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  1. It's been a while since I posted something here but I thought that this would be important to some people. I present... the start to my long awaited series. ============ LONG FORGOTTEN ============ Now I know some of you is gonna get mad that it's a "Reality Ripoff" or "It's a MGB" Tbh, I enjoy making this series, and I hope some of you enjoy watching it. Here is also a little QnA I want to address: -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Will there be voice actors? There will be in the future, hardest part is finding that are actually good. Can I be an opponent in the series? Since the series has a more thought out plot, it's harder to just add people in left or right. But as a background character, sure! --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
  2. Hey guys! This is my first Time using the forums on mine imator, Ive decided that i want to make a Mgb battle. Ive already got a character set up for me. I just need some rigs and background info about your character and its strengths/weaknesses to balance out the battle and make sure that stuffs makes sense. Thanks Information on the MGB Jackale and a few friends of his were captured by one of his enemies. Before they 'kill' Jackale they decide to torture him by forcing him to hurt his friends in his dream. Background info on my character Jackale Iseary is from an upcoming Animation series im working on. Hes around the age of 14 and Has a powerful destiny trait((That is explained in the series but ill take the extra time to explain it here.) A destiny trait is basically your ability. The type of element and trait you possess can sometimes determine parts of your future. Jackale is a combat hero hybrid. combat here means that he will possibly save someone of great value in the future. the combat end means he is efficient in combat. His hybrid traits are Earth and Ice. But theres a catch to jackales ability, It is extremely hard to control and sometimes the ability, Which is called FrostbitE(FrostBit-Earth) can control on its own causing jackale to be unable to control his body until he can grasp himself again. Generally having a burden/Hate rested apon you can make your ability harder to control in time. In this point of time Jackale has some knowlage on his own ability but has trouble controlling his Ice side of the Hybrid ability, He can control his earth pretty well. Ill give a leak of Jackales scan from destiny (His information about FrostBitE As well as Jackales strengths and weaknesses) The background info will be explained and shown in Destiny (my animation series. Info Scan Complete.... Results*** Destiny-Element: Earth, Ice Destiny-type: Hybrid(( Combat hero Ability-Identification: FrostbitE** Frost-Bit-E(Earth) Special-training-Required: True Weaknesses*** Long-range-combat Emotions Overusing ability Fast moving projectiles If untrained User will struggle to control ability Extreme temprature objects Enderpearls Blindspots Strengths*** Close range combat Using ability swords, sythes, Objects with sharp edges Enderpearls Percision reflexes speed ***ability potential high:76-100 above average 64-76 average 45-64 below average 23-44 low 0-22 FrostbitE Ice potential*** 65% FrostbitE Earth potential*** 74% FrostbitE potenial*** 82% Ability description*** FrostbitE Ice: The ability to freeze and control frozen objects; Enhances reflexes and focus FrostbitE earth: The ability to Morph and control Solid Earth material/Rock; enchances percision and muscle strength FrostbitE: The ability to Control and morph Earth and ice while greatly increasing reflex, percision and muscle strength ***end
  3. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that... Just wanted to express my emotions! Anyways, here is the official start to my new series Long Forgotten. Thanks to @WillesFilmz for doing the After Effects for me, I know it wouldn't look as best without him. I've been wanting to do this for CaZaKoJa since the start of 2015, and well, I finally got it done for him as a gift to show how much he's inspired me to animate the last couple of years and I thought that this was the way to do it. I hope you enjoy, and here is a bit of a Q@A for those questions. Q: Why did you choose Frame of Mind when it's so overused? A: Back in 2015 when I was trying to give inspiration for him for Reality and to possibly help him in other paths of life, I created a short test animation for him and it included the song. And, I though it would fit his character the most since before i learned more about Ati I thought he was a "Frame of Mind" for James. Q: Why not use some actual scenery instead of the flatlands? Also, this is just a over edited reality ripoff!! A: James in the animation as well in the series has a ability to make his dreams become Reality. And Since in the animation, he is in a CryoSleep and stuck in a dream I thought it would be a ideal way to have it on the flatlands if my character went into the dream. As for the Ripoff part.. the story that follows the Prologue or this part, has no connection to Reality besides this part. Their is no breakup or possession of my character via a demon entity of any kind. Q: How long did this take? A: Shorter than Expected to be honest. I started working on it in Late April, Early May and finished it this week. So, about a month or 2. The Animation part took around 4-6 weeks in total and the editing and rendering took the rest of the time. That would be all, see you very soon and thank you!! Here is a alternate ending for those who are curious (This ending seems a bit better in my opinion) WARNING: CONTAINS BLOOD
  4. I've never made an MGB before, so I got bored and asked for one of my friends, @DeltaDino&DeltaAndrew, mostly Dino, to give me his Ben character rig so I can make him battle Agent Gray, even though it's extremely easy for Ben to win. I just want to show you guys what it would be like if Agent Gray was some weird MGB character. Do not ask me for Agent Gray, because he wasn't designed for MGBs. Click on this Spoiler for some secret crap... only if you watched the entire video...
  5. No this is not a R E A L I T Y Rip off not all mgb's are reality rip offs okay? Music By: @Tysteria Rigs by @Gam3rZLoung3, @OfficialCUYT and Myself Made with: Mine-imator CB (Because the darn scythe rig breaks whenever I transfer it into the newer / older versions) this had been made over a very short time I must say so I would appreciate it if you give criticism on what to fix and what not. (Excuse the old rig of that one guy with that one letter on his chest ) Anyways Hope you enjoy? I guess. *Thumbnail is just a random image I had on my Laptop*
  6. Yes I was lazy animating this one. But as always I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  7. Currently in the making of this Episode one is coming out real soon Give me some feedback
  8. Hello! So as some of you may know I have been pretty inactive with Updating the original MGB Central page. However, I've come up with a better system MGB Central 2.0! Applications are more organized and information on battles are better presented We have a website hosted by weebly for MGB Central so people can easily look for open challenges, ongoing battles, polls, and statistics! This does however mean people need to re-apply their characters if they were already apart of the original MGB Central. It is required you have a mine-imator forums account in order to participate in MGB Battles (For authentication reasons). If any questions or concerns pop up, please message me. Just remember this website is very new so the design isn't the best But enough chit chat, Enjoy MGB Central 2.0! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MGB CENTRAL If you're not sure how to sign up, click "Character Sign Up" under "Challengers"
  9. If you already didn't know @The Tan James inspired me to make this series, call it a reality knock off if you want cause its just inspired , however once you can make 4min+ MGB animations then you can start talking trash , however improvment comments and suggestions are always welcome.
  10. It's a teaser for something that will be coming soon.
  11. A silent Christmas night as Dread is watching over the city.. Lif strikes again and has his own plans. It's up to Dread to stop Lif and his new "friend". This is mostly a teaser for the next fight animation! To be continued.. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you like it. If you do, don't forget to drop a like and even Subscribe for more cool stuff! Let me know what you think! - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations Music used: The Flash Soundtrack: Season 2 - 16.Sending Reverse Flash Back / Wells Betrays - - UP NEXT - -
  12. So... I guess you should like... criticize it. Also, I haven't cancelled the MGB or anything. It just won't really be a traditional MGB anymore
  13. I Lost Motivation. Like Seriously. (Well, I am not 100% sure if I should continue this.) I only wanted your opinion of how to motion and how smooth the animation is. Here it is:
  14. James wanted us to send him animations, so, I made this, @The Tan James don't watch this until the 29 or whatever. yeeeee. magic.
  15. i Got bored And made a Wallpaper for my OC oh! BTW i GOT A BANANA
  16. .-. anything to improve on for my MGB with @payloe? (Sidenote: Used a diff rig cus i was having problems with my other one )
  17. "I don't wanna but get in my way and i will kill you" :P
  18. Testing! If you actually want me to make this into a full animation, tell me, or just gimme a like. Tell me what I can improve on (This is my first MGB attempt xD)
  19. ye, would be awesome if you can leave a like on my youtube video as well lmao.
  20. This is the first photo of my new series "One Move"(not yet permanent) posted in public .How good it is?Thank you!
  22. Current WIP MGB againts Ninjabee : Pre-Render #4.5 : Ninjabee_Redtricity 's WIP Render : LINK To Do list : +Add actual Fighting -Bad stuff +Improvements (I will be editing this page as I make progress) (Pre-render 1 and 2 were not used and 4.) (Pre-Render 3 is the same as 4 but shorter)
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