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  1. i made this in like an hour with plotagon as a joke because plotagon is awful

    fair warning, this has some naughty words in it (nothing too bad, but it does have some swearies :o)


    yeah mine-imator is 1000 times better than plotagon, but it was fun to make because i didn't have to try very hard to make something as good as plotagon can get am i right guys ayy.

  2. 9acDS2J.png

    I tried to make it look more like the style Modelbench was going for with a more modern and more clean design. I also took some colors from Modelbench. I obviously could've done a little better with this but I think I got my point across. I think the header might be due for a remake as well, but that's my opinion.

    I feel like the colors on the Announcements box sort of make up for the loss of fun textures on the background, but I want to get your input on that.

    If I had been using Paint.NET I could've made it look better but I'm currently away from home.

    Obviously I don't expect this to be added or anything, this was just something fun I cooked up because I wondered what the forums would look like in the style of Modelbench.


    EDIT: Oop, just realized I accidentally edited the search box along with the grass blocks. That was supposed to stay the same shade as it is now.

    Another EDIT: I've been told the yellow and red colors kind of ruin it, which I definitely see. Again, I didn't pour my heart and soul into this or anything, it's just a really quick mock-up I made for fun and I'd love to get more feedback.

  3. Just right-click the image on Deviantart, then click Copy Image Address (or something similar if you're on a different browser). Just paste that in when making a topic, like so.


    The model itself doesn't look too bad, my only problem is with the stretched textures. I would recommend making your own textures, or finding some other workaround that doesn't make it look stretched. All that said, the stretched textures are at least tolerable and the modelling is okay. Keep at it!

  4. Entrants (in order of appearance (these are in the credits as well of course))

    @jailrush @MachineGunInc @mbanders @Slime @YoshiHunter @fuzzehead06 @EnderSculptor @Fenrir_Yukimaru @Pigeon_ @Subaru @Chaukeke @Jadturentale @Netherall Brimstone @Adesi @Fray @Swift @Chirp

    Thank you to everyone who participated! :popcorn:

  5. 9 minutes ago, ContentShoe925 said:

    I literally have no idea how to do any of that, i built the server myself, but the mods came from Crayfish, also what is a .json


    A .json file is basically a 3d model that's used in Minecraft, and can be imported into Mine-imator. This website is great for finding such models.

    You could ask Mr. Crayfish if the models are available somewhere, or look on his website for them. Other than that, I don't know any other way to help you out. Sorry about that!

  6. Custom models and textures like that won't inherently work in Mine-imator. It's a pain, but you'll have to remake everything yourself as a rig, see if someone else already has, or see if you can find the .json models on the internet somewhere.

  7. z9wQU4O.png

    Hello hello!

    Welcome back! The results for the recent survey I did are in with a total of 40 different responses! There's some juicy stuff in here, so get ready for a wall of text because I'll be going way in-depth. Grab some popcorn and a friend, and let's jump straight into it.

    First of all, the statistics.


    The average time to complete it was 12 minutes, and I'm glad that was twice as long as I expected since I wanted you to take your time and read carefully. 2 people started but didn't finish. Jerks. (jk luv ya <3) There were 40 total people who actually took the survey.


    When did you join the forums?



    There's a surprising number of 2016'ers out there. I dunno, I think it's interesting. A majority of those who took the survey joined in the earliest group, 2014 and lower. However, the second largest demographic was from the newest group. By the way, if we combined 2015 and 2016's numbers, it would be 14, making it the second highest group. I'm honestly not too surprised with these numbers. It's a pretty even split, which should be good for later questions.

    Do you consider yourself a newbie?








    I thought this one was extremely interesting. Of course, I expected the numbers for yes to rise as we went down the line, but I thought the near perfect split for the newest group was fascinating. By the way, it's worth mentioning that on the first question, 5 people said 2015, 9 said 2016, and 11 said 2017-2018. However, this question had 7 answers for 2015, 10 for 2016, and 13 for 2017-2018. Dudes, don't answer questions y'ain't supposed to answer. y'all be shenaniganizing.

    Oop, just realized I had accidentally taken a screenshot while my mouse was moused over the Yes option on 2017-2018. Too late to fix now!

    How did you find out about Mine-imator?





    Oh boy, quite the mix over here. So it seems the majority were brought here because they were looking for a Minecraft animation program. The second biggest group was brought to Mine-imator by a YouTuber, the third biggest stumpled on a Mine-imator creation and looked into it, and then finally found it without looking for Minecraft specifically. Not much to say about this one, it's pretty much what I expected. Except, however, how many people found the program by just searching for an animation program, and not a Minecraft-specific program, and still stuck around on the forums to take this survey. It would be cool if I could correlate these decisions with when they joined the forums, but that's unfortunately just not possible (it doesn't let me see what specific session voted for each option). Cool stuff though.

    How did you find out about the forums?



    From inside Mine-imator:


    Over half of those that took the survey found the forums from within Mine-imator, and most of those people found it through a button on the main menu. I find the fact that 3 people said inside a bug report when I don't think there actually is a link inside the bug reports. I may be wrong here, though. Haven't had a crash in a while (which, let's be honest. is pretty surprising). The second biggest group of people found the forums from a link on the MI website, which I expected. And then just 2 people were brought by friends, and only a single person was brought by another website. I pretty much expected this.

    Do you actually use Mine-imator?



    This is pretty close to what I expected. over 12% actually don't use Mine-imator.

    What do you use Mine-imator for?





    People above all else make wallpapers. Second is animations, third is rigs. And I guess everyone who put "all of the above" in Other didn't realize that you could just select every option? Like, I said in the question that you could select multiple things. I don't know, maybe there's some way I could've made that clearer. Anyway, cool stuff.

    What do you use the forums for?





    Can't say I'm surprised about the second option, but I did expect at least one.


    If "Share my creations" means "share animations, rigs, wallpapers, and etc."

    Don't know what else I'd be referring to! :)

    Good stuff though.

    When a new user posts a rig that looks pretty bad, what do you do?



    I can't help but think at least some of the people who chose the biggest option are lying. I dunno. Glad to see it's the biggest option though. I expected Don't say anything to be the second biggest. Good stuff all around.

    Do you keep in touch with people from the forums outside the forums?



    Apparently most forumers keep in touch with fellow forumers outside the forums. I think this is actually kind of cool that the forums brought people closer like that.


    And now, for some quote questions. If you're getting sick of pie charts you're gonna LOVE THIS.


    "You shouldn't post anything from that game, we don't like that game here."






    "The lighting is bad, and the movements are clunky. Don't use linear."






    "The lighting could be better, and the movements could also be less clunky. I would recommend using a transition other than linear. Just mess around with them and find what works best."






    "This isn't the worst for someone as new as you. The lighting is okay but I would recommend making it better by making them a lot darker, and adding more of them around their face. I would also give them a bit of a red color. Another thing is that the movement of the character would be a bit better if you were to go into Keyframe in the options and pick a transition other than linear. I think that could really make it better."






    "I like it."







    Is there anything you're tired of seeing on the forums?




    If you use Mine-imator, why do you use it instead of other alternatives, such as Blender or C4D?





    Overwhelmingly, the general consensus is that it's a lot easier to use than other programs. Price is also a big part.

    Do you actually play Minecraft?



    This is what I expected, but I don't know if it's what others expected. Interesting stuff over here.

    Do you judge people based on how much rep they have?


    4Gej5vY.png^Goodness gracious.




    How inviting to newcomers would you say the forums are?



    The average is 2.74 stars.

    That's a big oof, with no 5 star ratings and an average of below 3 stars.

    How comfortable do you feel on the forums?



    The average is 3.94 stars.

    This is much better than last question, with about 4 stars average.

    How much would you say the forums like you personally?



    The average is 3.16 stars.

    So I guess most people are kind of in the middle about it.

    How good, overall, do you think the forums are for sharing and looking at creations?



    (The numbers at the top of the columns are how many votes it got, not what number was voted. I know, it's an extremely confusing graph and I wish I could change it without subscribing to the Pro version)

    The average is 7.31.

    If you could describe Mine-imator in one word, what would it be?



    If you could describe the forums in one word, what would it be?





    Why do you still visit the forums?






    Phew! That's the end of it. The next 2 are opinions on the survey itself, and some final words that weren't taken seriously at all. Check 'em out.


    How much did you like the survey?



    The average is 4.42 stars.

    Aww, thanks!

    Anything else you'd like to say?





    The criticisms given were valid. I see now the one-word descriptions didn't give much in return for the effort taken to answer them. And I suppose I'll use more professional wording in the future.


    Well, that concludes the July 2018 survey! You made it to the end of all the pie charts!

    I hope there were some interesting tidbits in there. I thought a lot of your responses were pretty cool.

    I hope to do another one next year given the success of this one! Happy foruming, everybody! Cheers!



  8. 1 hour ago, MasterArcher12 said:

    SFR_5. Does NOT belong to you. Credit the owner.

    Actually Skibbz doesn't require credit. Still ahouldn't claim it as his own though.

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