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  1. Bad animation, but good rigs. Good map, but lighting could be better.
  2. Not everybody has a graphics card. For example, I use Mineimator for animation, but I Don't have a graphics card.
  3. this sucks yes, I have a laptop. no, I can't do this because you DIDN'T EXPLAIN ANYTHING You just showed 2 pictures and you were like, okay this is your end result Where's the process? Where's the effort? How do I do this? Where's the tip? Where is the tutorial?
  4. This doesn't work! Please make a new version that works on the current version, with Wheatley and Glados pleaseeee
  5. This is amazing! I want it now! sees the download clicks the download 500000000 times No but seriously this is amazing
  6. Don't use Mega for the download!! I don't have access to the MEGA website, so I can't download this amazing creation. PLEASE, OH PLEASE, Use something else like DropBox!
  8. I am having this problem too... Can somebody please reply to this issue so we can fix this.
  9. I understand you were joking, but people may take this seriously. Anyways Fortnite is gonna get less popular. So yeah.
  10. I can't download this! Whenever I click the link, it says that I can't reach the website. Please fix this, or use a different website for your rigs.
  11. Yes this would be wonderful, even though I've never had a chat with people.
  12. Definitely agreeing with you. That would be a nightmare for animators like us.
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