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Found 33 results

  1. whenever there is a bloody moon its time to work again sorry if you don't allow others to use your download button image @ShotUAnimations please tell me if I am or am not allowed to use your download button so I don't have to keep doing something you don't like but only if I cant use it
  2. So, I've been messing around in Mine-Imator and Modelbench for a while now, and I had a pretty good idea for a new feature for Modelbench. My idea is this: the ability to change the position, rotation, scale of the different faces of a cube. For example, you could set the top face's scale to 0x,0y,0z and the perpendicular faces would morph into triangles and make a pyramid. Or you could set the top face to be 5 units to the side and make a 3D rhombus. An alternative idea I had was that users could, instead of modifying the whole face, could modify any of the 8 vertices of the cube to achieve something similar while also giving a lot more freedom in the amount of wacky shapes one could make. As for how the textures would react, perhaps the users could choose for the textures to either remain the same (i.e. on a created pyramid, the textures would clip off the sides of the face) or warp to the face's shape. I don't know how difficult this would be to code in, but I hope it's not too difficult. If you read this far, thanks for reading!
  3. Hello guys, Yanuar Mohendra is here! This time I want to tell you all about my latest work, that's HYRIG! (Hytale Rig Pack) This rig pack is still in progress and still far from done, but you can now test my hytale player base model and tell me if there's something wrong... it's the preview : It's just a little boy wearing his underwear, don't forget the bald head. If you want to download that base model, click the download button below! I'll always update this post and will make a new post for the complete rig (pack)... thanks to everyone who supported me, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Yanuar Mohendra XD . . . . . don't open
  4. i recreated the great hammer from mc dungeons in modelbench https://imgur.com/s7XvPlP DOWNLOAD (version 2) note: the videos shown above are using the old hammer textures here are the new ones:
  5. Idk why I made these but here we go Inspired by (and based on) the achievement/upgrade icons from Cookie Clicker. Took me a while to get these looking alright. ...and yes, Cursed Creepers Pack #4 is still in development. ;u;
  6. In This post i will show the Desert Eagle and M1911 That i have made in ModelBench Please if you use this Models Please,give me shoutout This took me Time and effort,not for someone to steal it DESERT EAGLE : https://www.mediafire.com/file/xqoth2gnh6lk7br/Magnum.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/xqoth2gnh6lk7br/Magnum.zip/file Download DesertEagle M1911 : Download M1911 M1911 Side M1911 Front/Side MAGNUM SIDE WITH FLASHLIGHT MAGNUM SIDE WITHOUT FLASHLIGHT MAGNUM FRONT
  7. So i made a penguin model and i can't save its UV. Please help...
  8. Hello guys So this is my first post on forums. Im just here for showing my Character rig. Have: %100 bendable extrusions (FPS Friendly) -wrists (With bendable extrusions ) -fingers (with hider) -3D bendable hair -Full auto extrude. Here is the showcase Video also download link in description.
  9. Isthay isyay ayay anguagelay ilefay atthat etslay ouyay erienceexpay Odelmay-enchbay ethay ayway ityay asway eantmay otay ebay. Ownloadday: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v150rjn0425cc0d/igpay_atinlay.mblanguage/file Otay useay isthay anguagelay: Indfay ouryay Odelmay-enchbay olderfay, ogay otay Ataday > Anguageslay, andyay agdray ethay ilefay intoyay isthay olderfay. Enthay, enopay Odelmay-enchbay, ogay otay ethay ainmay enumay, enopay ettingssay, enopay ethay Erfaceintay abtay, andyay electsay ethay Igpay Atinlay anguagelay. Ompatiblecay ithway Odelmay-enchbay 1.0.1.
  10. Download Beta 0.4.2 Hello, animators! We are very happy to announce that the first beta release of Modelbench is now up and available for download! Modelbench is a free 3D modeling program that lets you create models you can then import and use inside of your Mine-imator projects. Easy modeling and texturing tools, as well as full support for Mine-imator's animation features – like wind or bending – allow anyone to create anything they want, without hassle. Screenshots How to install Download the archive containing the program files, and unpack it into the folder of your choice. Run Modelbench.exe to launch the program. Make sure to run Modelbench next to the "Data" folder it comes with, or else it won't launch correctly. Changelog Known/Fixed bugs
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to come to present my now ongoing project in here known as the Modelbench Arsenal, and yes, it is similar to @crustyjpeg's one, but this time, it will be about special edition weapons of those I created. Some are inspired, some are not. Please notice that some may not be awesome, and I will try to improve in further times. Let me represent you to: Double Trouble Sistimizer Candy Spectator Furthur weapons will be added in the future. What's your favorite weapon so far?
  12. Hello everyone, sorry that I was gone for a long time because I am studying. Right now I'm confused about using that program. But I want to know how to move UV If you know about this program Can tell me
  13. Can someone pls make me these models... u dont need to do any texturing just make it to where you can change the colour by changing the albedo(or what ever mineimator uses, its been a while) and it would also be nice to customise the hair to fit almost any DBZ character... thank you for your time and pls tell me yer doing it... i give u permision to upload cause ur doing all the work
  14. Everytime i try to save my model in Modelbench i get this message saying that every part must have unique name. But i checked every part, renamed it and even remodel the whole thing and still getting this bug. Can you please help me with this?
  15. Oops! Looks like i messed up the previous one. don't worry guys,i fixed it,here: DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/aj5yicq15vgqcwj/Pug.zip/file I also wanna point that i used @SKIBBZ facial SFR V.6..so SPECIAL THANKS to him! CYAO!! little reminder:i am just starting,so please give me some support
  16. So..it seemed like you guys didn't like my previous F N A F rig pack,so i decided to leave it I made a pug model (inspired by BPS's Pug) Hope you Guys Like It!! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8olr4tfo74j71cz/Pug.zip/file IMPORT THE .MIPROJECT! NOT THE .MIMODEL No credit needed,but it would be appreciated since i am starting CYAO!! (The model is unbendable but it will be in V2)
  17. Hey everyone, I need an advanced Splinter Cell Rig that has to have: 1. Removable night vision thing ('removable' in a way that the character can put it up and down and it looks realistic) 2. Fingers (not necessary) 3. Eyes and mouth (not necessary) THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
  18. rig coming, when it's ready... What is the different with v1? - Bigger thanos - Fingers added - Glowing Infinity Stones (not like in the picture below, that was edited by photoshop xD) - Gauntlet power effect added For support me for mooooooaaaare, please subscribe my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra (c) Yanuar Mohendra (ShinyGHASTTear), allright reserved V:
  19. This could be useful for making limbs that have more than one joint in a single part (i.e. fingers, tentacles, wrists on forearms, ankle joints on legs, etc.) If used, it shouldn't be possible to add a bending point on top of an existing point, as that could cause really weird errors... BUT if this does get added, there might need to be some changes in Mine-imator, for example: Listing/Displaying the bending points for easy selection and positioning, and Controlling each bending point in the animator
  20. Technically this belongs in the Rigs section because I used @SKIBBZ's face rig to add on some finishing touches Credit if used (tag me as @Netherall Brimstone) DOWNLOAD
  21. Whenever I start up Modelbench (the latest version), I always am greeted with 4 Code Error windows, one of which is a Fatal Error. Code Error window 1: Code Error window 2: Code Error window 3: Code Error window 4 (FATAL ERROR): As far as I know, there is no way to recreate this except launching the application from the Windows 10 Start Menu. There are no associated models with this crash, though. It is just the program causing the crash. It works fine when directly opening it through the installation folder, however.
  22. Error loading a model Hi. The problem I have is that when I downloaded the program and opened it, it started correctly, but, the models of the characters do not load but you can see the textures and edit them, as well as move and modify the model, however, manage to see. I do not know if the problem is the program or my computer. If someone can tell me how to fix it I would appreciate it.
  23. Well... It's a WW2 carbine. Shoots .30 Carbine rounds Download Give credit if used
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