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  1. I can't test rn but I'll test later Yeah, I kinda slapped the bokeh onto it without really editing it. I never thought about desaturating the background. That's something I do in my photography and didn't occur to me to do it here. I'll definitely keep it in mind for another post. I definitely cheated to get the huge scene. I wish I could have gotten reflections in the water but dof doesn't seem to work with transparent objects
  2. Im gonna be gone and away from the internet for a competition for a about a week so I thought I would make something for me to do when I get back. I would love if you would join. Sad Bois Collaboration I don't know about you guys but I love a good depressing/ironic compilation, Idk maybe they reflect my actual life. What is a sad bois video? umm... go check out some examples. Just think depressing 3-5 second clips So it is pretty simple. Make a short clip that contains a person depressed or sAd. I would prefer if they were in slow motion or told a story in those few seconds. Rules Clip Must be Sad (Or at the very least ironic) Wallpapers, or stills are allowed but some motion is preferred. Don't add any effects or filters to the image (color correction is fine). I will be adding my own. Clip must be 3-7 seconds long Must be exported in 1080p. I also need some wiggle room to put in some camera shake effects so keep your subjects near the center of the page. No music but dialogue/folley is fine Multiple entries are allowed and preferred. Only decent or better looking entries will be included but the bar is low. Provide credit for any assets used that was not yours Any clips containing heavy gore or suicide MUST have a clear warning before one starts the clip (This collab is not to promote self harm but for entertainment) You must be mature about this while keeping in mind that this is all supposed to be ironic. Have fun I thought I would make this one a quick and easy project as I don't think there are the same amount of viewers on this forum as there was before and because I would need to get a lot of clips for this one to be a decent length. I would appreciate it if you make multiple clips to compensate. Lastly, I plan on making a longer intro clip for the collaboration but I'm not the best at animation. If someone want to make an animation that starts off the video then, I would greatly appreciate it. Deadline: Idk, End of July?
  3. Ty! btw, if you like story check out your lie in April (if you don't mind anime). The picture would make more sense.
  4. I thought I would get a couple done before I go on a trip. Sorry if its a bit over edited, its midnight and I was really tired so I rushed. Reference Image: btw, how does one get the extruded fences in MI? I had to use the gates instead
  5. You don't need a watch later playlist anymore. YouTube already knows what videos you want to watch and puts it on your recommendation. I don't know if I should be grateful or scared of this technology

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      I'm scrateful of this technology

  6. Yeah, one of the lights was positioned too far behind the character. I was going to fix it but I forgot to save after uploading :P. Now that I think about it, there is probably a backup file.
  7. GbStudio


    The composition and posing is great. I think that adding more light sources or variability in the lighting would create more contrast and brightness. Idk if its just my monitor but it just seems underexposed except for the highlighted window in the background (which I assume is due to bloom).
  8. I come back to this program every one in a while to mess around in it because I get bored (like rn) and the new additions never cease to impress. I remember photoshoping bokeh effects onto my renders but its great now that it can be done in-app. The picture is straight from MI Female Rig by @Fosni My only request is to make the DOF easier to change. Maybe guide-lines that show what is in focus in the low quality mode. It took me forever to get the focus right.
  9. For those advanced animators, what would be easier to switch to? Blender or Cinema4d?

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    2. Ghatos


      However, blender is free

    3. Jake_28


      According to internet sources, C4D doesn’t have a free moving camera and blender is free soo

    4. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Don't worry about which one is easier. Just pick one and roll with it.

  10. I planned to have a really dark ending to this but considering the community here, I didn't want to risk it. ?
  11. Thought that the forums was missing out on the memes don't take this seriously Obviously didn't spend too much effort on this (bout 3 hours of work). Wendy Rig by @Rollo
  12. Yeah, that's probably my biggest issue with it. I just reinstalled MI just to make this so my settings aren't on point. Its probably because the spotlight is a bit close and I turned up the contrast. I regards to the bending, I want to say I wanted to make this as minecrafty as possible but so many things are out of place in this ? haha, I don't play mc so I didn't know how noticeable it was. I chose to use it because it just has more detail than regular tall grass.
  13. QUICK I need the best cute female character rig this community has with at least a moveable mouth. No joke, seriously 

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    2. 9redwoods


      I've looked. I just suggest getting a good skin and slap the SFR onto it and give it some quick 3D hair with the item sheet size ability.

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      sorry i don't have a rig for the girl reading this

    4. GbStudio


      @9redwoods Trying not to spend too much effort on it as the end product won't be worth it. If I end up making it, you'll see why?

  14. Its been a while since I've used MI. I hope the community is still doing well. I created this one entirely with what comes with MI. Really cool features have been added since I've last used the program. Any criticism is always helpful ?
  15. Am I the only one that refuses to play Minecraft (the rare occasions that I do) unless some kind of shader is on?

  16. 2HdREDm.png

    Tryin to get inspired

  17. Who knows? Maybe I'll finish making this one


  18. Spent a half hour testing out model bench. Happy to know I can finally make long arms that don't bend weirdly. I'm trying to make a non-minecraft character. I might go for more Chibi proportions as going too realistic is a bit complex.
  19. Apparently there is a malware virus connected to some Minecraft skins on skindex/other sites. I would not download any skins until the issue is fixed.

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    2. Rollo


      Skindex is awful anyway

    3. Joshdotmp4


      how do you attach a virus to a png

    4. GbStudio


      @Joshdotmp4 You can attach code to any file type. The 3ds can be hacked using a music file (aac). There is probably an exploit in Minecraft when loading the skin. I've heard it's only in the Java edition but not bedrock

  20. After testing model bench, I noticed that it handles texures differently than in MI. The pixelation could be caused by it.
  21. Is this more power efficient than just creating a rig in Mine-imator itself? Anyways, can't wait to test this.
  22. Well, lighting could be better. The image on the flag itself looks like it was downscaled and then upscaled, looking very blurry. The ratio from the flag to the pole is off. The cobblestone could be thinner and the flag could be longer.
  23. I was lazy and decided not to use imgur. I guess Google randomizes their links. Should be fixed now (You weren't missing much). That would be too clever for me to think of.
  24. Please excuse the low resolution and grain. It is a style choice but I had to overdo it to add more detail to textures and sharp edges.
  25. I don't go onto these forums much anymore but when I do, it's always great to see that quality content is still being created. Great work.
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