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  1. For those of you who have seen my pole about what rig to make next,I have got an idea. I think everyone will be amazed by this rig. Yes, it's a car rig but I have yet to see someone make this type of car. I am going to be spending lots of hours making this in a very highly detailed version and a simple version for lower end computers. Wish me luck all! If you're good at rigging and feel like putting some work of your own, feel free to message me. I may or may not need it in the end but if I don't pick you, no hard feelings!

  2. Well it's good to have feed back. I'll definitely fix that in the next update
  3. What do you mean exactly by smaller wheels?
  4. Long time no see for some. And for those who have joined since my short leave, welcome to the forums. I look forward to working with you and sharing ideas to make great rigs. Now, this is just something to slowly introduce myself back into the stage light. Hope you enjoy! Photos Download
  5. Very nice! Is this based off a mod or something?
  6. New Rally Edition Update (3/2/18) Thank you guys for being awesome! Be sure to review too!
  7. I was self taught. I thought about doing tutorial videos but I figured with someone many, I didn't need to. The finished product is right here:
  8. New Update added! Update is official Release (2.0)
  9. You click the flag pictures. The U.S. flag has left hand drive and the Japan has right hand drive
  10. It is initial d related! Kinda... Thank you! I do appreciate the feedback!
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