what happened to you, man?

  2. Shadow of Mordor GOTY is only $6.97... I need moneh o_o

    1. Emaniplex


      How long is the sale? Would you like a "loan"?

  3. 533 notifications... I haven't been here a while, have I?

  4. How have you been after my long, long time away?

  5. What a coincidence.
  6. Well the book obviously got inspiration from Steins;Gate.
  7. Inspired from Steins;Gate, right?
  8. Heh, the link between myself and the forums is tearing apart, I think I'm going to leave soon.

    1. JjCinemas
    2. tditdatdwt
    3. Blue Chocolatebar

      Blue Chocolatebar

      disappearing for me aswell, i'm probably gone before winter

  9. Nope, used one for reference. You can tell by the unevenness in the lines. I just wanted to differentiate the the eyes from the thingamadoohickers. (I don't know what to call them lol) And sadly, due to Corel Painter being ineffective for color correct work, I couldn't really edit the shading well.
  10. Hey guys! Thought I'd have another shot with the graphics tablet. Hopefully this one turned out alright. Feedback is appreciated! If you have something bad to say, go ahead and say it! If you guys want more drawings like this, please hit that like button, it would really make my day.
  11. Could you guys please check this out? 


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