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  1. B1QQ3Lw.png

    saw this on a post, is it a new logo or just an export icon?. if it's a new logo, it really wouldn't fit as a logo at all. it doesn't say "minecraft animation software". there's a similar issue with modelbench's logo, it doesn't even show anything related to modeling or minecraft. they're also just not appealing at all.

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    2. Voxy


      I appreciate the feedback but it's a non-issue, a few downvotes doesn't mean I need to change the icon. 🤷‍♂️

      If this really was a decisive issue and a lot of people were very vocal about it, things would be different but as far as I'm concerned, it's only a handful of people at most, with an aversion to change.

      I've already stated my reasoning so there's nothing else for me to say. As I've said in another status, you can always change it yourself or just give it some time and get used to it. ;)


    3. TheCollieStalks


      the reason why I downvoted its because I simply don't like that design. statistically speaking, what is the number of people that likes the new icon compared to the old one? if there is more dislikes, the answer seems simple, don't change it. but I understand your reasoning, a simpler icon would certainly be easier to see, but if people are going to dislike the design, no matter how easy it is to see it is not an improvement. do you agree?

    4. Jake_28


      A friend of mine said this on discord:


      Personally, I think it would fit really well...
      ...If Mine-Imator was a generic 3D animation program.
      Which it isn't; it's a Minecraft themed 3D animation program.

      Also, personally, i think the top in each of these columns is the best icon for each software:



      They're tied to minecraft while showing what they are.
      A world importer, a section of a world,
      a crafting table with props and stuff in it,
      a crafting table (ties it to MI) being broken into chunks (since you can use modelbench to make models like that).

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