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  1. Happy birthday I guess. 

    1. spectral


      "Archon changed their profile photo"

    2. MSDOS


      No they got hit with the boot

  2. Hey there.

    1. Peachfig


      Nice shit tier bait.

    2. Peachfig


      >He changed it back

      Image result for heinrich himmler smile

  3. Let kebab live bruh

    1. Ethaniel
    2. Cube Productions

      Cube Productions

      But kebab is already dead, it can't live again. It's all cooked beef. Otherwise I dunno what you're talking about.

      Imagine the sight of a walking kebab stick

  4. "I bought Black culture"

    - Martin Shkreli 

    1. Varen


      Oh yeah, I totally forgot, has he actually given out those CD's like he promised?

    2. Archon



      He played those along with several unreleased Beatles and Nirvana songs on live stream which is up on his youtube channel.

      Feel free to go hunting, I'm not digging it up.

  5. Addendum: You can be an open liberal if you can actually back up your beliefs. Otherwise you will suffer my wrath.
  6. "Perhaps we will find a new subspecies of Muslim on the sea bottom. Endless mysteries"

    - Frossa, 2016

  7. Weaponized Internet phenomenon Magic

  8. Fake news peddler Kurt Eichenwald got seizure'd by a gif launched by the shify @jew_goldstein on Twitter.

    L E G E N D




  9. Archon

    Funtime Mike Rig!

    You are so utterly wrong it's not even funny. It's not just an opinion, it's factually incorrect. Besides, you've been here for half a year, you haven't seen ANY of the good stuff that Newbies have done in the past.
  10. This video turned me into a Communist:


    1. Emaniplex


      I'm sold. This acting is priceless.  xD

  11. Frossa likes We Are Number One Internet phenomena, confirmed.

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