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  1. Hello everyone! The second phase for Mine-imator 2.0's pre-releases is now available for testing, this phase includes overhauls to the interface, rendering, and animation, and plenty of quality-of-life additions. As always, please report them in the Issues and Bugs subforum with as much information as possible included in your topic and project files if possible. Note: Back up your projects before installing, or install in a separate location! Get for Windows Get for Windows (.zip) Get for Mac Get for Ubuntu/Debian Get for Linux (.tar) Get for Windows 32-bit Get for Windows 32-bit (.zip) 2.0 Pre-release 7 (2023-02-19), changes: Changes Time/Sky rotation wheels turn to draggers when compact. Bugfixes Fixed bodyparts not updated to new models in Minecraft assets. Fixed 'unlimited values' not affecting all wheel components. Fixed compacted panels affecting components in popups. Fixed rendering multiple cameras in the scene. Fixed cameras not rendering when invisible. (Affects shapes using it as a texture.) Fixed softlock when creating empty scenery with "Reduced motion" interface setting enabled. Fixed softlock when clicking textboxes with very low FPS. Fixed block UVs not rotating properly. Fixed some rendering effects being clipped in floating camera window. Fixed bench images not fading properly. Fixed crash when viewing material map settings for specific scenery imported in Pre-release 5. Fixed NaN appearing when using "0" for scale. Fixed duplicates of markers saving in projects, causing lag when re-opened. 2.0 Pre-release 6 (2023-02-10), changes: Rendering Rendering is now done in HDR, allowing for brighter lighting scenarios. (Note: Only the scene is affected. Fog, sky, etc. are not.) Added tone mapping, exposure, and gamma render settings. (Also available in camera timelines.) Added LabPBR 1.3 support for material textures. (No 'ambient occlusion' and 'porosity' mapping support.) Depth of Field blur is now "sample-based", giving smoother results in Rendered mode. Added a highlight effect for subsurface scattering. Reduced default samples to 24. Optimized Ambient Occlusion, Reflections, Indirect Lighting, and Subsurface Scattering. Other features Added "Compact panels" setting, always on if window is too small. Added "Reduced motion" interface setting. (Disables most UI animations.) Added "Fade view controls" interface setting. Re-added custom objects fog color setting. Re-added custom watermark settings: Watermark is now previewed in viewports if settings are open. New "Padding" setting to offset the watermark from the edge of the render. Reworked watermark scale. Changes Updated Minecraft assets to 1.19.3. "Render settings" tab is now always visible, includes a "Preset" dropdown. Changed UI components for "Samples" and "Render distance". Separated XYZ scale can be accessed in "Simple mode". Improved textbox skipping. ("Tab" / "Tab + Shift") Image exporting now shows a "exporting" screen with loading bar. Exported renders/movies now renders 1 sample per program frame, making the program more responsive. Tweaked sunset/sunrise. "Yes/No" settings for blocks/models are now checkboxes. Re-added "Select all keyframes" button in timeline list. Changed default keybinds for viewport tools. Keybinds now work with toggleable tools. Renamed "Duplicate instance" -> "Duplicate timeline" "Delete instance" -> "Delete timeline" "Hide instance" -> "Hide timeline" "View instance" -> "View timeline" "Gizmos always face camera" -> "View controls always face camera" Removed Ambient Occlusion "Blur passes" render setting. "Depth of Field quality" render setting. "Gamma correction" render setting, replace with "Gamma". "Uses glossiness" setting for resources. Notification to restart program when enabling "Unlimited values" setting. Bend mesh caching (Wasn't efficient in most scenarios, behaving similar to a memory leak at times.) Twitter profile links for: Nimi, Voxy, Marvin. Bugfixes Fixed infinite loop with parented paths. Fixed icons for text alignment. Fixed "alignment" icons in timeline text editor. Fixed shadow rendering for the sun. Fixed ambient lighting being incorrectly gamma corrected. Fixed sunlight still rendering when sun isn't out. Fixed shortcuts being able to execute on home screen. Fixed workbench preview not updating when deleting a resource. Fixed timeline not jumping to path points when selected in viewport. Fixed "Unlimited values" not working. Fixed crash when deleting certain resources. Fixed typo for "Chiseled Polished Blackstone". Fixed film grain not syncing to the timeline. Fixed audio not stopping before set end time. Fixed keyframe values resetting when moving timeline marker. Fixed "Ambient occlusion" setting on timelines not working. Fixed project name/description/author containing certain " corrupting recent.midata file. Fixed crash when opening the "Surface properties" tab with object maps on for some objects. Fixed crash when pressing the left arrow button in block filtering popup. Fixed project corrupt when enabling seamless loop. Fixed crash when pressing "Alt + Enter". Fixed crash when importing player skulls. Fixed Linux file dialogs defaulting to root. Fixed crash when deleting model resource with IK. Fixed particles created from workbench not loading properly. Fixed toolbar menus needing to be double-clicked to open after closing a popup. Fixed custom water colors not saving without environment timeline. Fixed custom rotation point not draggable if object is parented to camera and has no position set. Fixed Cascading Shadow Maps not rendering correctly. Fixed date/time functionality. (Fixes "Last opened last week" bug. Projects from Pre-release 5 may say they're from the future.) Fixed holding 'escape' not working when exporting slow renders. Fixed crash when saying 'no' to saving mesh cache. 2.0 Pre-release 5 (2022-11-18), changes: Interface Updated interface to use the Inventory, an interface design by Voxy. Updated Mine-imator logo and program icon. Timeline changes Added icons to timelines. Added icons to preview the contents of folders. “Loop” options have been combined into a single button, clicking will cycle the modes. Changed timeline zooming to require the 'Control' button to be held. (Shift for horizontal scrolling, no button for vertical scrolling.) Selected frames/time is displayed next to the time. Startup changes Added splashes when loading assets. Added project pinning. Projects can now be sorted by name and date last opened. Changed project thumbnail size. Added new program modes: Simple: Recommended for beginners, complex settings are hidden. Advanced: For users familiar with the software, access to all settings. (Requires upgrade.) Viewport changes Added "Flat", "Shaded", and "Render" quality modes. Grid overlay settings are per-project. Added "Render pass" setting to preview data in "Rendered" mode. Added math support to textboxes. Added filter settings to sortable lists. (ex. Library has settings to filter each instance type.) Added support for manual input in sun/moon time and rotation wheels. Added “About Mine-imator” popup with credits and links. Added themes (Light, Dark, and Darker) and customizable accent colors. Added preview images in the workbench. Reorganized the Workbench. (ex. Lights and Shapes are in one menu.) Replaced the toolbar with “File”, “Edit”, “Render”, “View”, and “Help” dropdowns. Audio can now be previewed at different points in the resources tab. Holding “Shift” now allows precision when dragging components. Shortened panel tabs now show a tooltip of the full name when hovered. XYZ scaling is proportional. Rendering Added alpha modes to change transparency is rendered: Blended: Transparency behaves as it has previously. Has clipping issues but can be tweaked with “Render depth”. Hashed: Noisy, but fixes most rendering issues with transparency. Added PBR support: Introduced metallic and roughness properties. Supports material and normal maps, using the SEUS PBR format. (Red = Glossiness, Green = Metallic, Blue = Emissive) Added “Subsurface scattering”. (Replaces “Bleed light” settings.) Added “Indirect lighting” render settings. Added “Reflections” render settings, and specular highlights from lights. Added “Gamma correction” render setting. Added “Transparent shadows” render setting. Added "Size" setting for light sources, determines shadow softness. Rendering now uses multiple samples from the scene to produce better results for some effects. Improved Anti-aliasing. Improved sun shadows, now directional and visible from anywhere in the scene. Improved ambient lighting. Improved blurring effects. (Glow, bloom, etc.) Improved anamorphic bloom streaks. Timeline features Added new playback buttons: Skip between keyframes in select objects. Move forward/back by 1 frame. Play from the start of the selected region. Added timeline markers. Added "Color tagging" to help highlight and filter timelines based on selected color. Added "Ghost" toggle for timelines to hide them from the list. Added custom settings for timing markers. Added scrollbar for timeline name list. Keyframes can be selected by clicking them once. Paths Added "Path" and "Path point" timelines, paths are constructed by parenting points to "Path" timelines. Added "Follow path" setting in the constraints tab. Particles can use paths as a spawn region/bounding box. If a path is a particle attractor, two settings are available: Directional force: Adds force along the direction of the path. Vortex force: Adds a spinning force around the path. (Like a tornado.) Controls Added interface setting to split controls into specific tools: Select tool (No gizmos.) Move tool (Position arrows and planes.) Rotation tool (Rotation wheels.) Scale tool (Scale handles and XYZ editing.) Bend tool (Bend wheels.) Transform tool (Move, rotation and scale tools combined.) Added support for common textbox shortcuts: Home/End key support to jump between the start/end of lines. Word skipping. (Ctrl + Left/Right) Added "Save as" shortcut. Added camera panning. (Shift + Drag left mouse button) Added "View instance" shortcut to jump to a selected object. Holding "Control" while group-selecting keyframes will now deselect them. Holding “Shift” now allows better precision when moving objects. Environment Added new color settings for leaf blocks for 'custom' biome setting. Added directional wind settings. Added "Twilight" toggle for environment changes during sunset/setrise. Updated default clouds settings to better resemble Minecraft clouds. Default clouds texture is no longer cropped to 32x32 pixels. Biomes are combined in one list and can now be animated. Particles Added rotation support for particle timelines, now rotates the “Launch angle” of particles. Added new particles; “Electric spark”, “Potion effect”, and “Teleport”. Updated default particles. Default particles now use the language file. Improved bouncing when hitting their bounding box. Minecraft support / Assets Added structure block file support. (.nbt) Integrity can be changed to randomly filter out blocks. If available, palettes can be chosen. Added support for custom player heads in scenery. Added support for shields in the new “Pattern editor”. Added "Trees4.schematic". Updated Minecraft assets to 1.19. Inverse kinematics Added “Inverse kinematics” settings to limbs: Target: a setting for choosing another object in the animation to rotate/bend towards. Angle target: another object in the scene to use for rotating towards. Angle offset: A rotation value to offset the twisting from the angle target. Blend: How much IK should rotate/bend the limb. Limbs that meet this criteria will support inverse kinematics: The body part must have bending. Can only bend on the X axis. Defines the "End offset" setting. (Ex. Distance from elbow to hand, knee to foot, etc.) Animation Block texture animations, wind, clouds, and particles are synced with the animation. Particles will be cleared if the marker goes backwards. Added "Bézier" transition. Added “Wind influence” slider for objects. Organized the transitions list. Camera Added “Zoom amount” setting for the distort effect. Added “Rotational” mode for camera shake. Cameras can be closer to objects without clipping through them. Changes Renamed settings: “SSAO” -> “Ambient occlusion” “AA” -> “Anti-aliasing” “Alpha” -> “Opacity” “Brightness” -> “Emissive” “Graphics” (Timeline panel) -> “Appearance” “Background” -> “Environment” "Show seconds" -> “Show intervals” Added mesh caching to speed up bending limbs. To prevent excessive memory use, bend angles are snapped by 0.05° internally and only update every quarter frame. “Render” and “Graphics” settings are combined and are per-project. Renamed "schematic" resources to "scenery" in the interface. Updated cloud name settings. Optimized noise texture generation. Loading popup will now show overall progress when loading multiple assets. (Ex. When loading a project.) Resetting camera position/rotation now always defaults to 0. Updated text when canceling movie exporting to "Are you sure you want to stop rendering?". Sunrise and sunset no longer affects fog size. Timelines no longer use a random color for keyframes. Moved Moved playback time and buttons into a new timeline header. Moved the "Select all keyframes" button into a right-click menu. Moved “Blades” and “Blade Angle” settings into a new “Aperture settings” group. Moved “Grid snapping” to the viewport. Moved “View Grid Size” to the viewport. "Add folder", "Duplicate/Delete/Export objects", "Walk cycle", "Run cycle", & "Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete/Export keyframes" buttons are in a right-click menu. Position, rotation, scale, and bend tabs are combined in a new "Transform" tab. Color and texture tabs are combined in a new "Material" tab. The workbench button has been moved into the viewport. Removed Warnings when attempting to create a project: Empty project names will use a default name. Duplicate project names will be given a numerical suffix. Rotation loops setting. Custom interface color settings. Custom interface font setting. "Shadow blur size" and "Shadow quality" settings. "Follow camera" and "Sunlight range" environment settings. “Gigantic (8192x8192)” option for Point light buffer size. FPS interface setting. (Custom FPS can still be set in the settings file.) Custom watermark settings. "Desaturate night" environment setting. "Noisy grass/water" graphics setting “Block glowing” / “Block glow threshold” graphics settings. "Custom object fog color" environment setting. "Foliage tint" appearance setting. "Bleed light" / "Foliage light bleeding”. “Advanced Color Effects” button. Bugfixes Fixed texture filtering artifacts. Fixed frame outlines leaving particle sheet preview. Fixed "redo" creating particle creator new particle type in particle creator. Fixed "undoing" creating particle creator not working. "Redo" creating a new particle creator. Fixed crash when "redoing" duplicating particle type. (If "redoing" from before particle creator was created.) Fixed "redoing" deleting particle type not working. "Undo" crashes after redoing. (If "Redoing" from before particle creator was created.) Fixed crash when deleting huge hierarchies. Fixed sunlight in low-quality rendering. Fixed timeline selecting being offset depending on scrollbar. Fixed crash if an asset's file extension wasn't fully lowercase. Fixed timelines and keyframes disappearing on edges of the timeline. Fixed slow viewport navigation during lag. Installation: Windows: Run the installer executable or extract the .zip archive before running. Mac: Open the disk file (.dmg) and drag the Mine-imator icon to your Applications. Ubuntu/Debian: Either double click the .deb file to run the Software Installer or run the following command in the folder: sudo apt install ./Mine-imator\ 2.0\ Pre-release\ 2.deb Mine-imator can then be found in your Applications menu. Fedora/Arch Linux/Other distributions: Download the tar.gz archive and extract all the files, then run the Mine-imator executable. We hope you enjoy the 2.0 update, also please consider donating to help the project if you can! Donate to Mine-imator development ($5+ one-time or recurring)
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  2. Teaser poster for Limbo Next (formerly called MDVDCDC, short for Madnaoç Districter Valley: Director's Cut: Director's Cut) For a while, I've been working on Limbo Next, a roughly 30 minute movie featuring Limbo ( @MikTRF ,@9redwoods, @Frost, @Jake_28 @DragonPixel, @LordKillo ,@Jnick, @Floofy, PhyreCreations and me), a regular group of teenagers that while meeting up in NYC, quickly turns into a resistance caught in the middle of the crossfire of a cartoonishly cliché evil authoritarian hivemind dead-set on taking over the minds of every human on the planet. Will they succeed to defeat the hivemind and save the world using the power of friendship? There's only one way to know. this was more of a render to test out MI 2.0 but i figured i'd have a little more fun with it
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  3. I made a New Side-Series called "Ghost Street Accident" with the Collaboration of Ruru, The Character Designer of the Series. Enjoy it while I Work on Finishing Episode 4 of Tiny Head Adventure
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  4. Update removed way too many features that we needed. I think I'll stick to Pre-Release 4, because for right now it's just way too confusing and hard to use. Hopefully these things get re-added so I can use the new features. I will say though it's not all bad, I do like some parts of the new UI, I just think it could be better.
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  5. Zeemitri

    An IK feature

    I was wondering if you guys could make it so the bendable body part inside of the body part that has IK could bend with the IK part if the "Bend" option is enabled on the bendable body part. (Dunno if i worded this correctly) https://i.gyazo.com/3285abcddd3fbaee04c0d0ff92981009.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/e9c4be1076a9c7b3c72ef81dc1d091be.mp4
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  6. mine imator got fixed it happened 1 day before pre release 5 so Master attack is back in action
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  7. You can make them show up with the firework rocket icon. This is the first image I made using this!
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  8. From my game : Untitled Parkour FPS
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  9. For those who are looking for IK, it's under the constraints tab in the properties window.
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  10. November has come, we are all looking forward to
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  11. !!INFO!! This is a new project im working on, it will release in packs of five or so weapons, consisting of diverse types of weapons, or themes if people would like that! My goal for this project is to give a choice of artillery that fit the style of a minecraft character, similar to my previous Double Barrel Shotgun and Tommy Gun. I look forward to creating weapons for the community to use! IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST GUN MODELS, ASK IN THE REPLIES!!! IM WELCOME TO ADD MORE FICTIONAL, REAL, OR MENTALLY INSANE GUNS!!! This is only just the beginning, future packs will be out when i get to them sooner or later. but for now... PACK 1 DOWNLOAD HERE INCLUDES: -Spas-12 Rise and shine old yeller. -Musket Just like the founding fathers intended. -M4A1 Bomb has been planted, lets get outta here! -Glock 17 Feel the inner Bond! -MP7 Small but deadly. (PACK ONE SHOWCASE IN SPOILER) TO DO LIST
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  12. Great job, guys, I'm sure CD Projekt Red would be proud!
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